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Running Header: GENRE ANALYSIS

The Research on UTEPs Film Program

Colleen S. McCrary
RWS 1302
Mrs. Kinley

Running Header: GENRE ANALYSIS

The two genres that were chosen was a Typography and Iconography. The Typography
was from the UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso) website. Communication Department
Entering Digital Media: New Degree Programs: B.A in Multimedia Journalism and B.A in
Digital Media Production is an article written by the Communication Department at UTEP. The
article is talking about the opening to a B.A (Bachelor) in DMP (Digital Media Production)
program and what UTEP seeks to accomplish in teaching the students in this new program. The
reason for choosing this article was due to how specific it is about UTEPs new DMP program. It
also helps understand why the school chose to have this program at UTEP. The UTEP article is
informing future students, professors, future professors about the DMP program and trying to
have an appeal towards those wanting to major film. The Iconography is a YouTube channel
called Pretentious Film Majors: Drexel University. This is a very good example of what
universities could allow to do for their film majors to do. The channel has interviews with
famous people, going to festivals, talking about films, and making small clips. The reasoning for
choosing this genre is because being a DMP major causes a personal interest in these majors
work they do on this Universities channel. The channel talks about films, what it is to make a
film, the directors, producers, actors, editors, and so on.

Audience and Purpose

The audience for the Typography are future students that may be interested in majoring in
DMP and would want to get a better understanding about it if they are attending UTEP. The
audience would possibly already know that they want to major in film and search for that major
on the website which where the audience could find the article. People interested in

Running Header: GENRE ANALYSIS

this topic may want to know what the major is called, the sort of classes there will be available,
and what the programs main focus is. It would not take long to read this article, because it is
straight forward. The article has a persuade feeling, because of quotes that were taken by the
chair of communications talking about the DMP program and how he is looking forward to the
new program. The language of this article is formal in terms of explaining the program and the
topics that will be focused on. The vocabulary is focused on media and journalism, which would
include different types of media. It is easy to notice how short and straight forward the article is;
it does not go into really deep details. There is one photo of the dean of UTEP with the chair of
communications which could give a expression that the staff at UTEP are very involved. The
audience for the Iconography could be for anyone, because it is open to the public. The audience
would be based on what they are looking for. If the audience is more interested in a specific topic
then that is what they would look for. For example, if the audience is looking for interviews,
movie reviews, or film majors opinion. If the audience wants to see a review about Les
Miserables then the audience would be movie critics or just movie buffs. To see what the
audience are looking for would be time consuming but in a good way. Each video are different
lengths, so it would really depend what the audience are looking for. The goal about this channel
seems to inform and entertain the audience and have them gain an interest in the videos topic or
overall channels topic. This channel is very formal and laid back. Being a film major channel
will have basic film terminology or even advanced studio terminology. The channel has an
introduction video for the audience that enter the page and the video is really good at persuading
people to see what those film majors are good at.

Rhetorical Issues: Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Running Header: GENRE ANALYSIS

This typography does establish its credibility with Professor Perez which is also the chair
of communication in charge of the DMP program. By having a good credibility does have an
effect on the audience emotions in a professional way and possibly in an intriguing way that
could interest the audience in the major. The evidence used to support claims is reliable, because
it is coming from the chair of communications which is Dr. Frank Perez. The Iconography
credibility would be that the producers are undergrads attending Drexel University and are not
really giving hard fax, but more of opinion work. Having opinion work based off of these
undergrads gives the audience an emotion of some sort of equal interest and possibly on an equal
level. These are not professors and so being students they can relate to other students. The
evidence used in this channel are based off of the Universities professors, interviews with actors,
producers, and anyone who has a professional experience in film.

Structure and Delivery

The article first addresses the main topic by acknowledging that there are now new
technology advancements and there needs to be an education for that at UTEP. Once the
audience has a brief understanding for the reason of a DMP program the article then continues
with a brief summary of the mandatory material that will be needed. There does not seem to be a
lot of limitations on this article about the new DMP program and just gives a way to find out
more detailed information about the program. The article gave the main important needs to
know about the DMP program by addressing why the program is starting, what the program is,
and who is in charge of the program. The information on the Iconography is organized with
different playlist and a About page that explains the channels purpose more. There are limitations
on this genre due to how there is not a lot of information on the Drexel University and how the

Running Header: GENRE ANALYSIS

Drexel University is supporting the channel. The structure of this page on the other hand does do
what it is supposed to do, which is give the audience a interest in the material on the channel.

Running Header: GENRE ANALYSIS


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