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Tamara DeYoung

RDG 331
Topic: Story Elements, Character
Grade Level: 2nd
Brief Description: Students will learn how to identify traits of a certain character using the
pictures and text to gather information.
Students will be able to identify main characters.
Students will be able to name main traits characters possess.
Students will be able to create things that characters might say.
Core Curriculum State Standard: R.NT.02.03 identify and describe characters actions and
motivations, setting (time and place), problem/solution, and sequence of events.
Time Needed: 45 min
White paper
Mentor Text:
Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens

Have the students sit at the carpet

Read the book, Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens
Before beginning the book ask the students to predict what they think it will be about
Pause several times throughout the book to discuss the characters in the story

Explain that the students will be doing an Open Mind Portrait about Bear or Hare in a
few minutes, but that you will be doing one together first.
Chose a character who the children are all familiar with, ex. Olaf from Frozen
Draw a Picture of Olafs face on the board, then ask the students to name characteristics of
Write the characteristics the students mention on the board, lead the students to
characteristics, instead of simply things he has done.
Ask the students for an example of one thing Olaf might say, write their ideas under Olafs


Send the students back to their desks

Tell the students to choose a character, either Bear or Hare
Hand out white paper and tell them to write their name and date on the top, as well as
Open Mind Portrait. Write it on the board for spelling.
Explain to the students that they need to draw a picture of their character and under the
picture write either one trait of their character and one thing their character might say

Students should still be sitting at their desks.
Pass out a white sheet of paper.
Explain the directions to the students.
o Write your name and date on the top of the paper as well as Open Mind Portrait.
o Draw a picture of yourself or someone in your family.
o Under the picture, write three traits of yourself or your family member. Also write
3 things that you might say or that your family member right say.

Topic: Narrative Profundity, Mental plane

Grade Level: 3rd Grade
Brief Description: The students will explain why characters make certain choices
Students will understand that characters actions are directed by motivations
Students will be able to identify characters motive for actions
Students will be able to discuss the motives of characters
Core Curriculum State Standard:
S.DS.03.02 discuss narratives (e.g., folktales, fables, realistic fiction), conveying the
story grammar (e.g., characters thoughts and motivation, setting, plot, story level theme)
and explain why the story is worthwhile and how it is relevant to the storyteller or the
Time Needed: 60 min
Various books from students book bins
Students writers notebooks
Mentor Text: The Ant and The Elephant by Bill Peet


Have the students come to the carpet

Read the book The Ant and The Elephant by Bill Peet
At the beginning of the book tell the students to be thinking about what the characters
were doing and why they did those things
Pause at the giraffe and ask them why the giraffe won't help the bird, they should come to
the conclusion that he does not want to look silly
Explain to the students that the text does not always tell you directly why characters
make certain choices, you have to infer it from the text and pictures
Read the next few pages and ask the students why the lion did not help the bird
They should come to the conclusion that the lion thought the giraffe was funny and rather
laugh at him then help him.

Tell the students to go to their designated reading spots with their reading partner
Have them chose a narrative book; a book with a clear story
Tell them to read the book together and then discuss why the characters made the choices
they made
Walk around and monitor the students discussions, make sure they are staying on task and
drop in to see how the students are doing


Have the students go to their seats and write two sentences about the elephant from The
Ant and The Elephant.
Tell the students that the sentences need to include what the character did and why.
Write an example on the board. The giraffe did not help the bird because he was afraid
of looking silly.

Have the students still sitting at their desks.
Remind the students this is an individual assignment.
Give the students the directions:
o Write a paragraph (5-6 sentences) about one character from the book that you read
with you partner.
o Include what the character did and why they did it.