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UNIT: 4th Grade Underhand Throwing/Rolling

SKILL: Underhand Roll

1. Whistle
2. Beanbags
3. Rhinoskin balls
4. Bowling pins
GLCEs: M.MC.04.01, K.MC.04.14, K.MS.04.01, K.MS.04.03
ACTION: Students will learn how to perform the locomotor
skill of the underhand roll.
CONDITION: 4/5 steps will be performed to standard in
order to perform the skill correctly.
CRITERION: 4/5 attempts of the skill will be performed
1. Anticipatory Set
Today we are going to learn how to roll a ball
underhand, can anyone tell me what we could use this
skill for? bowling, softball
What is this skill kind of like? underhand throwing
2. Objectives
To introduce the skill of the underhand roll to the students.
Learning the proper technique of the underhand roll will
allow students to perform the skill of the underhand throw
with greater ease.
Allows students to practice this skill and feel confident in
their performance of the skill.
3. Explain: Model 4-8 key steps
Movement Sequence
1. Face target with ball in
writing hand with the
hand under the ball.
2. Step with the opposite

Verbal Cues

foot from the ball

toward the target.
3. Swing ball hand back
keeping the elbow
4. Swing the ball hand
forward releasing the
ball close to the floor so
the ball begins to roll
toward target.
5. Follow through with the
arm swing naturally
Follow Through
coming to a comfortable
4. Questions to check
Where should our hand be on the ball? Under the
Where should we release the ball? ..close to the floor
5. Mass Practice/Demo
Demonstrate each of the movement sequences after
explaining them aloud.
Review verbal cues (together)
(Transition -)
Teacher will line up students on two lines, the students
will then roll a ball to their partner till the whistle.
The students will then get 2 bowling pins and a ball per
partner group and all stand on line rolling the ball at the
pins while their partner critiques the form.
6. Independent Practice or Activity
Teacher will break the class into teams and play a
modified game of knockdown with 3 pins standing at
the baseline 5 ft apart on each side of the gym. Without
throwing the beanbag or crossing the mid court line the
student must slide the beanbag at the pins to knock
them down or at the opposing team to remove players

from play in order to win. In order to get back into the

game on of the students teammates will have to slide a
beanbag from the top of the key and hit their
teammates foot. The game is won by knocking the
opposing teams pins down or knocking out all of the
other players.
7. Closure Review the steps and verbal cues for the underhand
Give students meaningful feedback for their form, their
positive attitudes, and their participation.