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VIDEO footage


The main aim of the project is recognize the multiple cameras connected to the
system. Display the video from the camera, also it is provided with to take a
snap shot, video broadcasting etc. This project attempts to provide a secure
form of data communication through the telephone line.

The project basically consists of the different blocks such as DTMF GENERATOR,

DTMF GENERATOR - This block is responsible for generating the call to the
destination of data transfer. This is essential to make sure the required
connection is set up between the sender and the receiver before any file can be
transmitted. Once the call is set up, the file can be transmitted by the
modulator/demodulator over the telephone line. In our project, we are using a
modem IC CMX644 that can do this.

RING DETECTOR - The objective of this block is to detect the presence of ring
voltage in the telephone line. Here, the same modem IC, CMX644 does the work
of detecting a ring, thus simplifying the job.

RECEIVER OFF-CRADLE SIMULATOR - This generates an off-hook condition or In

other words it simulates the lifting of the telephone receiver off its cradle, to
answer a call. It usually consists of a relay and a MOSFET switch. Whenever this
unit is energized, it shunts the telephone line.

MODEM (MODULATOR / DEMODULATOR) - This is the most important of all

blocks, as it does the work of transmission and reception of data over the
telephone line. The data transmitted and received by the modem is also
transferred over the same high speed serial bus.

SERIAL PORT INTERFACE TO THE PC - This block consists of the serial port
buffer, MAX 232, to provide an interface to the serial port of the PC through
which the files are sent. The connector used is a DB-9 male connector.

The front end has to be implemented in Visual Basic. The commands to set up
the call and the phone number of the destination are passed thro vb to the
microcontroller. VB is also used to call the des algorithm which has been
implemented in c. thro the use of the shell command. The des algorithm ensures
security of data transfer.

System Specifications:
• Operating System : Windows XP Professional SP2
• Processor : Pentium 4.0(1.6GHz)
• Memory : 512 MB

Technologies Used:
• Web-Technologies : ASP.NET
• Frameworks : .NET Framework 2.0
• Database : SQL Server 2000
• Web server : IIS 5.0