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November 16th, 2015


Dear Delegates,
Welcome to the first session of Open MUN organized by yours
truly. After weeks of planning, pulling strings (read: plotting)
and sincere hard work by our extremely dedicated organizing
committee, the Global Press is all set to bring you moments of
intense debate, MUN procedures and fun. Scroll through the
pages to introduce yourself to various committees, the
executive board and gossip (we know you love it).
Happy scrolling!
Saumya Kalia
USG Global Press

1. Dates: 17th and 18th

2. Venue: A lot of places.
Were everywhere.
3. Wondering why youre
not getting printed
newsletters? We devised
a plan to take away the
pleasure of you throwing
those precious bits of
paper everywhere. Hah.

5 reasons why this years MUN will be more than amazing

1. This is the first year so feel free to introduce new ideas. Were all
up for it!
2. This is an open MUN. Take more challenges, compete with
seniors and juniors, outshine your fellow delegates and bag the
prizes! This is your battlefield.
3. You wont find a more dedicated Secretariat anywhere else!
4. The agendas have been decided after various deliberations
about your interests to enhance the debating process. Thank us
5. It has Ministry of Magic as a separate committee. Enough said.


1. Committee: UN GA
Venue: Auditorium
2. Committee: Ministry of
Venue: Library
3. Committee: FIFA
Venue: Sports Basement
4. Committee: Hindustan
Partition Assembly
Venue: Sports Basement
5. Committee: RAW
Venue: Classified (not for


Head, AMUN
The power of an innocent mind is boundless. Amity Model United Nations has its
conviction in the firm foundation of turning vision into action, of expanding our
horizons to address global issues. It is imperative to inculcate qualities of leadership
and initiative in these young minds, and AMUN 2015 is a catalyst towards that. The
platform embodies Amitys philosophy of encouraging curious minds, instilling a
sense of global awareness and building the youth of today.
The committees introduced this year are a reflection of the creativity and innovation
of our students. To see the world of wizardry taking a physical form, the sports
community getting their field of interest, patriotism being represented by the
members of Indian Partition Assembly, discussions by the General Assembly and the
spontaneity of the delegates of RAW committee, AMUN has a variety of colors to
offer. It gives me immense pleasure to declare the Amity Model United Nations 2015
open. Best wishes to the delegates!

Sunila Athley

Chef De Cabinet
From extensive research work to excelling debating skills, AMUN aims to bring out the
best in the students, in accordance with the Amity philosophy. This is the first year of
Vasundhara 6s open MUN, and with great zeal and optimism, were ready to set the
ball in motion for the event of the year. All the best to all the delegates, may you always
Sonal Deshpande


It is amongst other things a tremendous privilege for me to be the Secretary
General of this years edition of the Amity Model United Nations
conference and my esteemed honour to welcome you to its 1st edition.
AMUN at its creation was home to young, innovative and passionate
minds, which coupled with their innovative desires, had a clear vision.
Under these auspices, AMUN Conference 2015 is born and in all rights
will became a huge success.


We have worked really hard this time! I wish to see my fellow Amitians
having fruitful debates on the carefully chosen topics. Stand up and rise,
gear on your best attire, do the best research and get your voice heard,
because its now or never. All the best!



To days of practice sessions, Global Press meetings and
enumerable edits on the newsletter, its finally time to
showcase all our hard work. Be smart, work hard and consider
diplomacy to be your best friend. Let the games begin!



Have the courage like Obama, boldness like Putin, an attitude
very strong and you shall get whatever you want. May the
force be with you!



This year its going to be bigger and better, and we hope to surpass all

-Riya Arora, Chairperson, UNGA

COMMITTEE 1: UN General Assembly

Agenda: 1. Drafting the Oxford Protocol- the Global Framework for the use
of Lethal Autonomous Robotics.
2. De-militarization of the Arctic Circle
Executive Board: Chairperson- Riya Arora
Director- Shashank Yadav
Rapporteur- Gauri Swaroop Bansal

What the EB has to say: Each one of you should know the role of countries involved.
This topic asks for a resolution that will act as a common framework for countries
developing and employing Lethal Autonomous Robotics (LARs). The need for such a
document appears in light of the rapid development of such technologies in military

Know your EB
Riya Arora is smart, talented and carries a proud experience of staying in Japan for almost a year.
She believes in hard work and success, possesses a passion towards football and art. Having been a
part of numerous conferences and having chaired two, she strives to bring out the best from her
committee. Good Luck!
A grade 11 student looking to pursue a career in Economics, Shashank Yadav has been an active
participant in MUNs for more than 3 years now. This marks his first MUN as a member of the executive
board, and he has only one advice: stay hungry and aggressive. His cold demeanor and patience
are particularly symbolic for him, you wont see him smiling easily in the committee. His hate list is
quite short and BEING BORING is on the top. We warned you!
One thing which defines Gauri Bansal best is her creativity. Her passion and commitment towards art
makes her one of the most talented artists in the school. Possessing an extrovert personality and a
constant need to talk, she has succeeded in the art of socializing. Having experienced MUNs as a
delegate and conference staff, she couldnt be more thrilled to be a part of the EB!


We all have magic inside us. But those who dont believe it, will never
find it!

-Ruchi Avtar, Minister of Magic, Ministry of Magic


Agenda: 1. The Question of return of Lord Voldemort and formulating an
action plan to prevent his rise to power.
Executive Board: Minister of Magic: Ruchi Avtar
Head Auror: Pratyush Goel
What the EB has to say: Needless to say, this is one of the most exciting committees
in this conference and with your contribution we can make this bigger and better. We
rewind back to the time when the notorious Lord Voldemorts supposed arrival shakes
up the wizarding world and thus these witches and wizards have gathered to come to
a conclusion regarding his arrival and the consequences which would follow. We
expect a vastly interesting debate session, hoping to decide if Voldemorts back or
not, and if he is, what are we going to do about it? Witches and wizards, its time for
you to pour in your theories and join hands to figure out a way to defeat the Dark

Know your EB:

An old-timer Chair didi (a couple of you may remember her from your 5th grade MUN),
Ruchi Avtar has handled more MUNs than she has been part of as a delegate. She has
seen it all, from shy newcomers to naughty troublemakers! Currently pursuing Eco Hons
from *SRCC*, MUNing and writing are two things she loves. Some of you may think of
her as a super senior, but shes here to have fun and torture all of you *evil laugh*! Look
out, cross questioning is one of her favourite spells!
Hes sincere and simple, hard-working and head strong. Pratyush Goel describes
himself to be a hardcore Harry Potter fan, having read the novels 4 times. Like any 12th
grader, hes spending his year juggling between studies and co-curricular (the struggle
is real!), and exhaustion has become his friend. For his committee, he has some
precious words of wisdom: Transport yourselves to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and
Wizardry and be the wizards you dreamt of being!



Be at your best, impress us with your wit
Look out, Global Press is here to present you with gifts!
Judging you from a different perspective, a golden opportunity you have
Outshine others, for this prestige is hard to grab!


Active participants, controversial agendas and
interesting sessions
We present this award to the committee which
captures our attention!


Brace yourselves, for were going to making history together

-Shashwat Srijan, Chairperson, 1946 HPA


Agenda: The question of Partition of Hindustan.

Executive Board: Chairperson- Shashwat Srijan

Director- Sneha Kalia
President- Ashwin Goel

What the EB has to say: As the name suggests, we will be deciding upon whether India should be
an independent country or not. If not, then in how many federal states should it be divided? Aiming at
an open agenda, we wanted to witness theories made by the participants and encourage them to
discuss upon the Hindu-Muslim conflict, the British rule, the plight of the citizens and other factors which
make the Independence a struggle.

Know your EB:

Shashwat Srijan is a man of few words, very few words. Hes quiet but strong, hes smart yet simple.
Hes like any other Science stream student, his world being surrounded by practical files and lab
experiments. He believes in journey, not the destination; hard work, not the result. He expects the same
from his committee members!
A good orator, aspiring lawyer and a highly bossy person, Sneha Kalia is one person who loves the
world of history and thus her interest in the committee. She is a globe trotter, having experienced the
beauty of Europe, USA and Japan. She believes in hard work and success. The agenda, according to
her, has a wide range and discussion prospects, considering the members have the chance to
recreate the history, factually! Come and conquer. This is your battlefield, make every second count.
Good Luck!
It was in 4th grade Ashwin Goel became a part of Amity, and since then he has come a long way.
Describing his journey so far, he cant help but talk about his love for basketball. He doesnt mind
playing for hours in the heat or the cold, basketball lovers we tell you! Mr.Goels interests span beyond
the classroom, from Youth Parliament to Vasudha, Mathamity, Geomaty and many more which we
cant list because of our word limit restrictions! The intellectual soul views his achievements and failures
to be experiences which make him who he is today. Wise words, Sir Ashwin!.


Be bold. Be different. There is a wave coming; and you dont want to be

swept off by it.

-Aditya Subramaniam, President, FIFA


Agenda: 1. The question of rescheduling league schedules to allow a Winter 2022 World
2. Corruption in FIFA
Executive Board: President-Aditya Subramaniam
President- Yash Karanwal
Vice President- Palash Tayal

What the EB has to say: We expect each and every one of you to be thoroughly prepared
regarding the norms of FIFA and the countries that come under the jurisdiction of the topic and the
countries allotted to you. Regarding rescheduling of the Qatar world cup, we would need you to
be knowledgeable about the geographical factors and have the pros and cons with the time
periods ready. Good luck!

Know your EB:

Aditya Subramaniam, naam toh suna hi hoga, but inhe dekha nahi hoga. Hailing from a South Indian family,
Mr.Subramaniam flaunts his ability to speak three languages. Living on English sitcoms, movie, animes and
Youtube videos, you will find him in the C.S. lab most of the time. Keen on debating, he has mastered the art of
participating in inter-school debates, but not winning them. Aditya is probably clapping for himself after
reading this flattering description!
Yash Karawal likes to describe himself as a fun person (!). Modesty is not his favorite suit, he likes to flaunt his
sense of humor and the ability to come up with the most bizarre things. An interest towards movies and food,
Mr.Karanwal is your source of entertainment in the committee. But mind you, he can be as strict as anyone
else if you manage to infuriate him!
A skater, badge holder, country explorer (Malaysia, Korea, Rome, you name it and he has been there) and
over-achiever, Palash Tayal has more colours than the rainbow. Asking him about his interests, he has only one
thing to say: MUNing. From being a delegate in more than 9 conferences to being a part of the executive
board, he has seen all shades of the MUN world. The 10th grader has a few words of wisdom for his peers:
Overcome your fears, let your opinions speak for you, involve yourself in the committee, and youll walk out the
room to be a winner.


Shake with your right hand, hold a rock with your left
-Mrinal Wahal, Secretary General


Agenda: CLASSIFIED! (Youll have to wait till tomorrow)

Executive Board: Secretary General- Mrinal Wahal

Deputy Secretary General- Pranjal Shukla
What the EB has to say: Essentially during the days of the MUN, the committee is perpetually in a
state of crisis and by the end of committee session, delegates are expected to provide
comprehensive solutions to every aspect of the problem. Hence, the committee deals with problems,
which may involve humanitarian crisis, military tensions, violence undertaken by state and non-state
actors, environmental disasters or even economic tensions. Very often one major crisis leads to
several small crises, all of which need to be effectively solved by the delegates. Being in a Crisis
Committee is all about being logical, courageous, analytical, receptive, flexible and most
importantly swift in decision making i.e. spontaneous. You act more as agents rather than delegates.
Therefore it is very important for you to be equipped with the skill of problem solving.

Know your EB
An MUN wiz, Mrinal Wahal is a hard to describe person. Hes dedicated, hes stubborn, hes
adamant but hes passionate. He is a writer, blogger, philosopher and a movie lover. His articles
give a brief reflection into his outlook, his ideas are innovative and new, definitely praiseworthy.
Having founded the idea of No retreat, no surrender, Mrinal believes in persistence and success.
Pranjal Shukla is nothing less than a prodigy child; from acing in academics to jumping through
competitions, his wide band of talent extends to basketball and music as well. Mr. Shukla is a proud
author and a badge holder. You can probably identify him as the guy shouting stand at ease and
attention in the assembly and announcing irrelevant things in your classrooms. Hes to be blamed
for making you all stand longer in the assembly! Possessing strong MUN instincts, delegates look out
for his committee. Those of you who wish to seek revenge from him, ask silly questions and you shall
succeed in your mission of annoying him.


2 more days!

Here you are. The committees, the agendas, and the EB

sure look promising and exciting.
We cant wait for the session to commence and
provide you with your exclusive 2 days source of
entertainment: The Global Press newsletters!
Till then, remember: No Retreat, No Surrender.

Remember one thing, your
best teacher here is also your
worst enemy. Tread with care!
-Shashank Yadav, Director,

Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan: Have a look at the

students take:
This mission is truly one of a kind and if it emerges
as a success, then India will truly become greener
and cleaner. Before we claim that we shall clean
the country of corruption, poverty and
unemployment, let us start by simply cleaning our
community, parks and roads which we have
ignored for so long.
-Arun Singh, IX C

Embrace the idea for
enduring parallels!
-Gauri Bansal, Rapporteur,
Excitement at its peak and 2
days of MUN pleasure. What
can be better?
-Sneha Kalia, Director, HPA
It is time for you to represent
your country, show up your
brilliance and make a
difference to the society!
-Ashwin Goel, President, HPA
Young and unique, bold and
bright, thats how we expect you
to be!
-Yash Karanwal, V.P. FIFA

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