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Global Politics

Trial Exam feedback.

1 a) State one aim/objective of

all states
The primary aim and objective of all states is the
maintenance of their sovereignty.
the preservation of territorial integrity
national security
the survival of the state

b) Describe one way in which your

selected state achieves this aim? 3 marks
Roberta US ..strong military invasion of Afghanistan in response
to terrorist attacks ..destroy Al Qaeda

Aus . Operation Sov Borders is a policy adopted by the Abbott

Government in 2013 to maintain border security by deterring
illegal boat arrivals. It involved both turning boats back and
conducting all processing and resettlement offshore so that those
travelling by boat knew that, even if their claims for refugee status
were successful, they would not be able to settle in Australia.

2. One way contested / changing

borders challenge sov. 4 marks
Russias annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014
The border conflict in Heglig between Sudan and South Sudan 2012
Students need to ensure they emphasise the nature of the challenge to the
states sovereignty. Eg:
Russias annexation of Crimea is a clear example of changing borders with the
shift of sovereignty from Ukraine to the Russian Federation following the March
2014 referendum in Crimea, which saw a turnout of 83% and resulted in a
96.77% (Crimea) and 95.6% (Sevastapol) affirmative vote to join Russia.
Students need to give reasons for this impact on Ukraines sovereignty which
could include reference to the Ukrainian Revolution, Ukraines desire to move
closer to Europe, and oil and gas interests in the region.

3a)Describe one role of UN

specific case
To take military action against an act of aggression
Resolution 1973 in 2011 authorised all necessary means
to protect civilians in Libya from gross human rights
violations which had been threatened by the Gaddafi
Government .

b)Effectiveness of action?
determine the effectiveness of the response against the stated aims and

The imposition of a no-fly zone over Libya was a key element in the UNs
response to achieve the aim of protecting civilians.
The intervention started on 19 March 2011 and by 31 March 2011 had
succeeded in preventing pro-Gaddafi forces from capturing Benghazi
thereby supporting an end to violence against civilians.
The National Transitional Council (NTC) assumed control in July 2011
and by 20 October 2011 Gaddafi had been captured and killed.
effective??? Arguably .must give reason.

The Study Design defines pragmatism as the school of
thought in which foreign policy is influenced above all else
by practical and pragmatic considerations, as opposed to
moral principles. An example of pragmatism could be:
Australian engagement in the Asia-Pacific region in
foreign and trade policy with ASEAN countries

5a) & b) Define hard power. 2

The Study Design defines hard power as power exercised through
coercion, or threatened acts of coercion, to influence the actions of
other global actors. Most commonly exercised via military forms.

Operation Sovereign Borders 2013 Australian Government using

military power to and deter people smugglers and illegal boat
arrivals .
Australia applied sanctions in to the Government of Fiji in 2006
after a military coup, urging a quick return to democracy.

13. Select One Global Crises-outline

one cause
Causes :factors that have led to a crisis or conflict.
intra and interstate conflict: democratic peace theory,
economic development, nationalism and public opinion,
war as an instrument of state policy, geography.
Students should identify the cause for a specific intra or
interstate conflict.

Causes Contd
State / non-state terrorism: a desire to maintain power
and influence, alienation from political process, religious
identify the cause for a specific state or non-state terrorist

14.Response of one global actor to

this crises
Inter state/intra state conflict:
global actors : entities include states (countries), nations, nongovernment organisations, trans-national corporations and
institutions of global governance (IGGs) such as the United Nations,
International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organisation and the
International Criminal Court.
An example of a specific global actors response to intra or interstate
conflict could be the UNs response to the Syrian Civil War or Russia
in relation to Crimea, respectively. Be specific about the nature of the
response i.e. resolution, intervention, condemnation etc.

State/non state terrorism: US response to ISIS. 2014
Formation of coalition to degrade and destroy ISIS
through susutained counterterrorism.. Consisted of
sustained airstrikes against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria.
Training and support for forces fighting ISIS on the

16. Two challenges to effective

intra and interstate conflict:
Lack of international co-op
Divided nature of Syrian opposition groups

State non state terrorism



asymmetrical nature of conflict.


Assad Government
Failure of international co-op
Influence of neighbouring states