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Animal of the Day-Grey Wolf

Animal of the Day-Grey Wolf

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Published by harvardguy
Zoology project. Feel free to comment and rate!
Zoology project. Feel free to comment and rate!

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Published by: harvardguy on Mar 26, 2010
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Canis lupus

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Canidae Genus: Canis Species: C. lupus

The Grey Wolf lives through the northern hemisphere, often living in the cooler parts but can be found throughout it. A subspecies, the domesticated dog(Canis lupus familiaris), can be found through the world.

The wolf can live from jungles in India, to the desserts of the Arabia, to the arctic circle, and almost anywhere in the northen0 hemisphere . The wolf s most common habitat is the far northern United States, Canada, and some parts of North-Eastern Europe and Russia.

The wolf is a officially a carnivore, and has a wide diet of foods that it eats. It s diet primarily consist of different meats from animals, although it varies with the wolf s habitat, common sources are deer, elk, and moose. They hunt as a pack, and often target weak or sick animals in the group. Wolfs are also know to eat vegetation(such as berries) at times, especially when food is scarce. Wolfs will also eat insects, birds, and even fish when they are starving.

The Grey Wolf weighs approximately 80 lbs. and are about 5.5 ft. from nose to tail. Their coat ranges from a light gray to an almost black color. Their subspecies of the domestic dog has almost unlimited traits, and can weigh from a few ounces to over 200 lbs.

The wolf is a canine, and is related to animals such as foxes. The domestic dog is actually considered a wolf, and is a subspecies. Another subspecies is the Australian dingo. The coyote is also closely enough related to be able to have fertile offspring, though it technically a different species.

‡ I choose the Wolf because I own a dog and thought it

would be interesting to learn about him. ‡ Wolves can hear sounds up to 6 miles away. ‡ The sense of smell is 100x greater than a human s.

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