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Werner Herzog Of Walking in Ice Munich - Paris 11/23 to 12/14, 1974 Translated from the German by Martie Herzog and Alan Greenberg TANAM PRESS * NEW YORK # 1980 Forward At the end of November, 1974, a friend from Paris called and told me that Lotte Eisner was seriously ill and would probably die. I said that this must not be, not at this time, German cin- ema could not do without her now, we would not ; permit her death. 1 took a jacket, a compass and a duffel bag with the necessities. My boots were so solid and new that I had confidence in them. 1 set off on the most direct route to Paris, in full faith, believing that she would stay alive came on foot. Besides, I wanted to be alone with myself. ‘What I wrote along the way was not intended for readers. Now, four years later, upon looking at the little notebook once again, I have been strangely touched, and the desire to show this text to others unknown to me outweighs the dread, the timidity to open the door so wide for unfamiliar eyes. Only a few private remarks have been omitted. WH. Delft, Holland, May 24, 1978 Translation © 10 Tanam Pres rignally published in German 25 Original EEN IM EIS, © 1978 Carl Hanser Verlag ights reserved fits American eaition, 1980 Pied ante United States of America TeBN 0-934998-142 (cloth) ISBN 0-934378-01-0 (paper)