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Larsen & Toubro Limited ECC Division

HSE Questionnaire
Work on Roof
Q. No.


Mention any two safety aspects that are to be considered while planning for roof

Mention any two fall protection systems required for roof work.

Fall arrest systems to be designed so that a person equipped with a safety belt
does not fall more than ___________m.

Either __________ mm polypropylene rope or ___________mm wire rope to

be used for lifelines. Lifeline shall have a minimum tensile strength of 22.2 kN

A Lifeline should have a minimum tensile strength of ___________ kN

While climbing up/down through ladders _______________ should be used as a

fall protection system.

In normal situation Perimeter nets should project horizontally at least

____________ metre beyond the outermost working point above the net.

Scaffold should be installed as close as possible to the underside of the roof and
not more than ____________m below the working surface.

An access tower with adequate side support is recommended if the height of roof
is above _________ m.

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