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Every student has the ability and should have the

opportunity to learn. It is my duty as a teacher to help
cultivate my students learning abilities and to give them
as many opportunities as possible to learn as many
different things as possible.
I believe
Learning should be a fun, interactive, hands-on experience
whenever possible
Every lesson that is taught should have a practical purpose,
and students should always know the purpose of what they
are learning
It is my responsibility to make objectives clear, specific, and
directly related to the assessment
A positive mindset yields positive results
Individual goals can be achieved through teamwork
Class time should be about learning life lessons as well as
academic lessons
Parents need to be just as involved in the students learning
process as the students themselves
The arts are just as integral to students education as the
core subjects and therefore must not be ignored
Mistakes should be encouraged because they are simply
opportunities to learn
High expectations are the key to student success

Students wont always remember what we teach them,

but they will never forget how we treat them.
Linda Albert