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Street art debate notes

-----------------------------------------------Pro checklist
1. How does street art positively impact a community? - It helps people do
non verbal communication. It has a meaning in some Street arts. And it is
also fun to look at it. Like this one is saying that we should have peace so we
dont need to have war.

2. How would a community be changed for the worse if there was no street
art? - There would be a lot of different things. Like wars can happen,
Slavery can happen. 3. What should happen to street art that already
exists?- We should erase the street arts that is painted in the wall without
permission. 4. Should we respect street art as we would artwork in a
gallery? Why or why not? - No it is because in gallery walk we sometimes
laugh. But some street arts are not post to laugh at it.
Anti checklist
1. How does street art negatively impact a community? - Some street arts
were drawn eleagly. But even though we want to erase it cost a lot of money
to erase it. 2. How would a community be changed for the better if there
was no street art?- The world would be clean and we dont need to waste
money on erasing it. 3. What should happen to street art that already
exists?- The ones with no permission should be erased. But the yes
permission and the meaningful ones has to stay because it took them a lot of

time to draw it. 4. Should we respect street art as we would artwork in a

gallery? Why or why not?

Street ART back ups
Anti Fact No.1 ) Graffiti cleanup takes a big chunk out of municipal budgets.
Phoenix, AZ spends more than $6 million annually on graffiti clean up. The
city of San Jose spent about $2 million in 2006, Las Vegas, NV spends about
$3 million annually, and Chicago, IL budgeted $6.5 million in 2006.
Anti Fact No.2) Graffiti is the most common type of property vandalism
(35%) according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
Anti Fact No.3)
Laws about Graffiti
- It is an offence to mark graffiti on property that can be seen by the
public unless the owner has given you permission.
- Graffiti includes defacing, writing, scratching or drawing on or
property so that the marks cant be removed easily with a dry cloth.
This includes stencil art and engraving.
- There are very serious penalties for making or intending to make
graffiti, including large fines and imprisonment.
- It is a more serious offence if the graffiti would offend a reasonable
person. Political comments are an exception to this, if they are

Street ART back ups
Starting Sentence : For some people graffiti is the only thing that they are
good at, and if they didn't have graffiti they would go into crime. In addition
graffiti is another way to express one's feelings and a way to spread a
message. Back to the it is the only thing they are good at, for some
teenagers they aren't good at their studies so they don't really have a good
future but graffiti is another way to earn money and capture younger
Pro Fact No.1) Street artists risk their safety, freedom, and finances every
time they go out and create something illegally. Its important to take risks
in our lives every once in awhilewhether its something as grand as
quitting your job to pursue a passion or tricky as trying something new on
the menu. Taking risks pushes us out of our comfort zones to experience
and feel something new in our lives.
Pro Fact No.2) Many street artists create work with the belief that
freedom of speech and free art should be enjoyed by everyone. They create
out of pure enjoyment and give their art to the world selflessly. When you
put things out into the universe without the expectation of a return, it will
come back to you in one form or another.

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