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Unit-2 TG is provided with a
motorised barring gear unit which
drives the turbine at 150 rpm
barring speed.
The barring gear unit comprises
mainly of one electric
motor(37KW), worm reducer, SSS
clutch assly ,worm gear and a soft
Drive is transmitted from motor
through worm gear, clutch assly to
Gear box pinion shaft and then to
main turbine.

When Barring gear is switched on,

the worm shaft rotates the input
assly. As input assly start rotating ,
the helical sliding assly moves axially
towards drive end. This results in
engagement of gear teeth of sliding
assly and output assly. Thus barring
gear gets engaged.
The m/c was first put on Barring Gear
operation on 03.07.10 and was
running on BG for about an hour.

Before steam rolling while m/c was

being put on Barring Gear on
12.08.10 suddenly all the 8nos
coupling bolts of output assly got
sheared off and motor got

Before starting the motor, JOP

header pr and lift of rotor was
checked and found in order. Rotor
was also free in hand rotation.

The failure occurred just before steam
rolling program of the unit. The barring
gear operation was possible only after
replacement of the sheared studs of
output assly.
A complete barring gear unit was
available for U#3. It was dismantled and
studs were removed from the coupling
and fitted in the affected clutch assly.
Barring gear could be restored in 15 hrs
which otherwise could have taken 5-7
days for procurement of coupling bolts.

As per opinion of M/s Triveni Engg , the
supplier of the Barring Gear unit, the
studs have sheared-off due to excessive
loading of the turbine rotor probably
caused due to drop in JO pressure at the
time of switching on the motor.
M/s Triveni also suggested the signal of
min JOP which is a start permissive for
BG motor, should be taken from
individual brg instead of JOP header as
per existing scheme.

With soft starter and overload relay
in service, Barring gear motor is well
protected against any overloading.
Failure of coupling bolts of M/s
Triveni supplied Barring gear unit was
reported from few other sites.
In view of the above BHEL site feels
that bolts are to be designed for
higher capacity.