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Shaku S.

Teas, MD
1123 Ashland Avenue
River Forest, IL 60305
Phone: (708) 366-4389
September 13, 2015
I am Dr. Shaku Teas. I am a forensic pathologist who formerly
worked in the Office of the Medical Examiner in Cook County, Illinois
and the coroners in Illinois. A copy of my curriculum vitae is attached
which sets forth which my background and experience.
I am not affiliated, retained or appointed by either the state or the
defense in the Richard Glossip case. I write to request the Governor
of Oklahoma issue a grant of clemency or for the Governor or the
Courts to issue a stay so that the autopsy findings in this case can be
reviewed thoroughly.
I have reviewed the autopsy report and portion of testimony of Dr.
Choi who performed the autopsy on the victim in the Glossip case.
Dr. Choi testified at the second trial that the victim lived for hours, as
many as eight, after the injuries to him were inflicted.
I have also reviewed the report of a medical examiner for the
defense, Dr. Carl Wigren, who reviewed the autopsy results and
testimony of Dr. Choi. My independent analysis is there is no medical
evidence to support the testimony of Dr. Choi that the victim lived for
hours after the assault.
I am also concerned that no photographs from the actual autopsy
have been made available. Such photographs are standard in any
forensic autopsy and are important to review during any independent
evaluation for the cause of death and other questions that may arise
such as time of death etc.
I write because I am concerned that a man will be executed based in
whole or in part on what appears to be expert testimony based on no
medically accepted evidence. As a forensic pathologist I am
concerned that our profession will suffer if a man is executed partially
based on this testimony. As such I write to encourage that at a

minimum a stay be issued so that a full review of the medical

examiners findings and testimony can occur.
I thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Shaku S. Teas M.D. ( Forensic Pathologist)