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The Project studies were conducted at Reliance Fresh convenience store of reliance retail
situated at CDA Sec 6,cuttack. The summary of this project is as follows:
Throughout the Internship I had to perform various tasks. On day 1, I had a look at the
operations of the F&V segment and the tasks that the staff used to perform at the store. My
assigned work was to take care of the F&V segment try and enhance its appeal. I identified
various strategies for improvising the F&V segment and have suggested tips for
improvisation towards the end of project.
By the time I got the overall idea of the task, I was assigned the task of looking after the
mango sales in particular. On a daily basis I used to collect the sales report (thrice a day).
Accordingly I tried to improve the mango sales throughout the season. Often I was given
target to perform like selling 100 kg mangoes per day. I made customers aware of various
discounts & offers that they could avail on purchasing mangoes. This helped in increasing the
mango sales.
I also came to know about various types of losses such as dump , markdown & shrink which
was needed to be taken care of to help in minimize the losses. These losses were calculated at
the end of day.
After knowing about the losses, my corporate guide told me to have some practical
experience of the POS.
At the start of shift, the staff first takes a particular amount of cash as a loan (in my case it
was Rs.1100/-) for opening POS from the banking department on their name. The main idea
behind having the loan is to provide the cashier with a certain amount of change so that it is
easier for him/her to operate with the customers.
Then after taking loan I along with the staff on whose behalf I was working, visited the
allotted POS, then the staff signed up for me using his own login id & password. Then the
normal billing & bagging activities were conducted for the customers.
Project title is "Study of F&V Segment of Reliance Fresh"
The whole study deals with the management, handling, transportation of fruits & vegetables
concerning the retail sector.
The project also includes sales analysis, overall mango sales and its interpretation.