A Redneck Heart©

"A Redneck Heart" by pb Hill Inside a redneck heart, some truth is clouded and cold.

Don't and doesn't are the same word, inside a redneck heart. (And -ing is -in', And porkchops are filet mignon.) Cigarette smoking and chuggin a drink are cool. (And dirty jokes and too many children live, inside a redneck heart.) You can hear buzzing flies and see the heat. (And the laundry is never done." He is much stronger. And she is oppressed (inside a redneck heart). Inside a redneck heart children dream Of leaving school, owning a car, and turning sixteen. And parents work and sweat and pay for the life (and sleep in the nude) inside a redneck heart. The soul can't be broken that lives there (Quitting is an ominous criime.) Like knowing too much, and questioning God (and poets and prophets and shame). There is no denial, just adamant and stubborn. There is no shattering change. What's been good is good (and that good will stay) Inside a redneck heart.

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