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Christian Best

Robert Arnold
UWRT 1101
12 November 2015
Ethnography Report
College freshmen are complete party animals. College freshmen dont party enough.
College freshmen barely do any work. College freshmen have too much work. College freshmen
are mature. College freshmen are needy and clueless. College freshmen eat too much. College
freshmen dont eat enough. College freshmen sleep too much. College freshmen dont sleep
enough. Many people think they understand what college freshmen do on a daily basis; but in
reality they dont. Everyone takes glances at our lifestyle and form their own opinions and bias
about our lives, only to realize that they only know half of the real story.
Just as everyone else, I made assumptions about the college lifestyle before I actually got
here and began experiencing the lifestyle firsthand. I thought that the college would be a constant
party, a buffet every night, a new found freedom, but also the hardest thing I would ever have to
experience. Little did I know that the party sometimes ends early when you have an 8:00 AM
class every Monday morning. The buffet will quickly become a quick bag of chips and some
apple juice every other night. And the hardest part of the work is actually getting the motivation
to do it.
So what is the outside perspective? While trying to find different perspectives from
outsiders I found that the younger population views college freshmen as more of a party animals

and think that we are always jumping from party to party, whereas adults and parents view
college as more of hard work and dedication. Neither side was completely wrong but neither side
was completely accurate, it was more that both sides were just lacking the actual reality of our
Is it not like what they show in the movies? This is the first response I received when I
asked an average high school freshmen how she viewed college and college freshmen. (Continue
this paragraph)
Honestly the best response Ive received was from the high school senior. College
freshmen should be excited that theyre out of their parents house. Im ready for college! As
soon as the words left her mouth I began laughing so loud, which seriously confused her.
(Continue this paragraph)
I know its a lot of work and its probably really hard, but I have serious faith in every
one of you. Parents can be so encouraging!