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Common Lesson Plan

Teacher: Miss Hepper

Grade Level: 1st Grade
Subject: Language arts
Common Core/State Standard(s):

Use end punctuation for sentences


Learning Objective(s): Students will be able to(SWBAT)

Students will be able to properly use periods, exclamation points, and question marks at the
end of a sentence. They will also be able to understand the context of a sentence through
punctuation marks.
Describe how this lesson is developmentally appropriate:
What skills and content are needed to master the lesson objective(s)?
-Students will be required to read sentences and comprehend what punctuation
mark is needed and they will also be required to write complete sentences.
How is this objective relevant to students, their lives, and/or the real world?
-This objective is relevant to students because they will be able to better
understand sentences when they are reading text and assignments. They will
also be able to use the punctuation marks in their own writing from now on.
What types of instructional strategies will you use to deliver the content?
-Instructional strategies I will use to deliver the content of punctuation marks is
lecturing for the first portion of the lesson and writing while I have them write
their own sentences.
How does your lesson reflect educational theories/theorists?
-This lesson will reflect the theory of Piaget because the students will be between
the stages of pre-operational and concrete operational stage. During the preoperational stage, the students are going to be in the intuitive thought stage and
will have questions with why different sentences may need certain punctuation
marks and because they might be starting to be in the concrete operational
stage, some students will understand the concept better and will be able to relate
what they are being taught to material they may have read.

How will you measure students readiness/level of understanding prior to
teaching this lesson? (e.g., KWL chart, SMARTboard responder quiz, whole-class
Q&A with response cards, individual student pre-test, etc.).
-In order to measure students readiness prior to teaching this lesson I will show
the students a picture of the different punctuation marks and ask them if they
have ever seen them. I will then pass out a sheet of paper to each student with
multiple sentences on them that need punctuation marks and ask them to fill in
the blanks with what they think is an appropriate punctuation mark at the end. I
will also ask them to draw a period, a question mark, and exclamation point on
their own to see if they know what each symbol is called as well.
How will the students demonstrate that they have attained the goals of the
Explain how the assessment aligns to the objective.
Include a copy of the lesson assessment.

Provide exemplar student responses/products (model outcome).

-I will assess the students of their understanding of punctuation marks by
handing out another sheet with the same sentences and having them fill it
out again. I will compare how they did the first time, to the second time
they fill out the sheet. I will also ask them again to draw a period,
exclamation point, and question mark. If a student has made progress and
have answered more questions correctly then I will know that the student
understood the objective being taught.
How will you evaluate the students work/performance? ( e.g., rubric, weighted
responses, checklist)
Report results in qualitative and/or quantitative format.
-In order to post-assess the students I will ask them to write three declarative
sentences, three interrogative sentences, and three exclamatory sentences. By having
the students do this, I am able to check over their sentences and see if they used the
right punctuation mark with the right sentence. If students are able to correctly apply
the right punctuation mark to the right sentences, then I will know that they grasped
the concept of what each punctuation mark means. I will have a rubric that grades
based off of it they use a full sentence, if they spell correctly, and if they used the right
punctuation mark at the end of the sentence.
Key Vocabulary:
Exclamation point
Question mark

Technology needed:
How will you use technology to
engage students in authentic
learning experiences?
- I will use technology to engage
students in authentic learning
experiences by using the
smartboard and Microsoft word
and have a bunch of sentences
that the students will need to
help me put a punctuation mark
at the end. I will also use the
SmartBoard in order to pull up a
game that I will have created on
Smart Notebook where the
students will be able to walk up
to the board and pick the right
answer for the game.
Other required materials:
I will need to hand out paper for the
students pretests and then the students
will need to have notebook paper in order
to do their post assessment assignment.
They will need a pencil in order to do the
writing for the assessments as well.

What accommodations/modifications will you include for specific students during
each phase of the lesson? (remediation and enrichment levels)

Guided Practice
Independent Practice

We Do

I Do

Lesson Opening:
How will you
activate student interest?
present the learning objective(s) in an engaging and student-friendly way?
make connections to past learning?
convey the importance of the learning objective and make it relevant to
your students lives?
explain to students the sequence of instruction? (preview the activities for
the period)
communicate what knowledge or skills students will be expected to
produce by the close of the lesson?
- In order to activate the students interest I will introduce the students to the
topic by reading the same paragraph twice, once quickly without pausing or
taking a breath, and then once again, slowly and pausing after each end
punctuation mark. Then I will ask the students which sounds better and tell
them punctuation marks have a very important job. I will also read some
rhymes that will help them remember what each punctuation mark means
that I found on Pinterest. I will make connections to past learning by asking
them who remembers seeing funny symbols at the end of sentences when
they are reading their assignments and story books. I will make it relevant to
the students lives by telling them that they will need to make sure they use
punctuation marks in their sentences and papers from now on because it is
such an important part of a sentence.
Instructional Input
How will you model/explain/demonstrate all knowledge and skills required of
the objective?
Restate the objective
Introduce new material (describe what types of instructional supports
Guided Practice
How will students practice, with your support, all content and skills required
to continue to internalize the objective? (How will students be engaged?)
How will you ensure that all students have multiple opportunities to practice
new skills/content?
How will you clearly state and model academic and behavioral expectations?
How will students independently practice the knowledge and skills required
by the objective?
Lesson Closing
How will you support student learning during this practice?
How will you
Review the skills/content taught in an interactive manner (whole/small
group, individually)
Reemphasize and clarify the objective
You Do

Lesson Plan Implementation

Some accommodations I may need to make would be to move students who cant see
very well to the front of the classroom and use a sound system for students who cant
hear well. I will also have students who have a hard time staying focused sit closer to
the front and will walk around and check on them as they work to make sure they are
working hard on their assignments and paying attention to the lesson.

Refect Analyze

Reassess students mastery of, or progress toward the objective? (if not
already assessed)
To finish out the lesson I would hand out one more sheet of paper and have the words
period, exclamation point, and question mark and then have them right down what they
learned about that type of punctuation mark. I will have them hand it in and then go
over the punctuation marks one more time.
After you have administered your assessments (formal or informal) for this lesson,
analyze the results.
How did the students perform on this assessment? To what degree did they
achieve mastery toward the lesson objective(s)?
How will you provide opportunities for remediation and extension?
Reflect on your effectiveness as a teacher based on the analysis of students
List two things you feel you did well to plan, implement, or assess
Describe the changes you would make if you were to teach this lesson