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Who are Your Students?

Name ___Evan Kroon _________________

Use readings from the past to describe yourself:

Taylor & Whittaker; Bridging Multiple Worlds; Delpit; Nieto; Understanding Culture Brief; Hoeksema; Petersen & Hittie; Pearson
202 book; Woolfolk Chap 2, 3, 5; Levine
Many different Cultures represented in the students.
Not something that seems to be talked about


Race & Ethnicity

Social SystemsPeers & Family

Six African American students

Two Latin American students
One Middle-Eastern student
Twelve Caucasian students
One Asian student

Five Students with separated parents

One student who was adopted
Four school of choice students.
Two students that have moms who teach at the school.
Lots of good friend but no cliques
Three free or reduced lunch students

I know two students who come from a Christian background

One student told me he never has to apologize to girls because the man never apologizes.
One student was upset that he did not get a special chair so he started crying, this made
another student cry because he felt so bad for his friend.
The class is working on respecting themselves and each other.
The learners are learning patience by holding up their hands instead of just blurting out the

Moral, Spiritual, and

Faith Development

Attention & Memory

Students remember daily patterns very well

The when the topic is engaging for the students, they pay great attention.
Students struggle to sit still for more then five minutes
Students remember previous lessons after their memory is jogged trough questions
Some desk groups pay more attention then others (I think Mrs. DeBoer does this on purpose)

English is spoken %100 of the time

The African American Students speak AAVE during informal times (Between class periods,
during assignments, answering questions etc.)
The students use on track language which means they build each other up, talk respectfully,
talk quietly, and dont talk over each other.


Motor &

Higher Order Thinking

Ability & Disability

The students know the calendar and follow it to a tee.

Half the students desks are very orderly and half are very messy
Five students frequently forget to bring their homework and the excuse is usually they lost it.

Students compare the size of numbers to figure out which one is bigger.
Students solve Math problems using different methods.
Put events of a story in order.

One student is being tested for Aspergers

Three students are being tested for Attention Deficit Disorder
One student tested at a kindergarten math level