ROLL C ALL The Chairperson will announce each country’s nam e. A fter a d eleg ate hears their country called , they should answer “present.”

S E T T IN G T H E AG E N D A The first ord er of b usiness for the com m ittee shall b e the consid eration of the ag end a. The only m otion in ord er at this tim e will b e in the form of “ The nation of [country nam e] m ov es that [topic area x ] b e placed first on the ag end a.” The m otion req uires a second and is d eb atab le. A prov isional speak ers list shall b e estab lished with two people speak ing for and two people speak ing ag ainst the m otion; after the prov isional speak ers list is ex hausted , the com m ittee shall m ov e into an im m ed iate v ote. A sim ple m ajority is req uired for the m otion to pass. A motion to proceed to the second topic area is in order only after the committee has v oted on resolu tions reg arding the first topic area or tab led the topic.


S P E AK E RS LIS T (FORMAL D E B AT E ) The Chairperson will ask all of those d eleg ates who would lik e to m ak e a speech and b e on the speak ers list to raise their placard s. The Chairperson will then choose d eleg ates to b e placed on the speak ers list. A country can only appear on the speak ers list once. A fter a country has spok en, they m ay b e ad d ed to the speak ers list ag ain b y send ing a note to the Chairperson saying : “the d eleg ation of (country nam e) would lik e to b e ad d ed to the speak ers list.” Speak ing tim e is set throug h a m otion from a d eleg ate. If no m otions are m ad e, the d efault tim e is 9 0 second s. W hen the com m ittee is in form al d eb ate all rules of proced ure are enforced .


Mo d e ra te d C a u c u s A m od erated caucus is a m ix ture of b oth form al and inform al d eb ate. W hen a m otion for a m od erated caucus is passed , the Chair calls upon d eleg ates as they raise their placard s to ad d ress the com m ittee for a specific am ount of tim e.

Un -Mo d e ra te d C a u c u s A n un-m od erated caucus is a tem porary recess. R ules of proced ure are suspend ed d uring caucusing . D uring this tim e d eleg ates can m eet inform ally with each other and the com m ittee staff to d iscuss d raft resolutions and other issues.

Wo rk in g P a p e rs a n d D ra ft Re so lu tio n s D eleg ations work tog ether to create resolutions. In ad d ition, d eleg ates m ay present am end m ents to these d ocum ents, which are chang es to the d raft resolutions.

E N D OF LIS T O nce the speak ers list has b een ex hausted , the com m ittee will autom atically m ov e to im m ed iate v oting proced ures.

C LOS URE OF D E B AT E O nce a d eleg ate feels that they hav e m ad e their country’s position clear and that there are enoug h d raft resolutions on the floor, he or she m ay m ak e a m otion to proceed into v oting proced ure b y m ov ing for the closure of d eb ate.

VOT IN G P ROC E D URE S O nce a m otion to close d eb ate has b een approv ed , the com m ittee m ov es into v oting proced ures. A m end m ents are v oted upon first, then resolutions. O nce all of the resolutions are v oted upon, the com m ittee can m ov e to the nex t topic on the ag end a. (Source: h ttp ://w w w .u n a u sa .o rg .)

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