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4WD Four-Wheel Drive

ABS Antilock Brake System

AAP auxiliary accelerating pump

AC air condition

ATF automatic transmission fluid

ACC accumulator

ACIS acoustic control induction system

ACM active control mount

ACL Air Cleaner

ASE Automotive service excellence

ADD automatic disconnecting differential

AI air injection

AHC active height control

AFB antifriction bearing

AFC air/fuel control

ALB automatic load-sensitive braking

ALT Alternator

AM amplitude modulation

AP accelerator pedal,accelerator

API American Petoleum Institute

APP accelerator pedal position

APV all purpose behicle

ASR Acceleration Slip Regulation

AT automatic transmission

ATF automatic transmission fluid

AWD all-wheel-drive

BAZ Bratislavske Automobilove zavody

BDC bottom dead center

BC brake cylinder

BMW Bayerische Motoren Werke

CARB carburetor,carburettor,carbureter

CD compact disk

CIAS crash impact absorbing structure

CL clutch

CMFI Central Multiport Fuel Injection

COE cab over engine

CIS Continuous injection system

CONV converter

CPS camshaft position sensor

CV comm. vehicle

CV commercial vehicle

CVT Continuously Variable Transmission

CVTC continuously variable valve timing control

DDM driver door module

DE diesel engine

DEF defogger

DIFF Differential

DIS Distributorless Ignition System

DOHC double overhead camshaft

DPA distributor pump assembly

DRL daytime running lamp

DE diesel engine

DSPV deceleration sensing proporting valve

DVV double vacuum valve

DVVT dynamic variavle valve timing

ECA electronic control assembly

ECT engine coolant temperature

EC exhaust close

EO exhaust open

EFI electonic fuel injection

EHC electrically heated catalyst

ECU electronic control unit

ECVT Electronic Control Continuously Variable Transmiss

EGAS electronic throttle control

EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation

ELR emergency locking retractor

EMS Engine Management System

EPR evaporator pressure regulator

ESB expansion spring brake

ESP electronic stabilization program

EUP electronic unit pump

EV electric vehicle

EV exhaust valve

EX exit

FC fuel cell

FEM front electronics module

FIC fast idle cam

FF front engine front drive

FL front left

FICB fast idle cam breaker

FM frequency modulation

FR front engine rear drive

FR front right

FWD front wheel drive

FWD forward

GAZ Gorkovsky Atomobilny Zavod

GH2 gaseous hydrogen

GG center of gravity

GMC General Motors Corporation

GM General Motors Corporation

GS Grankshaft

GT Gas Turbine

HIC hot idle compensator

HOS Heated Oxygen Sensor

HVAC heater,ventilation and air conditioning

I/C intercooler

INFO information

IRS Independent Rear Suspension

ISPV load sensing proportioning valve

IP ignition point

ITDC ignition top dead center

IC intake close

IO intake open

IV intake valve

J/B junction block

L/P instrument panel

LB low beam

LCD liquid crystal display

LH left-hand

LPG liquefied petroleum gas

LH2 liquid hydrogen

LSD limited-slip differential

LT light truck

M/T Manual Transmission

MAN mainline

MAP manifold absolute pressure

MCN multiplex communication network

MEUI mechanical EUI

MFI Multiport Fuel Injection

MH motorhome
MIL malfunction indicator lamp

MIVEC Mitsubishi intelligent valve electronic control

MOD modulator

MPH miles per hour

MPV multipurpose passenger vehicle

MT Manual Transaxle

NLGI National Lubricating Grease Institute

NORM normal position

NVCS Nissan valve control system

OBD on-board diagnostic

OCV oil control valve

OHC overhead camshaft

OVCV outer vent control valve

OHV overhead camshaft,overhead valve

O2S oxygen sensor

Opel Adam Opel AG

ORV off-road vehicle

PC Passenger car

PCV Positive crankcase Ventilation

PEI port fuel injection

PHL power locking wheeling hub


PROM programmable read only memory

PSA Peugeot

PT pressure-time

PU Pickup

PWR power position

RH hot wire

RDS redio data system

REG regulating
REM rear electronic module

REV reverse

RH right-hand

RKE Remote keyless Entry

RL rear left

ROM read only memory

RR rear right

RV recreational bechicle

RWD rear wheel drive

S4WD selectable four wheel drive

SA Shock Absorber

SOHC single overhead camshaft

SAI steering axis inclination

SCP standard corporate protocol

SEFI sequential electronic fuel injection

SIG signal

SLA short-long arm

SOL solenoid

SPV Special-purpose behicle

SRS Supplemental Restraint System

SS Steering System

STC step timing control

SUV Sport Utility Vechicle

T/C turbocharger

TBI Throttle Bbody Fuel Injection

TC transfer port close

TDC top dead center

TO transfer passage open

TCC torque converter clutch

TCS traction control system

TEMS Toyota Electronic Modulated suspension

THS Toyota Hybrid System

TMC traffic message channel

TP teleprinter

TWC three way catalytic converter

TPS throttle position sensor

TXV thermostatic expansion valve

VC Viscous Clutch£¬viscous coupling

VDC vehicle dynamics control

VIM Variable Intake Manifold

VIN vehicle identification number

VSA Vehicle Stability Assistance

VSV vacuum switching valve

VDS vibration damper strip

VVT variable valvet timing

VSC vehicle stability control

VSS vehicle speed sensor

VTEC Variable Timing and Lift Electronic control

VVT-i Variable Valve Timing Intelligent

VVTL-i Variable Vale Timing&Lift Intelligent

VW volkswagen

WOT wide-open-throttle

WSS wheel speed sensor

WB wheelbase

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