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Five-Paragraph Essay

Master the art of writing

the five-paragraph essay,
and you’re guaranteed
Introductory Paragraph

‰ Say what you are going to say.

‰ Use a sentence or two to catch your reader’s


‰ State your thesis -- the point you are going

to prove or present.

‰ Mention briefly the three key pieces of

information you will be presenting.
Supporting Paragraphs #2, #3, #4

‰ Develop each paragraph using specific

Remember: one idea per paragraph.

‰ Begin the first paragraph with your first piece

of supporting information.

‰ Make a smooth transition to the next

Concluding Paragraph

„ Sum up your key points again.

„ Do not introduce any new information

in your conclusion.

„ Restate your thesis statement

(try using slightly different
wording than you used originally).
Helpful Reminders
„ Use good transitions or links between one paragraph and
the next. Don’t jump cold from one to the next.

„ You are entitled to your opinion. Back up what you say with
hard evidence / examples / facts.

„ Don’t go on and on to try to persuade your reader.

If you select three STRONG supporting points to back your
position, your paper should be persuasive enough.

„ Spelling and proper grammar are essential if you want to

become an effective communicator.

„ Paragraphs should be AT LEAST FOUR SENTENCES in length.

Money-back guarantee! Just kidding

„ The more you write, the stronger your writing

will get.

„ The more you read, the stronger your writing

will get.

„ To become proficient at anything, practice

does make perfect!