Jordan's story

Jordan's story is about a teen age boy. you usually hear sket stories with females telling their story but this story is in the boys point of view. it started on 7/12/09 and i haven't even finished it yet

haha diz story jush funni had fun writin diz eint finishd it yet goh mo to add nd read ma oda wun toooo sexy brownin ina london town dah a female sket

she wrapped her arms around me forcing my tings ina her pussy whole deeper and deeper. she screamd sexily down my ear. she bit onto my shoulda repeatedly and bit her lip too “oh yeah. oh yeah” she whispered down my ear. i smiled at her and carried on shoving it up her. she lifted her leg and placed it on my shoulda and that felt much more betta. she started scratching my back with ha fuckin fake nails and that pissed me off. thn she startd whispering dem sexy noices down ma ear. i heard some foot steps so i told toya to lower her voice. i looked at the door and looked at the handle “you locked it” she told me “oh yeah” Eventually i got tired of fuckin ha and i still wanted pleasure so i sat up on the bed with my tings sticking up “what you doing babe?” she crawled to in front of me. she lent forward and startd kissing my chest slowly reaching to my dik. she opened her mouth and started to suck onto ma tings. she startd suckin ma tingz even quicka and quicka and then my front door swung open “a waaahhh dahhhh fuk?” mom yelled Latoya turned around and looked at my mom “oh... my... gosh” Latoya paused mom pulled the frying pan 4rm behin ha bak and dragged her up by her hair “MOM!” i yelled i unloosend moms grip 4rm Latoya's hair and pushd mom out of da room. i wud neva off pushed mom but i wuz worryin about Latoya's safety carh once ma mom gets grip of da pan lyvz can b lost i ran out of da rum wid mom followin me i dashd around da hoiuse runnin 4rm my mom nd ha african pan, da brush nd da brum stick “me tell unu na fee fuck yung gyal ina meii yard?” mom screamd nd dashd da comb after me buh luckily missd. “sorry man” i apologized. mom startd to try nd lick me down

wid da broom stick buh i grabed onto it saving my lyf. “huh?” mom shoutd nd unuckled ha belt “let goo of da broom” she commanded “mom!” i replied desperate fo ha 2 listen to me. she startd to lick da belt against ma nakd bodi mostly ma legs Latoya pokd ha head round dah corner of da living room door “sorry” she apologized i lukd at ha nd saw dah she put bak on ha clothes “don't yu ever bring ya likl skettle pussy deya again” mom told Latoya “yes mam” Latoya nodded. “bye” Latoya said to me den she ran out of da house “da next tym me see dah likl sket ina me ya yard I'll chop ya lil willy off!” mom cussed. if it weren't ma mom i wud of sed dis big ting hea eint small, yu shud try it ina ya mout but instead i ran afta Latoya “toya” i called after ha. by dis tym she was already at da bottom of da hill “shit! now ya mom tinkz im a sket” her eyes startd to water “ i feel so embarrassd now” i stepped forward carh i cant jus mek ma girl tan in front of me nd cry. i hugged ha “don't feel embarrassd. you weren't embarrassd bfo” i teased her. she forcd out a lil smile “ddon't worri doe she'll get ova it. truss me” i lied 2 ha. obviously i had too say sutton to mek ha feel betta. carh derz nothing else i can do to mek her happi only fuckin ha. she smiled and restd ha head on ma shoulda. out of the blue she askd me dis question “do you luv me?” i lookd at ha “yu kno i do. why u askin me dah fo?” i askd her cofused she tuk a while to answer me and when she did she said a word then paused “becuz” she paused “becuz I'm pregnant” she informed me “WHAT?” i pushd ha away 4rm me “I'm pregnant” she repeatd haself

FUCK! i didn't know what to do and i was in shock. so i just pushd ha away from me and jogged towards Nathan's i ran through his house, dashd up dah stairs nd pushd opn hiz bed room dur “SHIT!” i yelld Nathanz gyal lukd up 4rm in betwn Nathanz leg “wah da fuk?” Nathan screwd “my girls pregnant” i told Nathan. da girl sighed and stud up “shit didn't yu wear a adidas?” Nathan askd. an adidas is a condom buh i didn't hav tym to laugh i wah tu busy in shock. i grabd hold arf my tingz “i did. shit. well not all dah tym” i replied i walkd ova nd sah dwn on his bed room window sill “shit dahz fuk wha happnd?” he asked while tuckin his tingz away “well obviously i was fukin ma girl init. shes a fukin beast usually nd shee alwayz tirez me out buh she eint been l8ly. i cudnt b boda tu fuk ha so i got ha to gimmi ead. mom wlkz in wid da fukin weaponz flippin nd ting. toya walkz out init den she tellz me she pregz nd ting so i just ran arff” i informed Nathan he nodded his ead nd laughd “so werz she now?” Nathan askd “i rah left her outside ma yard” i laughd angrily “you left her outside ya yard?” Nathan laughed “don't fuckin laugh man” i shouted. i punchd his wall “shit man! i cnt b a fukin dad man! dah tekz dah piss i fukin luv pussy” i shouted “wha da fuq i tink she still outside der mom chasd me dwn wid da brum stick bwt to lik ma tingz aarrfff” “swear down!! dah tez dah piss. u gotta wear a fukin adidas doe. if it was anoda situation i wud say fuk ha init carh shel prob chah shi 2 ha frenz init buh its a dif situation so i say link ha init” “buh how dah fuq am i ment 2 b a mc wid a likl yout? ii was chattin shi to toya sayin I'll changd an all dah so she can fl safe tellin every1 she checkin me buh dah was all liez”

“well its not now doe” Nathan finishd ma sentence L8a dah day: i crankd on my bed leaning on da wall chahhin wid one thin on ma fone “obviously if i was der wid u now, I'd keep ya satisfied nd u wudnt wnt me 2 go” i confessed. i restd my foot on ma leg and sah wid ma legz wide open “yu wudnt b able 2 handle me evn if u wuz ea wid me nw” she flirted. i cud hea dah excitement ina ha voice “HA! ya funni. ud hav 2 shove a whole pillow ina ya mout, carh ma tingz wud rip ya pussy” i laughd at ma own joke. I'm actually getin funni dez dayz, oh ight me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nathan, Alex and Brandon cme walkin into ma room “yu kool cum crank outside” Brandon invitd me “yhyh one sec” i safd dem all nd pointd to ma fone “well u beta go satisfy yaself carh Im goin yea” “k den” she replied in a disappointd tone “bfo yu go. mek sure u record ih yeh” i suggested nd anged up dah fone “cum den” i got up nd followd dem outside da house. we all crankd outside on dah wall watchin who eva walkd past us. it was funni watchin dem holdin tightly onto der bagz nd speadin up. nd if dey had tym dey wud wlk dah lng way home. DICKHEADS!! “get off of my wall” this grump old dusty crept up behind us. it was de old bastard hu snitchd arn us da oda day to da 5.0 bout us. he owned da house, nd dah wall we wer sittin on. he waggd his walkin stick outside his front door. “fuk off!” we shoutd after him this innocent tanned white girl walkd past and her ass hadn't evn passed me yet. dat ass mussa been on stand by. i swear dwn i wuz still lukin for da end. she mussa got sum black ina herrr carh dah was round, fat, juicey, and looooong our eyes all caught contact wid dis girl “leave dis 1 fo me yeh” i lickd m lip nd walkd ova to ha “wah u sayin?” i askd her while watchin her batty

“nothing really” she replied in this squeaky little innocent voice, while battering the chewin gum ina ha mouth “skeen skeen” i watchd her breast dis time “turn around” i told her. she smirkd nd turned around and i calld dem lot to luk “DAMMMNNN!” Alex screamd nd startd barking. da horny rat/bastard da next ting i saw was dis flyin oda slippa flying nd lickd off of Alex's ead. i startd creasin. i had to start a convo or else i wud of done something! “so u gonna gimmi ya numba?” i askd her while still laughin carh da slipper came 4rm da old man nd it lickd him ina him neck “EY! YOU LEAVE MA LIL GIRL ALONE. SHE GOES FOR WHITE SMART GUYS. NOT YU BLACK GANGSTERZ!” dah old man shoutd “cumin dad” she shouted back in that annoyin squeaky high pich voice. i handed ha ma fone nd she tappd in her buttons “get in dis house” her carried on screamin “yu betta get yo ass in dis house with my scottish bunz” thats all he kept shoutin we both walkd towrds dah house buh i sah on da wall nd she got chasd into dah house “dah back off is mine” “haha ya funny. I'll hav her callin me daddy nd I'll be wearin a tie. nd daddy wud av 2 b dealin wid me” “skeen” i laughd. da next ting u kno da old man came up 4rm behind Alex nd started lickin him on his shoulda. i was in such shock i bursted out in laugha. “what DA FUCK?” Alex hopped ova da wall 2 him nd pushd him until he droppd Brandon hopped ova dah wall aswell nd started kickin him in his ribz. da girl stud at da door watchin me blowin kisses. i felt so gay buh she lykd it. “princess” he called out 4m dah floor. he carried on callin

her bu she weren't listenin. she was too busy catchin ma kisses “I'll call ya” i blew ha anoda kiss. i watchd da girl callin me ova wid ha finger lets be real now. obviously I'm not gonna miss out on sum white gud pussy. so i left dem attackin him nd joggd into da house excitedly. she held onto my hand nd led me into her room. “so wah u wanna do?” she rockd side to side. she cudnt keep still. buh i noticd sumtin she neva askd me in dah annoyin voice “oh i c how ya voice as changd now” i laughd. i sat on dah bed and sah her on ma lap “obviously. I'm a gud girl wid daddy bad in da after noon” she pushed me baq on her bed and unbuckled ma belt “haha” i laughd “well lukz lyk u already kno wah u wanna do” i startd thinkin of Latoya. I'm use to cheatin on Latoya buh dahz wen I'm wid ha. buh it felt weird fuckin anoda girl wid out toya bellin arrfff ma fone! “YOOOO!!!! tek tym man slow down” fukin hell da girl was rushin tingz. she was rippin off ma 94 jeans quick tym nd bitin off ma neck “calm down man!” i lent forward nd pulld of ha dress. she repped out ma dik 4rm ma boxaz nd it kilt “shit man” i cried. not actually bu i felt lyk it “shh” she ordered. she covered my mouth “don't say a word” she commanded. she tuk off ha heels and squeezd ma dik inbetween her toes. WHAT TYPE OF FREAKY SHIT SHE DOING. i lukd at ha disgustdLY. it was asif she was starvin!!! fo ma dik “stop toya” i shoutd. i realized wher i was nd hu i was wid “yu” i tried to push ha off buh she wudnt let go. she had one tight grip on ma tingz. if i weren' careful she wud off pulld of ma tingz. so i GENTLY pushd ha away 4rm me and jumpd baq into ma jeanz. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” she screamed. she rippd ha pillow nd i grabbd onto ma tingzz. shit! she

cuda dun dah 2 mine!!!“get baq hea” she ordered i divd dwn da stairs in order to save ma diq nd out of da house. i felt asif we were in a horror movie; she a vampire wantin ma blood, buh instead of blud ma dik! “yo you guys come” i ordered. i jumpd ova da old man. wid no intention of stoppin or to luk baq. i hd 2 save ma dik. i had 2 save dah girlz best EVA toy. dey stopd kickin him nd we all ran “fuk happend?” Brandon askd while runnin next me “shes a fukin freak. shes hungry fo dik!” i informd dem. i turnd around while bucklin ma belt. i saw ha standin at da front door callin me. to come baq, wid her dad limpin nd chockin towards ha “shit” i sweard nd carried on running we slowd dwn nd crankd arff on dis oda wall outside sum rich big house. da house rah lukd sick swear dwn if dah wad my yard i wudn't even mek ppl luk at it. “swear down dah girlz fukd up u kno” i told dem wid ma legz shivering “yo fam. u luk palla” Brandon teased me “shut da fuk up. floppa. i neva fukin flopd or buss to quik lyk wah u did, she was gonna eat ma diik wid BREAD! nd BUTTA” i replied aggressively Brandonz smile droppd. buh alex laughd diz girl walkd past dah i kne. her name was Saysha. ma fren marni fukd ha nd recorded it. nd sent it to every one. swear down i fukd dah ting monday, tuesday, wednesday til xmas eve “uy sket!” i calld ova to ha she hurd me buh neva turned around. she kht nd carried arrn puttinn ha bagz in dis boot car i hopd off da wall nd walkd ova towardz ha “where u goin?” i askd dis older lukin woman stoppd and sighd “jus leave ha alone. yu c saysha wha eva u do u seem to prove me ryt” i watchd dem both nd wuz lost in wah was happenin “well yu

kno wah mom gett ova it” she droppd her bag nd hugged me. i smild at dah woman nd rubbd ma hands all ova her ass “I'm goin 2 london carh ma mom cnt tek care of me” Saysha threw her bag into the boot “argh buh den hu am i gonna get ma everyday sex 4rm?” i askd ha while handin her anoda bag “duhnno. well I'll cum everyday den go baq to london. hea jus to stay in touch” she removd ma fone 4rm ma pocket nd insered her digitz. “cum on now Saysha! go away u desperate boy” the woman shoutd. “hu da fuk r u?” i shoutd afta ha “well I'm Saysha'z mom!” she spat out da wordz. “in a bit” Saysha kissd ma lip nd i grabbd her by her waist “I;ll ring ya” i kissd her on the lipz again. she swung herself in the baq of da car nd wavd at me. i wantd to tell her to get out of dah car buh Alex calld me baq “uy yo cum man leave ha. she gone now!” Alex yelld ova da car engine “skeen...............I'm cumin” i watchd da car drive off nd i felt lik chacin it. i dunno why carh shes not toya. but apart 4rm dah sex ting she was a gud listna aswell “cumin” i startd walkin towardz da wall until diz girl walkd past wid da toddla. she draggd him as he screamd “i want daddy!” i laughd ah da whole situation. i lukd ah her face. she lukd pissd arfff nd stressd. then i lukd ah her again. SHIT! she lukd lyk toya. den i saw toya draggin ma lil one. “babe. you dont drag him by his arms you can pull it out of his socket. hold his hand” i told toya. i blinkd twice den realizd it wernt it werent her she left da boy cryin on dah spot, scremin “i want daddy” “listen hea. i don't kno hu dah fuk ya chattin to buh dis likl shit hea isnt yourz. nd dont call me babe” she replied aggressively “shudup yeh. carh it lukz lyk u dont evn kno hu da fada is, so

i suggest u keep ya fuckin legz closed nd worry abwt findin da dad” she kussd her teet nd stormed off “c ur provin me ryt! u for get ya child!” i shoutd wid laugha “teenaged momz dez dayz” i whisperd nd walkd baq toward den lot while holdin onto my tingz i steppd on the pavement nd fell baq i blinkd twice, den three tymz, den 7. i opend ma eyez nd cudnt recognize where i wuz. diz sexy young lukin woman wid big ass breast lukin lyk Jordanz walkd in wid a tray wid Lemonade nd ice in. i lickd ma lipz nd watchd ha bend ova to hand me da drink i reachd ma hand out 2 grab dem buh diz voice stoppd me “stop” i lukd around her boob nd saw dis elder lukin man “skn who r u?” “plz don't grab dem” he came up behin her nd kissd her on his cheek “hu i she?” i askd while still watchin her boobs “dis is Gem. shes my fiancee. i tuk her out of a sex addiction clinic” “so shes a sex addict? i askd excitedly “she luvz black dik da most nd sex 4 times a day. buh wid me I'm a older man nd cant keep up wid ha” this alarm ting went off nd da man rushd ou fo da room she lukd at me nd winkd “hello” she grawled sexily “war gwarn” i lukd around to c if da man was der nd he weren't. where ever i was, I'd neva been der bfo so I'm guessin is i was dreamin. da man askd me not to fuk her buh its a dream. so obviously Ima fuk her. i reachd for her skirt nd lukd up der. she wuz wearin thongz so it was easier to tek her clothes off. i ripped off her thongz nd pulld her dwn by her waist. she sah down on my lap wid her breast in ma face. she lukd down nd tuk my dik out out of boxerz. she widened open ha

legz nd startd to jump up nd down on ma dik “aww” she screamd sexily.. i tuk off her top d startd to squeeze up ha breast. diz is dah 1st tym i experiencd big breast. i startd kissin around ha nipple nd fingerin her da same tym she jumpd up nd dwn. i heard a couple off foot steps so i pushd her off of ma dik “argh man” she moand. she sat down nd pulld down her skirt the man walkd in nd cud smell sum thin he didn't lyk. we both lukd ah da girl nd it was obvious wah happened. her top was down her belly nd she sat wid her legz sealed ha legz tight together nd kept lukin at me wen his bak was turned “did yuz 2 fuk?” he askd disgustedly. he kept lukin at us both it tuk me a while to answer den i realized its jus a dream nd wah can he do to da both of us? “we fukd. nd u kno wah it was gud. i dunno why im hear buh im guessin dis is a dream., so ima wake up wid a nikey” da old man laughd nd pickd up his fiancees thongz “hea” she snatchd da ripped thong off of him nd ran out of da room “your not in a dream.. u faintd outside wid ya frenz. nd becuz u were outside ma house nd im a doctor i helpd ya. nd yu fuckd ma fiancee” i froze in shock. i honestly thought i was in a dream. i feel so stink buh ah da tym relieved. carh i fuckd a big breast blond “shit soz man. eniwaiiz ima go k. lukz lyk u got shit to sort out” as soon as the chance i got i ran out da house feelin so stink. i reminisced wah happenedd how she luvd ma cock. i lukd baq at da window nd she was der watchin me. she wavd nd winkd at me. obviously once again i startd blowin kisses to her nd she smild. she restd her hand against da window nd tilted her head to the side. i kno say sum one eint gonna sleep toight. she turnd around sharply nd she drew da curtains in panic. i nodded my head nd done da barse ma walk. ma fone startd to bell so i tuk my fone out of ma pocket nd lukd at da caller

id shit!... it was toya “war gwarn sexy” i greeted her nd tappd ma big buddy “we need to talk. mine now” she hung up da fone. “oh boy. two pussy's in one day” i shovd ma fone baq in ma pocket nd walkd down dis dark ally way on ma todz. i heard runnin foot steps asif dey were runnin everyone. by dis tym manz palla you kno so im speedin up, watchin around every where wonderin where d fuk to go next. den next ting i kno i got jumpd 4rm da back of me. “Brandon stop fuckin about” i laughd in a fake tone. Brandon turnd me ova nd i saw it wasnt him. shit! wheres dem lot man. i tried to roll ova so i cud get baq up on ma feet buh da person rolld me baq ova. wdf pussy whole get up mannn. its a one on one fyt nd ur on da floor. WDF!! i rolld again doin sum jet lee shit nd hoppd up baq onto ma two left feet. i startd to swinng fo da nigga buh a arm wrappd round ma kneck nd floord me “wah de fuk?” i cried. swear dwn fukk knoz wah waz happenin buh i wuz getting fukd ova. i lukd around nd da only ting i cud c was da lil clutterin lamp dah was dimbd nd attackd “likkle batty bwoy. i kno who man baby father is. hes dah one dahz kickin yuh in da ribz” uh ha now yu kno hu it is. i fukin feel stink MAN. i thought to myself wdf no kno onez kickin me ina ma ribz den i all of a sudden diz massive blow came str8 to ma ribz nd i wuz wounded “aww” i shockd in shock. i bent forward holdin onto my belly in pain. the mo kickz i got dah mo dey helkpd me too roll ova. eventually, da pain fukd off nd gav me enuff strength to start blowin sum pussy hole bombz. swear down der wuz no point of it i sat up quickly while getting kickd in dah rubz nd lukd up. out of no where dis fukin foot came ryt across my face nd i droppd str8 baq dwn. blood shatterd out of my nose, mouth nd even ma eyes... i think? =/

1. der was no point fytin baq now so i jus lied dwn nd lukd up into da sky, tear rollin down my cheek, knowin eventually id die anyway. i closd ma eyes wid a proud smile nd jumpd wid a kick to da ribz again. i could hea dem breathin hard den it stoppd. i wud of opend ma eyez to see wah a gwarn buh i was in to much pain. i finally opend ma eyez nd saw dem fytin some one else. i got up slowly chockin blud out nd saw Brandon nd Alex fukin em up. if i werent in so much pain i wud off fukin screamd. i smiled wen i was sure it wuz dem so now i had nothin to worry abwt. Raheem pulld me up to ma feet nd allowd me to hop nd lean on him for balance. “fuckin hell am i glad to c yo niggaz” i laughd in pain “obviously nigga yu kno yu need us” Brandon laughd nd help me hop “we wnt to call Raheem init carh he knoz shit bwt medical stuff den wen we came baq yu were gone. so we jus walkd around lukin fo ya” shit man. i felt lyk a bitch. i felt all touchd in da inside nd i cdnt help it buh to cry “safe. yoz lot ma niggaz man i luv ya” now i fukin felt lyk a bitch i was tellin next manz i luv dem. fukin batty man! Dah nxt day: i lockd onto msn chattin wid bare gash. obviously i wuz mekin dem feel gud wid ma massive charma. “so yu gonna cum link me carh i got a free yard?” she askd soundin excited “yh yh if u want buh dont bawl wen ma buddy stretches out ya hole” i smirked nd carried on chattin wid gash on msn. a notification poppd up nd it told me toya was online “obviously. well cum well c init” she giggld nd hangd up dah fone “skn skn” i replied wid ma mouth still wide open. i was hypnotized by da notification. i havnt even spoken to toya since she told me nd i was ment to link her yesterday. fuk am

i gonna say to ha? i askd myself. i was so hypnotized i didnt even noticd tonia replid nd hung up da fone. along wid 3 more msgz toyaz message poppd up i lockd onto herz quickly nd read her msg (thought u was ment to link me yesterday) she said i replied quick tym sayin... (tingz came up init. howz everything. wid everythin i mean da baby) i correctd myself makin it obvious wah i ment toya was tekin long to reply baq so i lockd onto da flashin orange chatz. most of dem askd wah i waz unda nd da oda one wuz 4rm tonia. -ma yardz ready now. mek ya way ova. dont keep me w8ni lickd ma lipz nd rubbd ma handz togetha. i lukd at ma key pad nd typed .... ~yeah yeah. ill cum str8 away dont want ma girl w8n xxx~ i lockd off ma pc completely forgettin bwt toya nd da oda girlz. not lyk dem girlz matta only toya. man lyk me needz sum pussy nd i cudnt leave her w8n so i startd to jog quikly to her yrd init. i stretch ma hand jus abwt to knock onder door, until it swung open nd she draggd me “sexy” she giggld nd pushd me against da wall, pullin ma top of nd kissin me da same tym fukin hell man. da way she was talkin on da fone on msn was lyk; well watch a dvd nd get sutton to eat nd c wah appendz 4rm de. GOSH MAN!! she wz fukin horny man! i untide her lase on da baq of dis sexy leather cat dress short ting. i startd to walk up da stairs to her bed room buh she werent havin it. she wantd da buddy ryt now. so she draggd me into da livin room nd lied on da seaty. fukin hell man girlz dez days i smirkd in shock nd jumpd out of ma G star Raw boxers. i wuz jus abwt to mek ma buddy climb up ha lock buh she pulld me dwn onto my kneez “suk it!” she ordered. i cud c how serious she waz nd i didnt kno wah da fuk to do. da only girl i lick out is toya fuk any one else “plz” she beggd wid dis

massive grin on ha face i shruggd nd thought of sum thin. i tuk of ma glovez nd startd to finger her. i cud tell she luvd it cuz her toez kept twinklin nd she helpd me. my fone startd to bell nd i stoppd fingerin her “CARRY ON!” she grawld “nah nah” i whippd ma finger nd whole hnd on da seaty nd answerd ma fone “so yu decide to run away 4rm da situation again?” toyaz voice pinchd ma heart. it wuz dah tone i nearly died of. she sed it so disappointedly “nah nah. sutton came up” i confessed “sutton mo important den tlkin bwt our future?” i lukd up nd saw her playin wid herself “yeah” i laughd nd lickd ma lipz “WAH?” toya shoutd dwn ma ear “oh yeah soz. nah nah its not dat important” i lied nd carried on watchin tonia. “gud!” she pausd “well cum link me we need to talk” she hung up da fone i puttd away ma fone nd walkd towards da door “come hea” she calld me ova wid da finger she wuz fingerin haself wid “i gotta go sum where” i told her “go after” she sat up nd reachd fo sutton unda da seaty “if yu dont get baq hea ima do worser den wah eva happenin 2 yu yesterday” she pulld out dis massive butcher knife SHIT MAN! y is it i alwayz get da crazy girlz????????????????????????? “kk man FUK!” i wlkd baq ova slowly nd handled dah tinkin warn out pussy. da clock wuz reachin 10 O'clock nd i jus left toniaz house. weada toniaz mom dont care bwt ha or dont even live der. carh i wuz w8n for her parentz to catch us, to idles save me but dey neva came. i lukd at ma fone nd had 13 missd callz off of toya. nd 2 voice mailz nd dey didnt sound to gud. she mussa b pissd

i knockd on da door nd she tukk a while to answer da door. “you finally came!” she laughd sarcastically nd closed da door behind me “well idles im hea. wah u wanna talk abwt?” i lukd aht ha nd she werent even lukin fukd she was worser den a crack addict. her hair wuz every where, eyez brighta den lava, nd her hair im not even gonna describe dah “yu kno wah da fuk i wanna talk abwt. wah hav u gotta say fo yaself?” she askd me asif i was a child. im fukin 19 yearz old older den her wdf “well 1st of all yu luk fukd asif ur a crack addict. nd wheres ya mom?” “i told her to go sum where so we can talk” she informed me “oh so yu told ya mom?” i replied impressd i walkd up dah stairs into toaz room wid toya followin me “NO! i neva told ha” toya spat out each word. shit how dis whole situation has changed her “i wuz to busy tryna get in touch wid u i left a voice-mail nd she heard” “oh wah did she say?” i askd her while movin bare pregnancy magazines around dah bed just so i cud sit down “it dont mastter wah she sed, did, didnt say nd didnt do. i wanna talk abwt us nd dis baby” i rolld ma eyez lyk sum gyal nd sighd “i dont care wah u wanna do really” i told her in a given up tone “yur luki. yu can sit der nd not worri. yu dont hav to carry a baby for 9 months nd get fat nd stressd. ive been so stressd i had 2 drop out of college. all u dun waz fuk meh nd dahz it. yu dont want nuthin to do wid dis child!” she shoutd in ma face Toya's side to da story: luk him. da sexy fukin dumb broke ass nigga. he sittin der lukin all fine n thin not knowin all dah shit i been in, nd goin through “yhyh. buh u didnt hav to drop out of college doe” she said. OMG!! dis nigga dont know nutton. he dont kno shit carh hes

to busy fukin mo den studyin “yu kno wah?” i laughd “wah do u wanna do?” i paused “becuz im keepin da baby” i confessed. Jordan paused wid his mouth wide open in shock. i shockd him nd i shock myself also. “yur keepin it?” she askd “yeah” i nodded “i dont carh wah u think or want dis is wah i want” i nodded proudly he wuz in so much shock he just froze wid his mouth open. “so how u gonna raise it?” he askd OMDz dis nigga is da dumbest ive eva met “well im gonna get a job nd raise dis child as a single parent. ma momz gonna play dah part as da childs dad” baq to me: fukin hell man!! ma lyfs fukd. got caught fukin ma girl, findz out shes pregnant, fuk a girl find out shes mad, faints, get rushd, fukz anoda girl shes kind of a freak, den i find out ma ex girlz gonna keep da baby! wdf do i do next “yu dont need ya mom playin ma part we can raise it togeda” i told her “NO! im not gonna be doin wah ma mom did. raise me as a single parent, hav arguments wid ma dad den deyd fyt for me. den on da week endz id hav to go stay wid ma dad. nd wen it was tym fo me to go i didnt wanna go wid none of dem. becuz deyd fyt so much id jus cry dah was all i cud do” toya confessd n broke down in tears i hoppd off dah bed nd cuddled her “if u want we cud get baq togeda” i offered “no. becuz u sed if u want. dah meanz ur jus offerin u dont want it to happen really” she startd to whipe her face “no i do wanna get baq togeda. buh itl kinda b difficult. becuz i still cheat, we'd b arguin den imagine wen da babyz born imagine us den” “yeah u ryt we myt aswell stay as frenz” “buh i dont wanna” i lukd into her eyez nd she lukd at me

baq. she startd to move forwad nd so did i. i kissd her on her lipz nd she kissd me baq she startd to pull of ma top. but lessa of dah. i need to rest man. nd plus shes pregnant. you can fuk a pregnant girl. “yu need a break nd time to think” i startd “so go get ready ill tek ya cinema” “luk how l8 it is” she replied “it dont matter cum” i pushd her into da shower carh i cant be seen wid ma gyal dah dont even luk gud i walkd ova to her dresser nd startd to luk fo sum sexy clothes buh i came cross an envelope dah had ma name at da front. i turnd it around nd it werent ceilin yet so i read it. i cnt b botherd to tell ya wah da whole letta sed so ill tell ya sum of it  it sed hjow much she luvz me  den it sayz she cant cope  how she wantz to get baq together  nd dah she wants tog ett rid of the baby nd to get baq to normal wdf! i thought she wantz to keep it. the door handle moved nd i cud hea her cumin out da shower, so i quicky puh da letta ina da envelope nd hid it under neath her old alicia keyz poster dah i gave her backa day. “wah u doin in der?” she ran ova to me nd closed da wall drove “i wuz lukin fo sum clothes fo ya” i was gonna confront ha buh derz no point now “well DONT!” she shiverd in panic “did yu c anythin in der?” she askd “nah” i lied “wuz i ment to c any thin?” i askd nd made ma eye browz jump Dah rest of da day wuz goin on sik. we cuddld through out dah whole film grinnin, smilin nd kissin. den i hadf to do it. ruin da last minutes of dah day on da way home. i had to

mek sure. jus to mek sure she wuz mekin da right decision. i askd her abwt every thin den we startd to disgust every thin. in da end we finally came up wid a decision. we decided to raise da baby as a couple. nd no matte wah were together for eva even if da luvz disintergrates we still luv each other. nd den she told me shes goin for a check up tomorrow nd wantd me to cum wid her. obviously i told her ill cum plus i eint got no planz for 2moz any way. “thnx babe. i missd yu so much. luv ya” she kissd me on ma lips den walkd into her house “its okai baby. i luv ya to” i kissd her baq nd saw her mom peek her ead through da livin room door to see wah was goin on. i watchd her until i kne she was safe inside dah house. dah next day linkin toya???? obviously as usual i sat crankd onto msn chattin wid gash until my phone startd to ring “yo!” i greetd da unknown number this deep voice whispered “now ah Brixton park bring dah ting!” i sighed nd nodded my head. fukin hell man. i whistld fo king nd he came trottin in. he barkd “go get me da ting” he turnd around nd brought in da ting “dahz wazz'up” i through him around roughly carh datz dah way he lykz to play “oh shit i for got to feed ya” “JORDAN! COME FEED YA DOG!” mom barked from da living room “im cumin man. gosh fuk knoz y ya shoutin for i can hea ya” i replied nd walkd down da stairs. i saw mom standin at da bottom of da stairs sharkin me. i quikly pushd da itng deep down in my tracky bottomz nd stud at da second last stop. dah way she wuz lukin at me i cud tell wah wuz gonna appen next. “hu r u talkin to lyk dah?” she askd scrinchin her eyez tyt ah me “no 1” i kussd ma teet

“a whu”she snortd “go past den” dah wuz da ting i didnt want to.. carh she wont move until i go past her. nd wen i finally do shell slap me!! “move den init” i told her “go past. me nah fat!” she screamd. “i kno ur not” after 2 minutes of arguin i squeezd past her. she tappd her hand across ma fast as i rushd past “what da fuk!” i screwd. c i told ya shell hit me. mom startd kussin in her african language. yes im half african. half african nd half white. yes ma momz a sinner she meva married a african man buh a white ma. so im caramel a lil darker den mix raise. i fed king nd it tuk me 5 minutez to get ready. carh manz gotta luk gud for gash init. i crankd in dah park on da swing watchin dis dad nd his son playin foot ball “kick da ball” he kept tellin da his son. yu shud of saw dah way how da lil boy lukd ah his dad. he lukd ah him wid luv, trust every thing. i smild so much carh i imagined me wen my likl youtz born. “lukin forward to havin a likl yout?” dis man askd den i lukd at him it was stormy nd funder da two biggest hit men in da whole of london. “yhyh” i nodded. i wonderd how da fuk dey kno about ma likl yout on da way “so yu got da ting?” stormy askd while removin dis massive suit case 4rm behind his baq “yh” i nodded nd tuk da ting 4rm da bottom of ma bag “how much yu want?” stormy askd “give him £300 nd da gun” thunda laughd “safe yea” i handed him ova da weed nd tuk da suit case “in a bit” “FREEZE!” dis skinny lukin police man shoutd 4rm da da side of da park “argh shit” i lukd ah dem lot walkin into da baq of da blackd

out bmw “use dah money fo ya yout yea” stormy told me while slammin da door. i lukd ah da police man den lukd ah da car.. yo dey dippd off tym again i hoppd ova da fence nd dippd past dah basketball court where dem lot were playin football. i ran around dis dark ally way. fuk knoz how its dark wen dah sunz fukin shinning!! i dashd da suit case ova da fence nd tried to hop it. fukin hell man dis shit is hard. after 3 more trys i droppd onto da oda side of fence. i jumpd up off of da floor nd lukd around. YO DON!! i saw a fukin massive swimmin pool, a jacuzzi, nd 3 fukin sexi girlz. oh boi wah can get betta den dis?? dey all lukd up ah me 4rm da swimmin pool nd smiled. “hey ladies” dey startd to smile ah each other “how did yu get in?” dis white girl yelld “by da fence” i raisd mah eye browz. i noticd dey were all braless “hmm” dah oda white girl shruggd even doe dah two whiite girlz were lukin sexi wid der massive boobz i wuz watchin da mix raise one. she wuz lukin nyc styl. she ad her her in a pony tail nd wuz wearin sum crystal earrinz. she startd to call me ova wid her finger. obviously i got a chance of fukin three horny chickz wah u think ima do? i wlkd ova popsin “no” dah mix raise thing stoppd me. she climbd out of dah swimmin pool wid ha boobz jumpin up nd dwn as da water slid off of dem. she held ma hand nd walkd me ova to da jacuzzi. “so wahz ya name ladies?” i askd while dah mix raise thin tuk off ma top “im jade, thats charlotte nd kursty” dah oda two girlz wavd ah me “cum” she climbd into dah jacuzzi nd pulld me in by dis tym we were both fukin nakd nd she kne wah she wantd. she wlkd ova to me wid ha breast jumpin cuz of da

bubblez. “shh” she placd her finger on ma lips nd sah on ma dik. she startd to jump up on dwn on ma buddy. yooooo donnnn. dis chick wuz fukin a expert. she led me on. it wuz asif shed dun dis bare tyms bfo. i heard da police run past nd i didnt even care if dey caught me. buh dey jus ran str8 past. “wah bowt da oda two” i lukd past jades hair nd saw dem two lickin each oda out. “yoooo” i laughd nd lickd ma lipz jade carried on jumpin up nd dwn on ma thinz nd she startd to mek dem sexi noises dwn ma eyes, which made ma thinz go even harda. she lent baq nd grippd onto ma legs. “uhhh” she carried on wid dem sexi noises. i startd to massage her breast nd kiss around dem “shit yu muss b an export man” she laughd nd carried on jumpin “haha obviously. yu gotta b a barse lyk me” afta a while jade got tired so i fukd dah oda two ah da same tym, den i rememberd dah whole reason i came ay way. i hoppd ova da fence nd startd to run wid nutton in ma hand “argh shit” i ran baq nd hoppd ova da fence. jade lukd up 4rm eatin out charlotte “round 3 ey?” jade askd nd lukd er lipz “nnah nah” i pickd up da suit case nd hoppd ova da oda fence. “in a bit” i hoppd ova da fence buh really i wantd to stay nd watch. eniwaiiz i landed into sum2 elses back garden buh dis 1 werent posh nd rich lyk da 1 next door. it had lyk grass bags dashd in da corner, da bottom window was smashd nd der wuz a trolly full of rubbish nd cut dwn trees dashd every where with used out condoms dashd ova it. the door opend nd i saw.... “SHIT!” i mutterd to myself. i searchd dah whole baq garden wid ma eyes searchin fo any close exitz. den i saw one... dah g8 nd da house door. DERS NO WAY ON DIS EARTH IM GOIN THROUGH DA HOUSE DOOR, SHELL LOCK ME IN ND RAPE ME!!!... but shes standin ryt in betwn both of dem.

3 minutes ad wnt on wid both of us jus starrin ah each oda, buh i noticd she ad gotten closa. i held ma holy cross in dah middle of ma palm nd kissd “lord plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help” i beggd. i kissd ma ma cross den through da suitcase into jadez garden, then it happend... she startd to run towards me in full spd “shit” i screamd lyk a girl nd hoppd baq ova jades fence “fck off!”i shoutd nd landed flat on ma ass. i lukd up to nd startd to watch da fance hard. so hard i cud c d insects blendin in wid dah fence nd dey were small. then i saw wah i wuz dreddin to c. her fingaz grabbd hold onto dah top off da fence, den i saw da top off ha hair. yoooo don dah wuz enuff fo me to c i helpd myself to ma feet nd grabbd hold of ma suit case nd startd to run to dah oda syd of jades garden. “baq fo round 2 ey?” jade laughd as she opend da window dey mussa been watchin becuz dey were ah da window as soon as i landed in da oda garden “next tym babe. i'll b baq fo round 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 nd mani mani mo” i smild nd startd to run dah same way, baq to da start. i startd to climb the fence wid a smile. all i had to do wuz lif ma oda leg ova nd i wud of made iht, buh she reachd ouh fo ma bottomz nd tried to pull me dwn, buh i hangd 4rm dah fence nd kickd ha. obviously not hard hard buh enuff to gimmi enuff tym to escape. i nearly slippd buh yu gotta b a barse lyk me save ya lyf nd tingz. i hoppd ova dah fence nd str8nd dwn ma top. buh den i lukd around fo ma suit case. shit!! i leftd it. fuk knoz wah i shud of dun, so i ran arwnd to the garden gate nd hoppd fo it to b open. i pushd it forward nd it flew opn. “it wuz open all along” jade shoutd. i smackd ma head nd nodded ah da same tym i sighd in laugha den ran ova to da suit case. i blew a kiss to jade nd dem lot “i'll be baq fo round 10. buh dont w8 out fo me” i startd to blow kissed to jade nd she caught dem by dis tym i wuz ouh of breath buh ive gotta save ma dik.

i ran into old people, jumpd ova lil kids. i kept lukiin baq ah the girl not payin attention to da front of me. i ran str8 unto dis police officer “get da fuk off of me!” i pushd him away 4rm me nd carried on runnin. i startd to toe even fasta, buh im so dumb i lukd dwn nd watchd ma two left feet. carh im not doin wah u c dem stupid ppl doin in movies etc carh dey alwayz seem to drop, or da blaq one dies first. yu need to watch dog house. dah bLAq man lyvz!!! wiid me bein a dick ead i lwd dem all da way dwn to ma endz/ well ma grove. i kept lukin baq nd da situation wuz funni i wuz runnin 4rm two police officers nd dah girl! while i ran i searchd ma pockets for ma house keyz. i ran past 4 police cars buh dey were a couple houses dwn so i didnt av nutton to worry abwt. “SHIT” i cudnt find my keys. i lukd baq nd saw dey were far behind buh im not riskin shit. i searchd ma oda bottom pocket nd found dem “thank yu god” i praisd him. i slammd dah door nd gaspd fo air “wah a day” i sah dwn da front of da door, laughin ah da whole situation i nodded ma head while gaspin fo breath. dis wuz so funni carh i wu breathin asif i ad azma nd thank god i stayd in skwl focusin on, ma sports carh if it werent fa dah i wud of been suckd the house wuz to quiet so i assumd nno one wuz hea. so i checkd ma suit case jush to c if ma shit wuz in der. i carried on desperately gaspin fo breath den i heard a bit of movin “shit” i chockd nd movd away 4rm dah door “Jordan zumba?” mom calld in her fed up african accent i cudnt reply carh i wuz still trying to control ma breathin “get in hea” she commanded i pulld maself up 4rm dah heata nd slowly popsd towards dah living room. becarh i saw sum bright colours, i squeezd ma suit case in between da bars on da stairs “yeah?” i cleard ma throat nd nodded ma ead aht da police

man “hello. I'm pc bonkerz we'be been given de permission to search dwn ya whole house” “fo wah?” i askd rudely carh i thought he wuz on abwt wah happened today “lukily for yu we havent cum across any evidence hidden in ur house, buh were arrestin yu for suspicion” pc bonkerz stud up nd removd dah cuffs 4rm his belt “wah da fuk. wah do yu mean suspicion?” i askd while baqin away into anoda police manz big ass beer belly “for a burglary” the oda police man told me while pullin ma hands ah dah baq of me “wah dah fuk?” i screamd “JORDAN!” mom chased after us screamin. den she startd kussin baq words yu dnt wanna kno dem 3 months l8a. asif lyf cudnt geh worser: i lockd onto msn nd signd str8 into facebuk. swear dwn i eint been on facebuk in tym. i lockd onto my friend requestz. SHIT 72 fren requests. haha obviously i had 91% were gash wantin to add me nd da rest were bwoy den wantin to add man. BATTY BWOYZ!!! y dah fuq wud yu wanna add man on especially if yu dnt kno man. i scrolld dwn dah page acceptin all dah sexy bum thingz, declinin dah buttttttttttttttzzzzzzzzzzzz nd obviously da bwoy dem. den i came across macrus. shit i met dis nigga at one nxt party. hes rah big in dah game blood!! nd a gyalis too. buh im dah only gyalis nd dah biggest!! ALIE??! i clickd onto his profile nd hes pick wuz lukin fuqd!!! iht wuz so bad i wuz gonna check his picz buh dahz ah gyalis ting. i startd to sen him one long ass fukin msg. i wuz jus abwt to sen dah msg, until dis msg poppd up. dis is dah 1st bwoy dem dah ive eva chattd to nd dah last eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

marcus: yu cool doe? wah ya sayin? me: fuq all init. crankd dwn dah endz init marcus: skn skn skn. cum dwn my endz (hol uppp! dis soundz fukin gay mannnn. mannn invitin mannnn ova to manzz house me: yhyh drop me da address init!! (he droppd dwn his address den str8 away i exitd his chat!!! styl cnt av man on ma chat) i lockd onnto ma inbox. 322 msgz. once again 98% gyal dem nd dah oda likl bit wuz 4rm marcus. i opend up marcus msg nd iht sed dah said exactly dah sme thin i wuz jush abwt to send him. ihtz a gud thin i neva sent him!!!! it tuk me tym to find marcus's yard. ith wuz dah oddest house der. my manz house iz fukin BIG MAN!! dah amount of tymz i walkd past dah house carh i neva thought he cud afford iht. “yoo” marcus calld ouh 4rm dis window we crankd in my maz yard fo tym, smashin weed nd talkin. he told me shit dah wuz happenin in his lyf. he told me bwt all dah shit dah wuz appenin in his lyf. hhaha its funni. hes goh m den 2 girlz init. he told me bwt shanice, how she luvz him off buh he only uses ha fo da pussy, den he tol me bwt two sistaz calld lauren nd ruby. he tol me how she tuk her virginity nd den she fukd wid his bredrin denzel dah i met aht dah party too. den he told me bwt rubyz sista lauren. he tol me how she pretended to b pregnant “haha ur lyfz nutton too me” i told him bwt dah shit dah happened to me. bwt all da mad girlz i fukd, ma girl bein pregnant, bein caught fukin ma girl, nd runnin 4rm dah police nd dah girl, nd getting arrestd “haha. piss tekin. famm all im sayin is watch dah girlz yu fuk!” he creasd while searchin his pockets

“trussss” i watchd him start to panic “fuk yu lukin fo?” i askd him “shiiii i cnt evn find iht!” he screwd “find wah. calm da fuk dwn” i replid nd watchd him searchin his bed “i cnt find ma pack of rizzlas” he told me “shittttt yu betta find dah” i told him “NICKI!” marcus shoutd the door opend nd dis sexi brownin stood ah dah door “wow” i mouthd nd bit my lips. i startd to watch her shape, den his eyez, nd lips “yeah?” she askd. fukin hell ha voice is sexi too “did yu pik up ma rizzla?” h askd her while recheckin his baq pocketz again “nah yu add iht” she tld him nd lukd aht me. shit i didnt evn move ma eyez away 4rm her. she lukd lyk toya so badly but her lipz were a lil fatter nd ha ass wuz mo swollen “swear dwn i cnt evn find iht” marcus startd to panic “shit im gone shop” he hoppd up nd ran ova to his dressa to tek up sum money “gimmi a pound” marus orderd her “i eint got money man. i gav ya money yesterda nd dah day bfo aswell” she tol him “fuk” he punchd dah wall “im gone” bfo i cud evn offer to cum my man wuz already dwn stairs slippin into his crepz haha marcus wnt nd left me wid nikki. she wlkd around dah room lukin unda shit. eventually she gav up nd opend marcus'z curtains “yu cool nikki?” i askd her wid a wink “yhyh im cool yu?” she replied “yu marcus' gyal?” i askd her desperate to kno. she turnd arwnd sharply nd tuttd “wdf? no im not. illl neva b. wah type of shit yu askin. im his cousin” she in formed me “skn” a few mo minutez wnt on nd i got her to sit dwn nxt to me on marcusz bed. he startd to kiss arwnd her neck nd rubbin up

her breast “im marcusz cousin yu kno” she reminded me “i kno” i slid ma hand dwn her belly den into her knickerz. she shiverd den pushd ma handz furtha dwn up ha hole i pickd ha up by her waist nd lied her dwn on dah bed. “yu cnt handle me” she whisperd in ma ear nd pulld off ma top i rippd off ha top den startd to kiss arwnd her belly button. wid in secondz ma buddy wuz up ina her nd she wuz scratchin up ma baq wid haaaa fake nailz. da door opend nd marcus droppd his fone “WTF!!!!????!!!!?” he exclaimd nd ran str8 ova to me. i draggd me up nd dashd me “fuk nigga” i screamd nd got up off da floor. i wuz jush abwt to jump on him buh ma tingz were stickin out. so i hid ma big buddy den jumpd on him. i felt asif i wuz on a bull. yu kno dah ride wen u gotta stay on. well i had to grip onto his shouldaz carh he wuz swingin nd swingin he swung me off nd pickd me up. “marcus” nicki screamd nd climbd into her knickers i winkd aht her nd earnd myself a punch in ma face. i got up nd swung fo him, i grabbd onto hiz shoulda nd swung hym arwnd hiz room. “MARCUS!” nikki screamd nd tried to break it up. i pushd him into dah wall nd he swung fo me buh instead he punchd nikki in her face we both let go off each oda nd ran str8 ova to her “dnt touch ha” marcus grawld nd pushd me away 4rm ha “fuq off i wuz touchin ha bfo yu came in” i pushd him baq. we were actin lyk pussyz “fuqq off. yu shudnt b touchin any1 ya girl yu shud b wid ha nd dah BABY!” marcus shoutd nd huggd nikki “thing iz i got a gyal nd she eint pretendin to b pregnant!” i shoutd baq nd climbd intoo mah crepz “move away 4rm meh” nikki pushd marcus away 4rm ha nd followd me dwn dah stairz. “im goin baq to birmz nd im neva cumin baq hea again!”

i tld dem manz dem wah happened yesterday between me nd marcus, nd dey tld me dey got beef wid marcus nd dem too “swear dwn” wuz all i kept sayin carh all i wuz thinkin bwt wuz toya nd dah baby. mah fone startd to bell so i stud up 4rm dah swing “dah toya?” kyle askd “yhyh” “were goin shoppin fo dah bby yu cumin?” toya offerd “wah tym u goin?” i askd “w;ere goin half 2, s yu dnt hav to leave ya frenz yet” she tld meh. yu c dahz y i luvh toya. she knoz meh to well “wahz dah tym now?” i askd Alex while he finishd getting one gyrlz numb “12 pass 2” Aled tld meh nd sah orn dah swing i wuz sttin on “batty boy” i mimmed “yea i myt aswell cum now den” “k” she replied excitedly nd hangd up dah fone. derz me thinkin shell gimmi lyk a nxt half an hour carh i had ma eyez on dis thing i dah courtz. “im gone yea. goin bby shoppin” i laughd nd walkd off “bring me baq a bby girl” Brandon teasd me “haha. yea buh not mine” i startd to wlk off
“hiya bby” toya wrappd her armz rwnd meh den pushd me away “wah append yo ya face?” she askd nd startd to examine iht “we eint had dah baby yet” i replied. i cudnt b botherd to tell any one else so i changd da conversation “im practisin” she tld meh in a diff tone “now wah append?” she repeatd her self “i dnt wanna talk abwt iht” i nodded nd wlkd into dah livinrum “leh me guess. yu fukd a girl nd got caught?” she guessd der wuz no need fo meh to beh in shock carh dahz y shes ma girl. shez ma oda half “yu kno me too well” i pulld her dwn by ha waist nd sah her on ma lap “obviously im ya girl” she replied baq wid da biggest smile ive seen her do since shes been pregnant “no.” i pausd. she lukd ah me sharply in shock wid ha mouth wide open “your ma oda half” “ow” sh roard nd facd dahh tv

“guess wah hlf yu r?” i tld her in diz sexi voice “wah half?” she laughd “yur ma bottom half” i bit her eye “yu can ride iht nw if yu wnt” “no” toya giggld “so we goin shoppin den. or yu made up a lie fo me to cum c ya?” i guessd “dah second one.c yu kno me to well” she turnd arwnd nd pushd meh baq on dah baq onto dah shoulda “nowh yur tlkin. yu shud of jush calld me nd said yu wantd dah pleasure king” i startd to kiss dwn her until i felt a lil lump “none of that shes pregnant” natalie toyaz mom wlkd into nd draggd up me from on top of her “hi natz” i greetd ha nd fixd mah star in dah hood hoody which i dnt really lyk “yesh yu r goin twn hea. go buy sum bby stuff. buh dah thing im worryin abwt iz if ull b able to keep a handz away 4rm each oda” me nd toya lukd ah each oda nd we kept winkin nd grinnin out bare teet “i guess noh. i wntd to give yu Independence letoya brown, buh sumthin tellz meh nt to leave yu too alone” mom moand “so wah yu gonna do?” toya askd wid ouh movin her eyez 4rm meh mom pausd “well im cumin wid ya” we wlkd arwnd twn fo lyk 45 minutez nd every baby shop we wllkd pst we ad to go in!!! soundz gay. if iht wuz uph to meh i wud of jush wnt home. every tym toya saw sum cute bby clothez shed rest dah baby clothes against ha breast. fukin hell man nd gotta hav ha jus dah way her hair lukd juss setz me off. we eint fukd in lyk 3 monthz nd i need ha mo den a drug addict dah need drugz! “aww luk ah dis” toya ran ova towards meh nd showd meh dis likkl cute adidas tracky nd sum likkl adidas shoes “fukin hell der small” dey actually were small. dey were shorta den ma likkle finga “can a bbyz hand really beh dah small?” i askd natz as she wuz buyin dis bear blue clothe sutton nd sum blue small shoes “yes dey can beh” she nodded nd placd dah clothes in dah bag “oh do yu sell parentin nd advice books?” natz askd as soon as she askd dah question knowin ha shell tek lng. so i rushd ova to toya nd braisd her up against dah shop wall “yur momz gone fo a bit. i jus gotta touch ya” i kissd ha tongue nd all “jordan” she whisperd. den she smild, den she kissd me baq. we carried on kissin passionately den natalie came uph behind us she slappd me in ma fresh trimmd ead “shit” i moand

“i kne yu cudnt keep ya hands off of each oda. if i wudnt off stoppd ya yu wud off made anoda baby. ina baby shop” my phone startd to ring nd natalie carried on “yur both to horny” “hello”i grawld dwn dah fone not expectin dah voice i heard “who r yu shoutin at lyk dah?” mom shoutd dwn dah fone “oh soz” i replied quikly “where iz yur brown ass? yur family iz aht dah house w8n fo yu” she told me “oh shit” i whisperd “hu iz iht?” natalie askd “my mom” i in formd dem nd startd to wlk towards dah door “no way. toya'z cumin wid ya” natalie told me “no she cnt cum. im goin to ma momz” i grawld “so wah. ur mom needz to kno abwt toya nd dah bby” she grabbd onto toyyz arm nd followd me “she cnt cum” dahz dah only ting i h8 bwt natalie. she dnt listen. wah eva she sayz guz nd dah consequencez eint got shit to do wid her okay wah dah fuk wuz i meant to do. i cud disappoint ma african family, or loose dah family mah buddy made. fuk dah i eint riskin none. i tuk agez to open dah door, i pretended to loose ma key buh natalie werent fallin fo shit. i wlkd in slowly nd tearz startd to role dwn ma eyez, wid ma bottom lip tremblin to mah heart beat ~pronounce how it is written~ “JARHDAAN ZUUMBA! cum in ea w-ryt now” momz voice wuznt soundin so gud. i lukd baq aht toya nd she wuz bendin dwn/ crotchin “toya” i calld ouh. she ignord me nd sah dwn on dah floor “toya” i calld fo her again nd she lukd up to me, i saw tearz fallin dwn haa cheekz. i ran ova to ha nd sah ha dwn on dah stairz. mom came marchin ouh of dah livin room in her slippaz. i didnt care abwt mom i wwantd to kno wah da fuk wuz wrong wid toya. i sah dwn nxt to ha den i noticd she wuz holdin onto ha bellly nd cryin. “ihtz jus da bby movin” natalie tld meh. nd i eint listenin to dah. iht cnt b dah carh she wuz screamin in pain. nd she cnt b in labor shez only 4 monthz pregnant “ihtz not dah!” i shoutd “jordan” mom shoutd “who r dez ppl?” i lukd away 4rm her nd cudt believe wah i wuz cin. she movd her hand 4rm ha belly nd bre blood ran every where i pulld up her top, because i thought she got stabbd or sumthin buh she wuz bleedin ouh of her pussy. nd she wuz holdin onto her belly

“CALL AN AMBULENCE!” if iht wuz sum one else i wud ooff sed idles dah savd meh 4rm mah mpm 4rm knoin buh i wuz screamin. tell everyone to stp wtchin nd to call 999. we w8d fo da ambulance to cum. in da mean tym mom wuz lickin ma rarse dwn wid ha Jamaican slippaz. aht dah hospital dey tld us nutton wuz wrong wid ha! buh obviously i neva tuk dah as a answer so i kickd uph a fuss nd goh kickd ouh of dah hospital 5 mo monthz l8a: we all rushd arwnd alexz yard getting ready. ouh of all of us, i wuz dah only one dah werent ready “yo fam... FUCKIN HURRY UP!” kyle shoutd “yhyh man” i replied nd carried on slicin ma eye browz iht tuk meh dah longest to geh ready carh toya kept ringin meh cryin dwn ma ear. der wuz really no point fo ha fone callz, carh all she sed wuz how shez fat, she missez meh, she wntz meh der, becuz shes 9 monthz pregnant nd her due datez in two dayz tymz obviously i shud b der wid ha buh a niggaz gohta av fun nd party man. i crankd in da baq of tjz car chahhin ova dah funky house to toya “buh baby i need yu” she burstd ouh crying. den i heard sum things bein dashd nd sum screamin “babe” i screamd “wah yu doin?” i askd her buh she wuz to busy doin wah she wuz doin “calm dwn” “geh HOME NOW!” she exclaimd nd hangd up dah fone “pull ova hea” i tld tj “nah man y?” tj askd rudely while followin alexz car “carh ma girl wntz me aht home” i tld tj “yu gnna bang doe?” kyle askd nd nodded his ead to bang doe “nah nah. she cud giv birth any minute” “whenz ha due d8?” tj askd meh. haha im so dumb. carh i neva kne dey were startin a conversation so i cud stop thinkin off toya “shes due in two dayz tym da 5th of august” i informd dem proudly “skn skn” oh boi we wlkd past dah massive lyn dah had alh dah inpatient people waitin fo da security guardz to check der id one by one. buh barsez lyk us we noddd to dem nd dey leh us in “safe” i safd each one of den wid ma eyez on dis face dah lukd so familiar face dah swear dwn i saw bfo fukin hell i been to fuckiinnn BBBBBAAAAAAARRRRRRRREEEEEEEEE of rave styl buh iv neva been to one wid so mni gyal. everywhere yu lukd der wuz gyal nd der wuz hardly any manz dem. so if da dj sayz we

need sum mo men in ha carh derz to many man, hez a batty MAN! swear dwn der wuz so mani gyal iht wuz heaven. if heavenz lyk diz i wanna die now! 2 hourz wnt arn nd i hadnt evn loosend up yet. toya wuuz styl on ma mind nd she wuz styl on ringin off ma fone. “fukin hell fam. tek off dah bel nd go nd fuk one thing” Brandon pushd me into one white girl lukin lyk a model. i tried to turn baq arwnd nd wlk baq ova to dem lot buh Brandon pushd me baq ova towardz her “hi” she greetd me “cool cool. yu lukin lyk one model” i tld ha. once i sed dah iht wuz lyk da rea Jordan climbd into ma tingz nd baq into me “thankz. yur lukin lyk a dad” she replied SHIT! i froze. wdf. wher she goin wid a dad? hw da fuk duz she kno? “wah ya say?” i askd ha in shock “i sed yu luk lyk a dad” she repeatd haself nd startd to wlk off i grabbd her “hw do yu kno?” i askd ha wid ma hand tightly grippd onto her arm. ah dah mo it lukd lyk she wuz ma gyal nd im a controlin man buh i wntd to kno how she knoz “ihtz word on daa street. yesh ur ryt im model nd weve evn goh iht as a warnin der. dah man dah fukz nd leavez girlz pregnant” “wah?” i whisperd to maself. she removd ha arm 4rm ma hand nd startd to wlk away 4rm. i wlkd baq ova to brandon who wuz watchin me “swear dwn manz gehhin spread” i tld brandon buh dem lot were listenin. “sayin wah?” kyle askd. kylez dah biggest ouh of us. hez buff buh not fat. he rollz wid storm nd dem “dah i bash dash nd leave dem pregnant” i tld dem all kyle chockd on laugha “yeah i heard dah styl fam. one nigga calld marcus passin bare shit yu kno” “go on” “yea he sayin ya tingz small nd passin bare shit on face buk” kyle finishd “buh swear dwn my man slept wid two sistaz nd one of den wuz pretendin to be pregnant” findin ouh dah newz jush pissd me. my tunez came on nd i werent in dah mood to go skank wid gyal diz face dah i saw bfo wlkd ova to meh “jordan?” she askd “yea” i barkd in dis pissd off tone “wah?” i grawld “im noh gonna tek lng. carh i kno ya plannin on mekin sum one else pregnant ima tell ya sutton” “jade” i reminded myself. no wonder i recognizd ha face 4rm

sumwher. i huggd ha nd startd to grab uph ha ass. she kissd ma neck den pushd me away gently i winkd aht brandon carh he wuz watchin “i gt sutton to tell ya” she whisperd in ma ear i duhno y buh sutton wuz tekin ova meh. i grabbd ha baq close to meh nd startd to kiss her lips. she wuz pushin meh away weakily buh she wntd iht so she grabbd ma ass den pushd meh away “im pregnant” she burst ouh cryin wid ha lip wuz tremblin “huz baby ihz iht?” i askd den ma eyez slowly slid dwn ha face, den dwn ha breast nd stoppd der “wah do yu mean huz baby ihz iht?” she laughd in shock den ma eyez finally movd 4rm ha breast nd saw dis massive bump “yea dahz wah i sed. huz baby iht ihz” buh aht dah moment i didnt wannaa kno huz iht wuz i wntd to kno hw she goh in hea wid dah big ass belly “ihtz yoz of course” she told me “no iht eint” i replied baq shaply. i lukd ah brandon nd he had heard everythin buh to mek iht luk lyk he neva saw, he grabbd hold onto one girl nd startd to cherpz ha “iht cnt b mine” i tld her “iht iz. im 8 monthz pregnant nd ma whole lyf has changd becuz of yu. u didnt even cum baq fo rwnd two” she moand wid tearz racin dwn ha cheekz “i ad tingz to tek care of” i confessd den startd to think of toya “yu kno. if yu dnt wnt to b part of dez childrenz lyvz yu dnt av too” “chilldrenz” i repeated ha “yes. im avin twinz. nd yu dnt av to b in der lyvz buh idles i tld ya” “dis iz all confusin. how cud dis b?” i askd confusd. den diz man wlkd up behind jade nd rubbd ha belly “hahaha” diz voice laughd den ii saw hu iht wuz. iht wuz marcus dah lil bastard. diz iz all fukin confusin nd dem loh r chattin gyal “yu shudnt b chattin wid ma girl jade. yu shud b getting sum one else pregnant” marcus stud face ina manz face “fuk knoz y ua tan infront of manz face asif yu gonna dun ma darnce” i wlkd arwnd marcus nd wlkd jade 2wardz brandon so she cud b safe “fuk yu goin” marcus followd meh den pushd me into jadez baq, nd jade wnt str8 into the table i tried to pik ha up buh marcus pushd meh dwn nd startd to drag me tworadz his manz. i grabbd onto dis womanz legz nd helpd maself up. i punchd him in his face nd blud washd ma nucklez. he pushd me dwn once again nd startd to kick me in ma ribz, mekin me jump uph nd

dwn, holdin tightly onto my ribz “yo” alex screamd nd dem lot all startd to run ova to rush marus, denzel nd one next man. i tried to drag myself across dah floor towardz jade hu werent movin. dah nxt thin i kne i cud c jade, den i heard a bang, den i saw black. dis beepin noice woken me up. slowly my eyez widdend nd i wuz in a white room. i lukd dwn ma body nd i wuz in dez tubez nd shit lyk dah. wdf. toyaz side of dah story: i rushd arwnd dah hospital holdin onto dah bottom on ma belly nd searchin fo a doctor, uh sum1 to tlk to. i ran str8 ova to reception nd startd shoutin different nd silly thingz ah dah person on dah oda side. i wuz panicin so much i werent thinkin str8 ah all “ok ok ok. calm dwn. r yu in labor?” the woman askd me “oh no no no. im lukin fo ma boy friend” i startd to cry. i bent forward nd restd oon dah counta or wah eva iht wuz. “wahz hiz name?” she askd i startd to breath slowa. nd ma chest startd to sharpen “jordan” “his last name?” oh fa fuk sake. diz hoe ihz askin so much questionz “ihz iht jordan zumba?” “yeah mix raice. hez been shot” i whisperd wid ma voice faidin slowly “hez in ward 3” she gav me directionz nd bfo she cud finish i startd runnin towardz ward 3 i startd runnin, runnin fasta nd fasta nd den i startd quikly. a sharp pain in ma baq pinchd in dah botton left of mah back. i lukd up ah dah ceilin den i lukd dwn. i startd runnin again buh dis pregnant girl stoppd me “excuse meh. uv spilt sum thing” she pointd ah dah floor i lukd back nd saw a puddle nd trail behind me. my face changd nd i startd to cry “oh my gosh” i whisperd nd coverd ma mouth. i kne wah iht wuz buh i had to find jordan. so i wlkd wid one hand holdin ma belly, dah oda pushin ma baq forward nd draggin maself. eventually, i found jordanz room. i wuz swettin nd in agony so i strolld ova towards him “toya” he calld ouh nd tried to climb out of the bed thing buh the wirez kept him dwn baq to my side of the story: “jordan” she calld den she droppd wid a scream

i tried again to geh ouh of dah bed buh i cudnt “toya”i screamd “HELP! HELP!” i yelld ova nd ova again nd den dis ugly lukin nurse cme runnin in. “whats the matter?” she askd “r yu alryt?” she askd toya. fa fuk sake. ihz dis bitch dumb. really nd trully r yu gnna askk sum1 dahz on dah floor nd crying LOL. dah nurse checkd toyaz palse den her belly. i watchd anxiously nd den da nurse lukd up ah me “shes in labour” the woman tld me den she calld fo some doctorz “i wanna cum” “sorry yu cnt” the woman tld me while dey liftd up toya on dis bed thing. i startd to rip the wirez off of ma body to run towardz toya, buh dah security men held me dwn nd diz doctor stabbd a needle into me “TOYA!” i screamd tears rollin dwn ma eyez hourz later: my eyez opend nd ma shoulda wuz killin me. i lukd on dah oda side of me expectin to c toya buh i saw jade. she sah jus blinkin aht me. “yu okay now?” she askd nd hld onto my hand dah wuz restin on dah side of meh i sighd “yea. wherez toya?” i askd ha nd tappd ma shoulda wid 2 bandagez on “huz toya?” she paused “oh. if yur lukin fo dah girl dahz in labor dah doctorz tuk ha” i sighd again nd tearz raced dwn ma eyez. “so wahz goin on den?” i askd ha. evn doe i really wantd to kno abwt toya buh heaz ma chance toh find out wah a gwarn i sah der listenin to ha tellin me but i heard a bih of wah she wuz syin carh i wuz thinkin of toya. “soooo?” jade paused rudely “fuk knoz. wah eva you wanna do, do it, i dnt care” i sah uhp nd removd dah wires tubez nd all dah 4rm meh. i weren't evn meant to av visiterz buh der short of staff so jade jush came. i limpd carh ma body wuz feelin weak.. i startd hoppin towardz dah door nd diz massive guard stood in front of me “WHERE YU GOIN?” this deep voice spat ova meh “im gone to c ma yout” i tld him nd tried to push past him buh he stoppd meh “NO! YUR STAYIN HEA” “buh i need to c ma girl shes in labor” i squeezd pash him buh he grabbd meh 4rm wer i goh shot nd held meh dwn on dah bed. diz felt so gay. i lukd aht jade nd she wuz tryna pull dah man off of meh “GEH OFF OF HIM!” jade shoutd

1 week l8a: yeh om on ma way nw. i droppd ma fone ina poket nd left ma house “JORDAN! ah we yuh a tink yuh a gu?” mom barkd while dryin her handz i shruggd ma shouldaz nd shuvd ma handz into ma leather gloovez. “i hope ur goin to go see your son” i raisd ma eye browz nd walkd ouh of dah house. i walkd past sum girlz nd dey stoppd meh “wahz goin on sexi?” the white one askd meh. i nodded ma head nd walkd ova to dah girlz “fuk all” i restd ma arm on the girlz shoulda nd dah oda 3 stud watchin “yu wanna cum taste sum tasty pussy?” dah girl offerd meh. i chockd on nutton nd burstd ouh laughin “nxt tym yea. i goh planz” i walkd off “yu eint evn tuk ma numba!” she shoutd after me “ima c ya again” i startd to rush off carh she reminded off that oda girl dah wuz chasin meh i sah on dah seaty nd expectd Emily to lie dwn on ma chest. buh she rippd off ha top nd sah dwn on ma lap fcin meh. she startd kissin ma neck den movin ha handz all ova meh “shit Emz. i thought we were gonna watch a movie first” i mimickd ha “no... no noh any mo. i changd ma mind” she bite my ear nd startd kissin uhp ma neck “skn skn” i startd kissin ha bak nd squeezin uhp ha boobs ma fone startd to bell nd i lukd aht iht “leave iht” she movd mah head nd startd kissin meh again “naw naw” i pickd ha uhp. shit i jush pickd ha uhp wid ouh strugglin. well white girlz dez dayz dey skinnin, nd dey alwayzz sayin how dey wanna loose weight carh der fat buh ihf der fat wa do ya call blaq girlz battyz??? i sah her on dah seaty nxt to meh nd pickd uhp ma fone “where r ya?” toya askd. i cud hea diz lil mouth openin nd closin mouth nd mekin noises “oh shit!” i pausd den lukd aht emz. she climbd uhp behind meh nd startd kissin uhp ma neck AGAIN. “yea yea om on ma way” i movd away 4rm ha nd opend dah door. “wher yuh goin?” she askd softly while i hung uhp dah fone. evn doe she askd me calmly om noh tekin any chances carh to meh all girlz r freakz “mom” i stutterd “to ma momz” i correctd maself nd stepd ouh side

dah house “arghhh” she moand “well i guezz a nxt tym” she lent on the door nd watchd meh walk off it tuk meh a while to geh to Toyaz. carh i goh sum head on da way nd dah bus wuz tekin dah piss. i wlkd through dah alley way tlkin to maself. goin ova wah i wuz gonna say nd preparin maself fo dah worst. befor i evn reachd dah front door diz annoyin loud screechin greetd me. i sighd den saw da curtain move. toya's momz head poppd uhp den i heard foot stepz ehtin closa towardz dah door “hi” i bowd ma ead nd whippd dah snow on dah carpet “hmm” she snortd nd closd dah door behin meh “shez through der” she pointd to dah livin room i wlkd ova der slwly nd peekd into dah livin room “hi” toya smild masively “yuh kwl?” i stud aht dah door nd watchd toya struggle to feed him “i neva thought yuh were gonna cum” toya sighd nd tried to feed him again “y yuh say dah?” i steppd into dah livin room nd lukd arwnd. fuk sake dah livin roomz worsa den ma room nd dahz fukd “cuz ya mom rang meh wen ya lft diz mornin nd yuv only cum nw” she laughd nd gav uhp “haha” i laughd. shit mom musta ranng toya tellin ha i wuz cumin cuz i tld mom i wuz “sum shit came uhp” i lickd ma lip rememberin me gehtin brains. nd ha face wen she saw ma BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG................ buddy! toya's mom crept uhp behin meh nd wuz sharkin meh “so wah did yuh geh ya son?” toyaz mom barkd dwn mah ear i jumpd forward nd whippd ma ear carh she spat in der, nd she wuz so close om sure ha lips touchd ma ear. “umm...” i stutterd “ i didnt hav tym to geh him anythin” tonia toyaz mom tuttd nd pushd past meh. fuk knoz wah wrong wid diz girl “oh” i cud hea da disappointment ina ha voice “wahz his name?” i askd nd watchd dah lil nigga. he movd so slowly nd screamd noh CRIED! toya startd restin him on her shoulda nd rubbd hiz bak tryna mek him shut uhp “i dnt kno yet...” she pausd nd he wuz sik all dwn ha shoulda “OH! fa fuk sake!” toya screamd nd gav him to tonia “yu can

hld him ihf yuh wnt” toya tld meh nd ran uhp stairz to change ha top “hea” tonia tried to hand meh dah lil nigga buh i werent holdin “naw nah om cool” i stepd bak nd watchd him “can yu believe iht? luk hw small he ihz” tonia braggd to meh asif she wuz tryna mek meh jealous. calm ya self dwn. ma jobz dun. “yhyh” i nodded nd carried on watchin ha “he dnt evn kno hu hiz dad ihz yet... imagine a lyf lyk dah. noh knowin hu ya dad ihz” tonia startd off again i cudnt w8 fo toya to cum baq dwn carh shez already pissin meh off. he startd screamin again. iht sounded evn worser wen toya werent in dah room “i had all dah ppl aht church lukin dwn der noses aht meh. pityin meh” tonia carried on “dey lukd aht meh asif i cudnt control ma horny daughta nd ha horny boy friend” she tutted nd tried to shut him uhp i opend mah mouth nd wuz abwt to star tellin her bwt haself buh toya came runnin dwn dah stairs. “giv him hea” toya stretchd ouh ha arm nd tonia passd him alng asif he wuz a prsel. “i think ima puh him to bed” toya tld tonia “well...” she laughd in relief “a lil peace nd quiet in hea. i can watch ma god channel” i kussd ma teet nd followd toya uhp stairs. carh derz no way on diz earth om stayin in dah same room wid dah mad woman. i sah on dah bed nd watchd toya walkin uhp nd dwn in ha room wid dah nigga on ha shoulda, rockin him nd tryna mek him shut uhp. i mus admit iht buh hez fukin noisy man!!! “yuh wanna hld him?” toiya offerd meh. shit i sah der lukin aht him, cin hw he screamd nd dribbld, buh aht dah end of dah day hez ma son, buh nah fuk iht! “go on den” my voice faded away mekin meh sound lyk sum pussy. she lent on dah bed nd handed me dah bastard fuk restin him on ma lap, mekin him lie dwn carh i noticd dah dnt seem to b workin. i stud him on ma lap nd movd him arwnd asi he wuz a barse “warh gwarn ma yout?” i smild nd watchd him starrin aht meh “aww bless hez stoppd cryin” now diz ihz dah part were i wuz feelin lyk a bitch, carh i feltd proud, nd man dnt goh proud fo shitty tingz lyyk diz “i kno” i startd mekin him move arwnd on ma lap skankin to dah sound of ma voice “yo lil nigga” i calld him nd he startd to cry “try lie him dwn” toya orderd meh, givin meh advice asif man needed iht

“nah man. mek dah likl yout tan uhp. dahz y he cryin” “no ihtz noh cuz of dah. jush lie him dwn” we both startd arguin sayin different tinggz. i didnt want no one on ma lap incept gash. “nah man” i grawld nd av ha one dutty luk “hez probably hungry mannn” i guessd “ive fed him already” toya tld meh “naw yuh rah neva did doe. carh 4rm wah i saw he went drinkin shit” toya kushd ha teet den goh uhp to geh a bottle “c mommy dnt kno shit.... buh daddy...” i paused . yyooooo daddyz noh soundin neat styl lessa dah?? =/ “buh daddy kno betta” i restd him on ma arm... yes yes yes i lied him dwn on ma arm nd startd tigglin hiz belly nd watchin him ahz he watchd meh. i lukd aht hiz feet nd dey were mo active den he wuz. haha luk aht hiz lil timbz. toya came baq in wid one milk bottle nd gav iht meh. “he eint gonna drink iht” toya solkd nd crossd ha armz lyk one likl yout i movd dah bottle arwnd hiz mouth so he cud geh use to iht, den eventually i startd to feed him. he drank quit messy buh jush lied der, lukin uhp aht meh, nd blinkin wid hiz feet constantly movin “haha thought he wudnt drink iht” i teasd ha. she jush sah der bitein ha lip solkin “om impressd” she forced on a fake smile. “I've been tryin to feed him fo 8 dayz nd dah 1st tym yuh try he drinkz ihf” she frownd. “dnt h8. cum hea” she lent forward nd i kissd ha on dah lips “so wah we gonna call him?” i sighd nd lickd ma lips. “duhno. i wnt yu to name him” toya confessd den kissd me again. buh iht werent dem likl kisses dah say aww luv yuh... iht wuz dem type of kisses dah say i fukin wnt ya. buh obviously i cnt sort dah pussy ouh wid ma likl one ina ma handz

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