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IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF OKLAHOMA COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA ‘THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA, ) Plaintiff, -) Case No. CF-1997-244 ) -vs- J ) RICHARD EUGENE GLOSSIP, ) a Defendant. j ) AFFIDAVIT OF LAURA SCHILE 1, Laura Schile, being first duly sworn, under penalty of perjury do state: 1. first worked at University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center, ‘Anderson Cancer Research Center performing DNA research. I was then hired by the Texas Department of Public Safety as a criminalist. After achieving the highest level of laboratory criminalist, I was hired by the Oklahoma City Police Department (OCPD) to introduce and operate the DNA lab, Upon completion of writing protocols, training and re-organization and getting the DNA lab ready for active casework as well as obtaining a technical leader certification through American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD), I resigned and became the first forensic scientist to work full time for a State Public Defenders system. | was then promoted to Chief of Forensic Services for the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System (OIDS). During all of this time I continued my forensic training by attending conferences and taking courses. I have attached my Curriculum Vitae to this affidavit. 2. In 2006, after repeated requests to outside work for prosecution in different states, I opened “Pocket Expert Forensic Consulting” so to be able to assist others during my spare time. 3. have been qualified in court as an expert in DNA, Serology, Crime Scenes, Blood spatter, Hair comparisons, crime scene photography and some phone capturing technologies. I have testified in both State and Federal Courts. 4, During my time working for OCPD and OIDS I had numerous occasions to meet with the staff of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for Oklahoma, both the Oklahoma City office as well as the Tulsa office. 5. have been surprised by the loss of accreditation by the MEs office as well as the in ability for the actual medical examiners to be able to provide any SOPs, protocols, written policies or procedures. 6. Dr. Choi of the Oklahoma City Medical Examiner's office testified in the case against Richard Glossip. I have previously asked Dr. Choi on several occasions to provide me with the protocols she used when performing her autopsies, Dr. Choi was never able to provide ‘me with any written protocols or procedures. She would always just refer to textbooks, many of which were well over 20 years old. 7. In 2006, I had been hired to help in a private case and I went to meet with Dr. Choi after finding out that the victim in this case had been suicidal and had even left a suicide note prior to him becoming deceased. Dr. Choi had put manner of death as a homicide. | asked her if, knowing the victim was suicidal if suicide was a possibility? She said that she would not be able to tell if the victim shot himself or not. She then said that if we went to the District Attorney with this new information that if the DA called her than She could change the report from homicide to suicide. I was shocked at the statement that she would be willing to change her manner of death dependent on the wishes of the district attomey’s office. 8 On January $", 2000, I started work at OCPD. I was in charge of getting the crime lab to become a full service DNA lab. When I started working I quickly realized there were no written protocols, policies or procedures. I also started to realize that the storage of evidence was in disarray. There was a regular property room that was housed outside of the crime lab. There ‘was also an evidence storage room with in the crime lab. I walked through both facilities and the packaging was coming apart on many boxes. Many boxes were not sealed. | also found out that some cases were being combined if there was a thought that the suspect was involved in separate cases. This specifically had happened in the Jeffery Todd Pierce case. Pierce had been convicted of rape and the analyst, Joyce Gilchrist thought Pierce was a good suspect for a homicide that had occurred so she put the rape evidence and the homicide evidence in the same boxes. I personally found this as I was re examining the Pierce case, which was later proven through DNA testing that Pierce was wrongfully convicted. 9. Twas common practice for the crime lab to destroy evidence on a yearly basis. Gilchrist would take a list of cases to the DAs office, have the DA sign off on destruction orders and then the evidence would be destroyed. When I found out this was happening I stopped all destruction of evidence until we could evaluate the evidence and the statue of limitations remaining on those cases. When I was there Gilchrist was going to destroy rape kits that were only a year old. At that time the statute of limitations on rape was 7 years. There is no statute on homicide cases. In the lab in Texas the protocol was that evidence could not be destroyed unless the defendant had been executed or had died. After March, 2000 I asked that no further homicide evidence be destroyed. 9. I do know that upon my arrival to the OCPD crime lab evidence and storage of evidence was handled horribly. I was doing a walk through of the freezer and refrigeration storage and found that some of the analysts were storing personal material, including food, in the refrigerated evidence section. This is in addition to the fact that evidence was routinely destroyed without regard protocol, policy, and the law. Sun City, AZ (405) 314-1532 Surscarsen & Swan Repone mic OY 6 LAURA SCHILE on 4) . aly WA OF SEPTEMBER 2015 - \