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with the Breath Pa0ern

An offering of questions, tips and music from students at the University of Kiel
(Seminar Gesellschaft Gestalten: 6 - 8 November 2015)

Ques%ons to help explore this space
How does it feel in the Groan Zone?
How to keep up the team spirit?
How can you help people stay with the team?
How can you enjoy the Groan Zone?
Hot Tips & Sugges%ons for being well here
Other people have the same ques1ons as you do. Join and
nd the answers together.
Be present
Some1mes let your ideas go, even if you think they are
superior, for the sake of the group
Be open-minded to other ideas
Take the relieving moment aXer geYng something done as
Be an aLen1ve listener
When it get stressful for you: Breathe in. Breathe out.
Lean back, put a silent smile on your face and observe.
Whats going on? Whats going on within yourself? Can
you make yourself enjoy it?
If you are in the Groan Zone, stay just a liLle longer,
trus1ng convergence will come in 1me. Dont forget to
take the good stu with you.
No1ce: What does your body say?
Relax, nothing can fundamentally go wrong.

Ques%ons to help explore this space
Do you impose your ideas/sugges1ons on others with
divergent opinions?
Who are you?
Where do you want to go? What is your dream?
How do you deal with insecurity?
How do you calm down when around you there are so
many impulses/ideas/chaos?
Hot Tips & Sugges%ons for being well here
Let your spirit soar!
Get to know team games
Overcome personal barriers
Open your eyes and ears

Star Wars Theme
Pirates of the Caribbean Theme
Heal the World: Michael Jackson
Nur noch kurze die Welt reLen: Tim Bendzko
Accentuate the Posi1ve: Johnny Mercer
Well save the world: Swedish House Maa
Lets get it on: Marvin Gaye
Conquest of Paradise: Vangelis

Let it Go: Frozen
Yesterday: The Beatles
Darth Vader Theme: Star Wars
Help!: The Beatles
Were on the road to nowhere: Talking Heads
Beat It: Michael Jackson
Should I stay or should I go?: The Clash
Hotel California: The Eagles
You need a friend: James Taylor
Relax: Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Sailing: Rod Stewart

Ques%ons to help explore this space
How can you leave ideas behind?
How to get focused again?
How do you know what to do? How do you know when its
1me to decide?
How do you concede to other peoples ideas?
How can we achieve so that everyone comes out with a
good/sa1sfactory feeling?
How can we nd good closure and let the memory of the
dying be a good one?
How do you keep your aLen1on on a dying project? How
do you support the grief?
How do you
Where does convergence end?
How can we stables us/outcome here?
Hot Tips & Sugges%ons for being well here
Collect dierent ideas, nd and cluster similari1es and see
how they guide into a direc1on
There is a point where you have to decide, so just do it!
Goals & results
Get an overview bout alterna1ves (structure these)
Really change something
Hold on!
Invite me into your team!

Enjoy the Silence: Depeche Mode
You can get it if you really want: Jimmy Cli
Horse with no name: America
Azanto: Fuze ODG (Nigeria)
The nal countdown: Europe
Flight of the Bumblebee: Rimsky-Korsakov
Rise like a Phoenix: Conchita Wurst
Coming Home: Diddy, feat. Skylar Grey
Its a kind of Magic: Queen
Burn: Ellie Golding
Cant Hold Us: The Heist
When Im 64: The Beatles (for the Threshold of Memory)
Celebrate Good Times: Kool & the Gang
Time to Say Goodbye: Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman