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Jay E. Town Director of Finance ‘Madsen County Republican Executive Comittee November 6,2015 Vig Electronic Mail To: All GOP Presidential Campaigns Republican National Committee Debate Committee RNC Chairmen Reince Pricbus Fox News Channel (Appropriate Distribution) Re: GOP PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY DEBATES, To Whom It May Concem, ‘The signatories below represent the Madison County GOP in Huntsville, Alabama. Ata time when many of the “time, place and manner” issues concerning the GOP Presidential Debates are being discussed we believe that some further discourse regarding debate venue is in order. The cities chosen thus far are fine cities but we are convinced that the Rocket City is absolutely the ‘most appropriate venue to host the outstanding GOP Primary Debate. As you are aware, the final March debate has yet to be scheduled and a venue for that debate has yet to be determined. ‘The latest debate in Boulder convinces us further that a substantive debate in a substantive Republican region of this country is not only the most suitable choice, but increasingly the demand of the Party itself. Fortunately for the GOP there is Huntsville! ‘We applaud the common sense analysis underway in examining the qualification of debate moderators and exploring reasonable comfort rules for the debate candidates. Perhaps the Republican Party should strongly examine the need for a debate venue located in the substantive heart of the GOP. Huntsville represents, in myriad ways, the issues most important to our party (national defense, national security, gun rights, economic freedom, market forces, workforce shifts to the south, technological advancement, etc), all of which are at the forefront of any serious political debate providing an obvious debate theme for the network and the candidates. This reality makes a Huntsville debete all the more timely, relevant and appropriate at that critical time in March 2016 on the eventual nominee’s road to 1144 delegates. It also logitimizes the advancement of a conservative political narrative, Not one debate is scheduled in «a traditional southem state that isn't on the Atlantic Ocean. Alabama not only has @ chance to show the nation that itis progressing to a “larger tent* but that the GOP is as well ‘We ask that you help us further the opportunity to explore the countless advantages to allowing Huntsville to host a GOP Presidential Primary Debate. We understand that there are a plethora of considerations that will go into deciding upon any debate venue but perhaps itis time to have 1 debate of republicans, by republicans, and for republicans. Madison County GOP PO box 2301, Hunsvite,Alabame 35804 256) 536-0518 Please let us knoe when we caalavs ihe opportuaily to convinge you Ferber that Hunts the best site for this debate, Weare the hear of the Revubliean Pty. Thank you in advcnee or lof your vourtesies. ary respect, Hrecal County COP oF —_ ‘Alabana Federation of Republican Women Prosent of Finance "Pal Rayna Alebuna GOP NC National Commiteanen ‘Vieki Oruramond piven oP Racoon l oP Lei a San a ‘Nadia County GOP Chairman,

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