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The Traditional Anglican Communion

Secretary to the College of Bishops

Rt Rev Michael Gill
PO BOX 837 Houghton 2041
Republic of South Africa
14th November 2015
+Dear brothers and sisters in Christ
We have woken this morning to news of deadly attacks in Paris, with considerable loss of
life. The event is part of an ongoing escalation of radical Islamic terror throughout the
world, and especially in Europe.
On my instruction, the Secretary to the College of Bishops, Bishop Michael Gill, has spoken
to members of the College of Bishops of the Traditional Anglican Communion, and we wish
to add our voices of condolence to those families that have lost loved ones in these
We also wish to urge all Christian leaders to be unified in the proclamation of the saving
love of Our Lord Jesus Christ, especially when such an event could well lead to retaliatory
acts of violence. The Love of God in Jesus our Lord is, ironically, the force with which to
counter and conquer the violence we experience at the hands of religious fanatics. It is now
time for Christians to be heard as true disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in Europe, and in all
the world.
As Christmas approaches, we are not called to be fearful, but rather to celebrate the
Incarnation with more love and fervour than ever before.
May Our Lord Jesus Christ guide, guard and keep you and your families.
In Christ

Archbishop Samuel P Prakash

Acting Primate Traditional Anglican Communion