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Lesson Plan Written By: Tasha Frank

Grade: 2

Mentor Teacher:

Time: 11:11-11:56 a.m.

Period 4

Date: November 5, 2014

Subject: Math

Topic: Comparing Numbers

Objectives and Purpose

Students will be able to compare and order

numbers up to 100 using manipulatives.

Anticipated outcome of the lesson.

What they are learning.
Why the lesson is important/ why they
are doing it.
What they will be expected to do at the
end of the lesson.

Anticipatory Set

Establishing lessons rationale and

Link to students past experience or
Actively involves learner.
Relevant to the objective of the
upcoming lesson.



Concepts and skill to be explained or

Relevant, questions, information,


On the projector display a group of red

counters and a group of ten counters.
Explain that the red team and the blue
team were playing a game and they got
one counter for each point they scored.
How will we be able to tell who won?
By counting and finding the bigger
Count them as a class.
Record each number
Which one is bigger?
o Look at a number line if needed.
[5 Min.]
Promethean board
Tell students that it is important to
recognize what numbers are bigger
then others.
We can do this by using number lines
or 100s chart.
We will be practicing finding ways to
figure out which numbers are bigger.
Tell students about two teams playing a

Demonstration or showing of concepts

or skills.
Examples, illustrations, simulations,
models or demonstrations.

Guided Practice

In-class practice of concepts and skills

with teacher guidance.
Provide feedback.

Independent Practice

Practice concepts and skills without

teacher guidance (could be


Re-focus students on the essential

elements of what they have learned.


Formal or informal checking for


game. One team got 63 points and the

other team got 72 points.
Who won?
How can we use manipulative to solve
We can make groups of 10s to
compare, 6 groups of 10s is less then 7
groups of 10.
Show a 100s chart. If we had just
looked at this would it have been
[10 Min.]
Have a pair of students come up to the
Tell them one team got 53 points and
the other got 57 points. Who won?
Get them to use manipulatives like we
just did.
Then show a 100s chart. Is looking at it
[15 Min.]
Ask students to hand out math
Turn to page 53.
Go over how to do the page on the
Turn to page 54.
Go over how to do it. Tell students they
will be working with their desk buddies
to finish it.
[10 Min.]
As students are finishing up ask
students why it is important to be able
to compare numbers?
We can tell who won a game, what
numbers are bigger, ect.
[5 Min.]
Formal evaluation, teacher will grade
workbook pages for a grade.