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U.S. Government--Mr.

Assessment: The President and the Executive Branch
Review/Discussion: think about this--if you were searching for a new President, which powers is it more
important for the President to be able to do; also, which criteria are most important for evaluating the quality of
the president?
Of the powers of the President discussed in Public Expectations of the
President, p.45, which would you consider to be the most important? Why?
I believe the most important power of the president is the power to execute laws. The legislative branch
is in charge of writing the laws; however, without the president, the laws would not be passed on to the
people to be followed. Laws are what keeps society in order and away from chaos. The presidents
guidance in choosing and passing the laws prevents the government and nation from falling apart.
What is the difference between being President and being Presidential, and
why is the distinction important?
Being president refers to a person having the political title. Being presidential is about taking care of the
issues of the country and enforcing the laws of the Constitution. The distinction is necessary because
anyone who is voted president can be considered a president, but to be presidential it requires taking
action to helping the nation grow.
Of the criteria used to evaluate presidential performance in A Field
Watchers Guide to the Presidency, which of those criteria are most important--which should we be paying closest attention to?
The most important quality a president should have is his ability to communicate with the people. Lack
of communication skills results in obvious miscommunication and ultimately lack of solving the real
issues that troubles the nation. We must pay attention to the presidents awareness of the people and
make sure whoever is chosen is someone who will find ways to use executive power to benefit the
people. Government power is presented to individuals by the public and without the support of the
citizens, the president has no power.

Writing Assessment: The President and the Executive Branch

You are a member of a select citizens committee. After years of

mediocre Chief Executives with disappointing performance ratings, our
nations voters are becoming proactive. In this special committee, your

job is to search the nation for the best qualified Presidential candidates.
You will write a report describing what the best qualified candidates
should be able to do as President. Carefully consider the Article II of the
U.S. Constitution, the Rules for Becoming President, the Duties of the
President, Public Expectations of the President, and A Field Watchers
Guide to the President as your sources.
In your written report, identify, elaborate, and describe the
the Constitutional requirements for Presidential
the election process for the President, the term of
office, and the ability of the President to choose good people,
because of the order of Presidential succession.
the Constitutional duties of the President,
emphasizing the most important ones.

The qualities of a strong and well-admired president involve proof of adequate leadership and the
ability to follow the duties spelled out in the Constitution. According to Article II of the U.S.
Constitution, a president must carry out the laws passed by congress in the legislative branch; it is the
presidents duty to interpret said laws. The president is also in charge of the armed forces that protect the
nation and can create treaties with other nations to promote peace. It is the presidents job to nominate
and appoint ambassadors, Supreme Court judges, and members in both Congress and his cabinet. If the
president fails to carry out the duties stated in the constitution, he or she can be overthrown or replaced
by the people. A president can also be removed from office if he or she commits treason, bribery, or
other high crimes, according to Article II Section IV.
A presidents term lasts for four years. Within those four years of office, the president must
choose a presidential cabinet that shall advise him or her on providing programs and policies that will
benefit the nation as a whole. In order to be elected, a person who wishes to be president must fit the
requirements: at least 35 years old, a natural born citizen, and a resident of the U.S. for at least 14 years.
Each political party nominates candidates that fit the requirements for the election. During the election,
voters vote for electors of the electoral college. The electoral college is who actually votes for the
president and vice president. The number of electors for each state varies, but is based on the whole
number of senators and representatives each state is entitled to in Congress.
Some of the most important duties of the president involve making decisions that will benefit the
nation as a whole. It is the job of the president to communicate with the people and pay attention to their
needs. A great president is formed on the basis of their actions and their ability to handle the issue of the