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St. Joseph's Conca NEW YORK DEPARTMENT OF CHILD STUDY November 11, 2015 To Whom It May Concern, 1am writing this letter on behalf of Louis Liberatore. I have known Mr, Liberatore for four years and he was a student in my Child Study classes at St. Joseph’s College. Mr. Liberatore is one of the most outstanding students I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my fifteen years at St. Joseph’s. He is dedicated to becoming an elementary school teacher. I am a retired New York City elementary school principal, and I am certain that I would have wanted Mr. Liberatore as a teacher in my school. Thave followed Mr. Liberatore’s progress as a student teacher. His performance as a student teacher was outstanding. He received highest praise from his cooperating teachers, Mr. Liberatore possesses all those qualities that will lead him to become an outstanding teacher. He is highly intelligent, and possesses a high work ethic, He has a dynamic personality and is well liked by all who know him. As an elementary school teacher, his classroom will have the “wow” factor. His creativity will provide his students with a creative learning environment, and a safe attractive home away from home. I was most impressed by Mr. Liberatore’s knowledge of technology, and ways in which to employ technology in the elementary school classroom. Louis Liberatore is a very special young man who belongs in the classroom. T can be reached Home ~ 631-589-7614 St. Joseph College — 631-687-1215 Respectfully yours, Waren dhl Warren Schultz Assistant Professor LONG ISLAND CAMPUS _155West Roe Boulevard Patchogue, NY 11772-2399 phone 631.647.1228 / 651.687 5100 fax 631.447.1734 wwsjenpedy BROOKLYN CAMPUS 245 Clinton Avenue, Brookiy, NY 11205-3588 phone 718.940.5800 wwwsjenyedu