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Teaching as Evolution

I was struck by how, during her first few years of teaching, Ms. Nieto became seemingly
isolated in her goals and objectives for her students. It didnt take her long to realize that if she
conformed to the anger that permeated the school where she started, she would not be an
effective teacher and could become another statistic in that environment. She did not conform
and made her own way.
Making a difference in students lives is not an easy task to accomplish. Reading this article
has brought some key points to the forefront of my list of priorities in learning about education
and teaching. I am an older student and potential educator, and my time in the classroom will be
shorter than most of, if not all of, my peers in this program. Points that impress me as the most
important are:

Create an environment that is positive, reinforcing, and affirmative for all of my students.
Embrace the cultural diversity of my students.
Everyone is capable and has the ability to learn and excel.
Create a safe and loving environment while expecting that everyone do their absolute

5. Recognize that equality is more important than equal.
6. Politics will always be in education and to succeed, I will need to let my voice be heard.
7. My attitude, outlook, and presence in the classroom can make a difference.
The sense of urgency to be able to enter the classroom prepared and ready to handle so many
of these aspects is an exciting challenge.
If I look at my career 30 years from now, I would hope that the climate of education would have
embraced the fact that there is a multicultural world that we live in and that education must
reflect that change. The white, European, male approach to education, the curriculum, and the
way classes are taught needs to be eliminated. Schools and classrooms that embrace this aspect

of the real world dynamics and the students that attend will make a quality education available
to all students. If I look at my personal contribution, I would hope that my efforts would help
my students have a joy and desire to learn and excel in their lives. Teaching the way to think
critically, evaluate and respond to life events, and to respect people and their differences, would
be a fitting reputation to have.