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Public Relations Campaign - Proposal

This public relations proposal, prepared by Nicholas Cottrell 15, of

Carthage College, has been created exclusively for use by Treehouse Mafia
Productions for their film, The Incredible Adventure of Jojo (and his
Annoying Little Sister Avila).

Table of Contents

I. Summary of Purpose Pg.3
II. Situational Analysis Pg. 4
III. Our Main Goal Pg. 7
IV. Objectives Pg. 8
V. Target Audience Pg. 10
VI. Target Media Pg. 11
VII. Key Message Pg. 12
VIII. Strategies & Tactics Pg. 13
IX. Timeline Pg. 17
X. Resource Appendix & Other Materials Pg. 21


Summary of Purpose
Treehouse Mafia Productions film, The Adventure of Jojo (And his
Annoying Little Sister Avila), having requested public relations
assistance from Nicholas Cottrell 15, of Carthage College, will be
entitled to the following: a proposal to successfully promote and
maintain a specialized public relations strategy & campaign for
any/all film screenings of The Adventure of Jojo (And his Annoying
Little Sister Avila) for the festivals and screenings during the 2015-
2016 film festival calendar.


Situational Analysis of the Film

The following is a SWOT Analysis of the film, as well as the
production company Treehouse Mafia, so it can provide a base of
knowledge for the campaign
o The film itself has been noted as a true work of
cinematic story telling for audiences of all ages, and is
currently maintaining, and still obtaining notoriety.
Currently noted as the Official Selections of the
following festivals: Boulder International Film
Festival; Cleveland International Film Festival;
Green Bay Film Festival; Maryland
International Kids Film Festival; San Luis Obispo
International Film Festival; Trail Dance Film
Current awards listed: Best Featured Comedy
Trail Dance Film Festival; Best Feature Boston
International Kids Film Festival
o Based on social media, and event posting websites, in
addition to the home web domain for The Adventure
of Jojo (And his Annoying Little Sister Avila), the
promotion of the film doesnt not have a consistent
message or face (logo or brand image), and in

some cases, even the title of the film is not made

quite clear.
o Limited budget for travel expenses, outside resources
and promotional materials outside of social media
lack of sponsorships.
o The film has won various awards since its premiere,
yet these awards are not very well publicized and
there is a large lacking of public information of
Treehouse Mafia Productions as a production group.
o There is always room to improve upon the branding
of Treehouse Mafia Productions and The Incredible
Adventure of Jojo (and his Annoying Little Sister Avila)
via various social media outlets, in addition to online
event websites, but these different festivals get to
promote this film specifically to families across the
country, and may at one point gather an
international recognition/attention/invite from a
notable organization or film festival outside of the
o Specifically, award-noting festivals will be host to a
variety of other independent films that are just as
family-based and creative as this film. In short, much
of the communication prior to these event with

media outlets will be crucial in the advancement of

audience and positive critic bases so that the other
production companies and films dont steal
attention and notoriety from this film.


Our Main Goal

With the ideals of Treehouse Mafia Productions in conjunction
with the story specific to the film, The Adventures of Jojo (And his
Annoying Little Sister Avila), we will strive to create a lasting
impression on audiences and critics across the country, and
possibly the world, by unifying and promoting the successes of
this entire films production as a whole.

If Jojo and Avila can survive their adventure, you can survive
anything with a strong PR & Marketing Plan! (Photo Credit: Brian
Schmidt, Treehouse Mafia Productions)


1. To use the voice, and the message of the film to promote the
appeal to the target audience through consistent branding and
story promotion.
a. Benefits: Creating a simple, yet cohesive message of the
film resonates better and creates a longer-lasting
impressions on the audiences and interested parties
such as entertainment media.
b. This includes items such as fonts, logos, public
statements, boilerplates, title, and contact information,
among a variety of other things like promotional items.
2. Properly use and manage social media platforms like,
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to promote the film
on the Internet for free, especially when there is a limited
a. Benefits: Utilizes already active and highly trafficked
websites for free, which means there is not obligation to
any form of payment (which keeps any unwanted costs
out of a budget), but gives the production team the
opportunity to promote the film via sponsored media for
a low cost if so desired.
b. Most social media platforms already have in-app
analytics that can track fans following of the film and

company, which will again keep costs low.

i. Additionally it should be mentioned that by the
end of July (half of a festival calendar year), the
film media should have at least a 50% increase in
3. To utilize location/ film festival specific media outlets to
promote the film for the local audiences to gather interest,
and credibility.
a. Benefits: The film and the production company gain
followers throughout a variety of regions across the U.S.
This locale attention may also provide unforeseen
production sponsors.


Target Audience
o The Incredible Adventure of Jojo was created to be a family
friendly movie about adventure and facing ones fears. This
audience will include publics such as, parents, grandparents,
guardians and kids of all ages.
However, this PR campaign proposal is ideally created to
pass information towards parents, guardians, grandparents,
etc., so that they can obtain information about the film, the
story of the production company, and where they can see
screenings of the film and in turn, bring their familys
children to the events/screenings.
Other publics may include (but are not limited to), staff of
Treehouse Mafia Productions (and any current or future
staff), film festival promoters, film production sponsors,
film critics, and media that are not typically considered an
interested party in the specific subject matter of cinema/
independent filmmaking.



Target Media
The films target media includes the following:
a. The media outlets local to each event/festivals specific
i. Newspapers, Radio Stations, Local Magazines.
ii. The Grocery Store Tactic - simply flyers/posters are
placed in high trafficked family areas.
b. Social Media.
i. Facebook
1. The Incredible Adventures of Jojo (and his
annoying little sister Avila) (recommended title
change for consistency to, The Incredible
Adventure of Jojo (and his Annoying Little Sister
Avila)) page provides free audience outreach via
shared information, upcoming events/screenings
where the film will be located, or where the
production company and its actors could be
ii. Instagram
1. Pictures posted from either events, or from the
real-world viewpoint of one of the characters.



Key Message
This film promotes the idea that children can be independent,
insightful, and can react fast in emergency situations, when the
time comes, especially with adult help in understanding various
situations. Oh and we must remember; this movie is not for the
over protective parent!

(Opening screen of the film.)



Strategies & Tactics

a. Media Outreach
i. Each film festival/event/screening is going to call for a
different approach to outreach. Through informal
research, the publicity team will need to figure out
whether print media, multimedia platforms, or online
media will be the most effective to reach that citys
specific locale. By creating and using a template for
listing forms, while also using the online listing
submission page created for each new event, all releases
and listings will be very uniform and the information will
be disbursed quickly.
b. Press Releases
i. These releases will need to be created on a
festival/event/screening basis, and they will need to be
crafted based on which part of the target audience will
be utilizing the information contained in the press
1. There are various PR software applications that do
cost an extra amount of money, but could allow
for spread of releases (and listings) much faster
and farther. Those software items could be,
Sendgrid,, Cision, and Batchbook.
ii. Boilerplate (this is to be included as the end of a press
releases at all times: This is not a film for


overprotective parents; Boys use pocket knives; girls eat

bugs. This is the audacious disclaimer that begins The
Incredible Adventure of JoJo (and his Annoying Little Sister
Avila), an independent childrens film produced by
Treehouse Mafia Productions, based out of San Fransicso,
California. The film originally premiered, August 25, 2014 at
the Boston International Kids Film Festival where it was
awarded Best Feature Film. For more information visit: or contact Nicholas Cottrell at 630962-2636 or by email at

c. Events & Speaking Opportunities

i. In order to promote the film, characters (Jojo, Avila,
Grandma), and the production team can travel to near
by institutions that may be related to the film or its
production, so they can interact with local fans.
1. The kids (Jojo & Avila) would be able to go to
elementary schools, Boy Scouts of America & Girl
Scouts of America troop meeting/lectures. They
could talk to the kids about acting, or about being
in the wild during filming, which would allow
Treehouse Mafia Productions to promote outdoor
safety and education.
2. If there is an film festival/event/screening near a
college, high school, or middle school where the
arts support creative/independent film making
projects, the producer and the directors could
visit with students and talk to them about the


production and filming processes, and to get them

to ask questions about the cinematic industry all
while promoting the film, and possibly even
screening the movie for free.
d. Social Media
i. Facebook
1. Page Creation: Jojo & Avilas Grandmas
Facebook Given that so many successful films
create social media accounts as if the characters
were existent, Grandmas page can post as if she
were bragging about her grandchildren as they
travel the country telling their epic adventure, or
it could be as though she is travelling the country
still trying to find them and the pictures and the
events that the production/publicity team would
post would be following the next festival on
Treehouse Mafias events calendar.
2. The publicity team will be able to monitor, likes,
comments, and active views, as well as utilize the
Facebook in-app advertising software, if the
production team wanted extra hype for a film
ii. Instagram
1. The Instagram account can be done one of two
ways; like the Facebook fan-page creation,


there could be an account created and monitored

by a character, or there could be a Treehouse
Mafia Productions team member who would run
the account just like a normal Instagram with
photos of travels, events, awards, etc.
a. Hashtags for promotional use:
#JojoAndAvila #WhereAreJojoAndAvila
#AdventureAtTheMovies #JojoAvila2015


IX. Timeline (4-7 Month Planning Timeframe)

This series of planning may change, or may possibly not be needed
depending on the upcoming event, or screening:
1. Entering or selecting a film festival
a. In order for successful planning, festivals and spotlight
screenings should be entered/discussed/etched out in a plan,
approximately 7 months- 1 year before the date of the event.
i. Given that some festivals overlap, it is important to
remember which one will better promote the film, and
the key message of the film.
2. Contact Media (3-6 Months before the Event)
a. After the event is put together, and has become a part of the
production teams calendar successfully, print media, online
media, and multiplatform media (radios, TVs, etc.) should be
notified of the upcoming event for that region (within 3-6
months, depending).
i. Press releases will always need the same boilerplate (the
end of the release that is always the same), but should
be written specifically for one event or screening
compared to another because each event requires a
new plan.
ii. If the any media requests interviews, wants to plan a sit
down discussion/interview, always be sure to bring/send
a press kit (mentioned in appendix), and make sure both


the publicist and the interviewee(s) can all be together

at the same time.
iii. If there is a publication that prints information about the
event/screening, or there is an online outlet that writes
or posts information or story, be sure to save an original
copy or to screen shot for future planning, and for each
events file.
3. Get Social (7 months Day of Event)
a. Social media is going to always be the cheapest and most cost
effective way to get word of the event spread fast.
i. Make sure Facebook contains a public event,
photographs, and weekly/daily blurbs about anything
that is significant leading to the date of the event.
ii. Make sure the Instagram photos reflect what the media,
and Facebook are publishing to audiences during that
event time frame.
iii. When Tweeting, make sure that the same tone is always
used (sarcastic, funny, serious or grumpy are the only
tones aloud, and should reflect both the characters and
the key message).
1. Make sure for both Twitter and Instagram that
both hashtags for the events, as well as for the
movie are consistent. (Example:


iv. Now is also the time to refer to the online listing

resource (refer to the appendix) to contact and send
information about the events and screenings so that
there is promotion outside of just social media, and
news outlets online.
4. Action Time (2 Weeks Day of Event)
a. When the event draws close make sure that there are extra
press kits in hand, and that everyone working with/for the film
during the event knows the breakdown of who (goes where),
what (is the message we need to present today), when (do we
need to be there and what do I need to wear), where (are we
located), and why (is this event part of our calendar).
i. Best way to assure the aforementioned is to have a
physical itinerary for all involved in that event.
5. Wrap-up & Analysis (A few days, no more than a week later)
a. The production team will meet to discuss pros and cons of the
event to discuss a return, or otherwise.
i. These meetings will be where the team will be
presented with the publicists PR Package, (the final
everything for each specific event) also.
1. This PR Package should include clippings, copies of
any print materials or media, as well as
photographs or awards/recognitions.
b. When the cinematic calendar year ends in February, the


production team and publicists will put together a yearlong file

of the films events and screenings.

1. Select/
Enter Film

2. Contact
Media (Press

3. Get Social!
(Social Media)

5. Wrap up &

4. Get into
action at the

Visual Map of Timeline


X. Resource Appendix & Other Materials

1. Online Listing Resources (added for verification of file) Chicago
used as example city.

a. This complied list is a combination of national media based

in Chicago, to metropolitan/suburban specific outlets.
i. In addition, there are outlets that specifically have
their own target audiences that are predominantly
parents, families with kids, or even just kids in some


1. Radio stations, local news stations/affiliates
can have their own master list or could be
added to one, like this example.
ii. Some of these media outlets (constant listing
providers) have additional cities with offices, which
means that they can remain in the list, however, each
event should ideally have its own spreadsheet of
media outlets.

2. Logo, color palate, & acceptable fonts (for promotional material
and communications)
a. Header/Footer/Title Holder/Font Logo

i. This logo will be able to serve a few marketing a
communication purposes:
1. The key message is both a sarcastic yet truthful
way audiences should view the film. In addition
to the target audiences containing children, its
necessary that the typeface and wording that


they can recognize as well.

2. When drafting a press release, presenting any
information about the film (a media pitch for
example), or putting together a press kit, this
logo will be very noticeable.
3. Being that this logo is both relatable and
modern, it is very possible for it to change and
develop should production staff see fit.
b. Color Palette

i. The color palette represented was selected because
these colors frankly can represent a number of things
while making sure there is a consistent image.
1. Grey-Blue/Teal: Stereotypically, these blue
colors can represent a little boy; in this film
they can represent Jojo. This part of the
palette also can stand for the river scene,
where Jojo really puts his big boy pants on and
protects his sister from the being stranded in
the river.


2. Light Pink/Brick Red: Stereotypically pinks and

red colors can represent a little girl; in this film
they can represent Avila. Red also can be
related to danger, and dangerous situations,
which more often than not we find little Avila
in especially like scenes with the wolves and
bear trap.
3. Browns/Naturals: These colors were selected
as the third/backup option for not only variety
but to represent the mud and grim the two
characters have to get through to finally reach
Grandmas house.
c. Fonts/Typefaces
i. Due to the variety of ways that communications can
be written, the following list that can be used as the
production team sees fit, without additions unless
otherwise recorded:



1. This list may change from time to time, but
these basic level fonts will be acceptable for
communication from production, and publicity,
to media outlets.

3. Press Kit Checklist

a. All Press Kits, for the sake of thematic pleasure, will be
referred to as Adventure Packs, because they will save
our interested parties from getting bored at work, and
behind on working with the film.
i. All kits will contain, but are not limited to:
1. Silver tin lunch box, with logo sticker on front
2. Silver narrow thermos, with logo sticker on
front, with label to open
3. USB Whistle Flash Drive
4. Business Cards
5. *Depending on costs & size* a small basic first
aid kit that would also hold the business cards
of the respective parties.


Lunch Pail


USB Whistle

- The lunchpail is the

"Adventure Kit."
Everything will go
inside this box, and this
is what will be sent to
the proper media,
publics, etc.
-$9.50 per pail

- Thermos will be a fun

way to store papers:
Fact sheets, relevant
press releases and
paperwork will all be
rolled into the thermos,
and clearly be labled.

- USB drive will contain

origianl .jpeg ^iles, in
addition to all electronic
copies of the papers in
the press kit
-$5.50 a whilste, easiest
way to share data, and
the quickest to

Nicholas Cottrell
Cell Phone: 630-962-2636

4. Business Cards