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Progression of

By Jessica Tipton

Progression of H.I.E.

Presented By: Jessica Tipton

Mentor: Valerie Gray
Clear Lake Regional Medical Center
Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing
Independent Study Mentorship- Fall 2015
ISM Teacher: Mrs.Click

What is Independent Study

Mentorship (ISM)
Independent Study Mentorship is a collegiate level course
created for students to gain professional experience with
a willing mentor in a specific career field. The students,
with the help of their mentor, teacher, and personal
research, will create a project topic to showcase what they
have learned through the study. This course is a semester
class but can be taken dual semesters for credit towards
DAP. ISM also requires an online portfolio, activity logs,
and journal entries to keep track of mentoring shifts, as
well as different activities pertaining to the Independent

Hypoxic Ischemic
Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy or H.I.E
Lack of oxygen flow to the brain in babies
Especially in long labors

I was working in the hospital when a baby came in with H.I.E

and was so venerable. I asked my mentor if her prognosis
was good, and her reply was, Since there is not many cures,
she will most likely pass soon. This really stuck in my head
and I was determined to find more information about this
horrible disease.

History of H.I.E.
How was it discovered?
What was the prognosis in the beginning of H.I.E
Who discovered this illness?
What are some crazy/weird facts about presumptions of

What are some statistics of the mortality rate of H.I.E?
How does it affect a childs body?
Is H.I.E terminal?


How many cure(s) are there?

How do the cure(s) work?
Who developed the cure(s)?
Do the cure(s) actually work, or is it a un-proven

Family Affects
How it affects the families financially?
How it affects the families emotionally?
How do hospitals help families who have babies with

I would prefer to incorporate my research into my key
points, but also contain research through the entirety of
the presentation.
I would also like to have a facts page/handout for my
audience so they can have information that was in my
presentation to take with them.

Product and Demonstrations

I would like the demonstrations to be primarily at the end of
the presentation.
Also sporadically in the presentation correlating to the information
being told during the time

The product will be a case study and will be shown on a

handmade baby crib themed mobile.
I will most likely contain pictures of artifacts from my
mentorship and explain their importance in my presentation.

During the presentation I would like to pass out Question
Cards for the audience to write down questions during
my presentation
I will stop in the middle of the presentation to answer questions
Continue my presentation
Then answer other questions the audience wrote down at the end
of the presentation

We will be addressing the progression of H.I.E through

history, and what developed from it being discovered.

Thank You
I would like to thank my mentor for helping me learn
about the incredible career of nursing.
I would like to thank my parents for allowing me to
achieve all of my dreams.
I would like to thank Mrs. Click for guiding me through
my journey of deciding my career path.
I would like to thank the many people who came out to
listen to my presentation.