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Dalys November Newsletter

Algebra I
Dear Students,
We have a big month ahead. Chapter 10 and
11 must be completed, as well as your Chapter 11
Project. With Veterans Day, Nov. 11, and
Thanksgiving Break, Nov. 26-30, there is little room
for error if we wish to finish Chapter 12 in time for
you to get a week for Finals Review. Dont forget
you will be presenting your Chapter 11 Projects in
front of the class. If your grade is low this 9 weeks,
remember you can still make a passing grade in
this class if you receive an 80 on the remaining
large grades. (Chapter 10, 11, & 12 Tests, and the
Chapter 11 Project.) You must also remember that I
dont provide Extra Credit, but you can receive 2
bonus points per Chapter Test for completing the
Review. Also, you can receive up to 5 bonus points
from the Class Project and 5 more from your Group
Presentation. The points from the Class Project and
Presentation can be added to a Chapter Test or
the Final Exam.

Upcoming Events
November 6
Chapter 10 Test
November 19
Chapter 11 Test
Chapter 11 Project Due
November 20
Groups 1-3 Presentation
November 23
Groups 4-6 Presentation

Mr. Daly
November 12
Chapter 10 Test Reworked
Problems, 3 pts.

November 24
Major Review Chapters 2-5
November 25
Chapter 11 Test Reworked
Problems, 3 pts.
Major Review Chapters 6-9