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Focus on affirmative thoughts is the secret of all success

Jacquelyn PY Soo, PhD.

13 November 2015
Desires are divine
All that is in my life, I created first in my minds eye:
Make it a habit to fill the mind with joyous, prosperous thoughtimages
that repel negative ones, halting them to from the opposite habit.
Think and say only that which I want to crystalise in my reality.
Believe with all my heart: I am and will do all that I am here to do.
Longings crystallise through resolve
Nothing is impossible for God: no matter how far or dark prospects
visualise your desires as detailed as possible and hold on to them
with faith and they must actualise in the physical realm.
[Indifference or abandoned yearnings will not be drawn into
I deserve every joyous success
Do not remain where you are subjected to despairing, restrictive
Self respect demands you get out of such situations, and that of
lack or poverty
It is my duty to put myself in a position of dignity and
Never be a burden to others of sickness or allow those who rely on
me to suffer
All conditions are largely offsprings of thoughts
Prosperity begins in the mind: disregard hostile mental attitudes or
thoughts that are not conducive for joyously prosperous thoughts to
Poverty-stricken attitudes foil desired prosperity
Think, feel and live the prosperity I want to draw into being
Thoroughly believe and expect prosperity to manifest under grace
Have faith and be the desired picture of prosperity
I have the ability to draw money, the prosperity God desires for me.
Thoroughly believe and expect prosperity to manifest under grace
Disregard doubts and fears but be perfectly poised in prosperity:
in thoughts and feelings; words and deeds; dress and posture

Expect joyous prosperity

Constantly create cash in the mind (build your financial structure)
Hold the mental image of prosperity and build throughts around it:
I am perfectly poised to receive my desired financial independence
my thoughts and feelings. I feel and exude opulence with resplendent

Look to the desired end with optimistism

If you expect prosperity but fear failure, you repel prosperity
Do not allow negative influences to mar your faith, confidence and
Vigorously, resolutely and consistently affirm that the desired end
is done
Doubts, uncertainties and fears that blind one from ones divinity
are washed clean with faith: all that you see of yourself within must
be out pictured in your appearance and poise.
Heighten your great expectations of self
Self-faith relieves the burden of uncertainties of being in the right
doing the right work or saying the right things to bring you into fears
of future.
Confidence is the basis of all achivement: the power of conviction
that, I can do it
Free the mind of worry, anxiety, doubts, fear and uncertainties:
enemies of focus
Freedom of mind is imperative for the finest mental capabilities to
Self-faith doubles ones power and abilities: nothing is done without
A focussed mind is the secret of all success: the moment one loses
self confidence is the moment one strips ones self of divine power.
Dwelling on difficulties magnifies them and paralyses ones
Doubts hinder your courage to undertake greater things and defy
The resolve to redeem ones self sets dynamic forces within free to
do marvels

The power of self-suggestion [He is only beaten who admits it.]

Discouragement and despair waste-away vital mental energy: replace
them with encouraging, cheerful images: ever fill your mind with
uplifting, encouraging, prosperous and cheerful thoughts.
Each time a fear based thought arises,
shut it out quickly and apply fearless assurance:
Picture yourself as utterly fearless and say to self:
I am no coward. I will not cringe and crawl. I will not stoop to
I will not dwell in the false frailties of fear.
I am bathed in the light of truth that completely melts away
false frailties
Faith shows the way as worry clogs and paralyses ones being
Depression, morose and gloomy outlooks are detrimentally
contagious but true warriors smile from the heart even when
everything seems to be against them.
No one is at the mercy of your disposition except by choice
Sound judgement comes from a clear, unclouded mind:
Never act on suggestions in a state of fear and anxiety
Calm, poise, and mental serenity are essential for effective decisions
and a skill one must hone by concentrating only on affirmative
outcomes so opposite of negative, unhealthy thoughts cannot occupy
the mind for long.
Assume a decisive mental attitude every time you lack
decision or vacillate
Do not think of self as weak- affirm repeatedly and firmly:
I am able to decide wisely, firmly and finally
Do not reproach another for weakness or incompetence but be ever
Fear and worry ensure we draw the things we dread
Fear in all its expressions from anger, envy, and timidity to anxiety
robs people
of our power of calm competency, creativity, spontaneity, enthusiasm
and self-confidence to make us cowards accepting of mediocrity.
Place all your needs into the hands of faith and never ask how, why
or when
Simply assume an affirmative attitude and do your level best in and
with faith
Efficiency is not possible where the being is vibrating with conflicting
emotions, which leaks out our joy and power as they cause indecision,
suspicion, doubt:

the levels of terror we hold are in proportion to the levels of weakness

we allow, and our freedom of choice evinces that we are each
stronger than any terror.
In divine union
Hone your ability to be in conscious union with the Divine source
The closer one is to Divinity, the closer you are to the Eternal
Source of all
The stronger we feel, the more conscious we are of the power back
of flesh
(but not of it): every unworthy, contemptible deed weakens our
The moment our union with Eternal Source is broken, dread,
apprehension, helplessness and such seeps in- counter them with
persistent affirmative thought:
One is ever divinely upheld and no harm can possibly
come when one
is ensconced in the Divine Presence that restores and
nurtures faith.
Love in all its expressions brings each into harmonious union with
Eternal Source:
resulting in perfect health- mentally, spiritually, emotionally and
Poise, serenity, warmth, and sweetness of temper are such keys
to remain in perpetually renewing union with Source.
Fatal friction is caused by such opposites as jealousy, antagonism,
and greed.
True prayer and children
True prayer repairs broken links to our Divine connection and
sometimes occur as glimpses of great possibilities within, perhaps in
times of loss when a rift in our nature opens to reveal a power we
never knew we possessed.
Keep your childs mind full of truth and harmony so there is no
room for discord
Give self-assurance to children so they may use what they know
with success
Build your childs confidence and faith: theres nothing they cannot
in and with faith
Perfect health begins in mind and is not contingent on age

Free your mind from the false conviction that vigour, powers
decline through age
Ones mental attitude is alive- positive energy that is constantly
creating results
Fuel your interest in life; enliven your spirit; fill your heart with
warm and cheer
Stay in touch with your ideals, youth, spirit of your times; be
progressive and chic
Love, generosity, kindness and helpfulness keep the heart young and
Fill your mind with vivid, inspiring, cheerful images before bedtime
Gain perfect mental poise that refreshes, renews and rejuvenates
before sleep:
see yourself as youthful, poised, strong and healthy- dressed with
Let the spirit of youth surge through your body at all times
Ever hold the image of the self as you desire but never dwell on
Indulge in humour, fun, recreation and amusement and keep
Fear and worry cannot gain hold unless you endowed them
with power
All that one allows to live in your heart and dwell in your thoughts are
seeds, which must reproduce after them selves in your life.
All discord of sickness, failure, lack and frustration is thus indication
that one is not in harmony, or union with Divine Source.
Decide now to break all established relations with the poisons of fear,
weakness and negativity that tear down the human spirit:
Brand them whenever they arise and keep them out- they impair
Goodwill must dwell in the heart before good work may be done
All such feelings of grudges and vengefulness impair ones own
The right attitude towards others produces harmony and universal
People who are neglected, unpopular and stand for little in their
community are those who carry secret hatred, envy, bitter feelings
that emanate discordant vibrations that block divine happiness and
truth: be loving, send out kind, loving, compassionate thoughts, be
sincerely friendly and helpful- and you naturally radiate divine light
that attracts all of the same.

Each thought and emotion leaves an imprint of itself in every

A healthy body reflects healthy thoughts: the body responds to the
ideal in mind
Think of your self as an absolutely perfect being with perfect health
and mind
You are infinitely more capable of standing any amount of strain
than imagined
Never have a defective, crippled, dwarfed ideal of self, not even for
an instant
Your mental patterns of self inevitably begin to be reproduced in
the physical
Ideals, moods, mental attitude send a constant succession of
vibrations through every cell, organ and all functions of the bodyperpetual impulses through mass
of millions of cells: vicious mental states, violent emotions and
explosive passions produce chemical changes in the body and poison
the bodys cells
We are more susceptible to disease when we choose to become
discouraged and hold negative thoughts, which precipitate chemical
changes, which in turn damages our cells- impairing the flow of
nutrition and digestion via toxic thoughts.
Negative thoughts and feelings of anger, antagonism, and revenge
drain away
energy and waste away vitality at a fearful rate: do no good and
shortens life
Worry, fear, and selfishness are malignant forces within that ruin
peace of mind
Gratitude, peace, and compassion- positive thoughts soothe and
multiply energy
Minutes of temper wreck havoc in delicate cell life that take weeks
to repair
Do not remain in the imprisoned state of chronic self-poisoning of
violent tempers that destroy happiness, success and your health.
Whatever improves the mind improves the body: uplifting, inspiring,
cheerful, optimistic thoughts and deeds are thus miraculous tonic for
mind and body.
I am my ultimate and only master. None may convince me
I am supreme over bodily ills. Inferior powers have no influence to
enslave me

Love is the law of my being: any departure from love is a violation

to wellbeing
I am intent on melting away toxic thoughts from all that I am.
To do this, I give thanks that whenever a toxic thought arises,
I immediately substitute it with an opposite charitable thought,
which nullifies the toxic one with love and light:
Disharmony cannot exist in the presence of harmony.
Divine Love is the most potent force in existence.
This article is inspired by Orison Swett Marden, 1910, with thanks.