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Professional Experience Report 2015

Middle & Secondary Schooling
Year 4 Undergraduate & Year 2 Master of Teaching

Pre service teacher name

Stephanie Lee

Student No.



Coomandook Area School

Year level(s) taught


Site mentor teacher



Site coordinator

Kath MacAlister

University liaison

Wendy Featherston

40 day placement
Site Context

School Coordinator - Context statement about your school

Site sector (DECD), Independent.

DECD R-12 Area School. Stephanie worked with

Site size, class size and composition of

students from year 8 through to year 12. Class


sizes ranged from 28 in a combined 8/9 English

(R-12, Area, Primary, Secondary)

class, 13 year 10s for English, 7 Year 12s for

Physical and/or unique characteristics.

English and a range of about 10 students for Year

Students with specific needs.

11 Community Studies

Socio-economic factors.
Mentor Teacher - Summary Statements
Professional Relationships



Stephanie took the time to develop positive and

Teachers actively engage in personal and

functional relationships with staff and students

collegial learning within the professional

alike. She had one on one conversations with mentor


teachers to improve practice and seek feedback. She

also attended staff meetings.


Stephanie developed good relationships with

Teachers foster trusting and respectful

students while maintaining functional levels of

relationships with all learners

behaviour management in the classroom. She

encouraged feedback from students and maintained
respectful relationships.


Stephanie spent a lot of time (even outside of

Teachers work effectively with

hours) working with students in a school musical

parents/caregivers and the wider

performance that was put on for the wider



Professional Knowledge



Stephanie utilised time effectively in the

Teachers know about learning processes and how classroom. She mixed up activities and appealed to
to teach and implement

a wide range of learners. Stephanie scaffolded

tasks and activities to help all learners and built
on prior knowledge to set effective tasks


Stephanie demonstrated a good amount of knowledge

Teachers know the content they teach

regarding the content she taught in English

lessons. She demonstrated an understanding of
contextual information when delivering content
regarding obscure texts and ideas.


Stephanie demonstrated understanding of indigenous

Teachers know about learner contexts and

perspectives social sensitivities while she was


working in the classroom. She worked on Dreaming

tasks with the 8/9 students and participated in
cultural celebrations at the school.

Professional Practice



Stephanie sought consultation while developing her

Teachers plan and implement teaching

lesson plans and assessment pieces. She considered

strategies for successful learning experiences diversity in the student body and produced tasks
that set up a variety of learners to succeed. She
sought feedback with her assessment design and made
alterations where required.

Stephanie applied conventions and standards of the

Teachers assess and report learning outcomes

SACE and Australian Curriculum when planning and

assessing tasks with accuracy and care.


Stephanie got to know her students promptly and

Teachers create a safe, challenging and

took their strengths and areas for development into

supportive environment

account when planning her lessons and assessments.

She considered extra support and challenges when
planning her lessons.

Pre-service teacher: Comments

During my time at Coomandook Area School I learnt many things including how flexible
teachers must be, which is extremely evident and important in country schools. Due to
this I was able to step outside my comfort zone on multiple occasions,including working
students across Foundation to Year 12, interacting with the wider community and working
and collaborating with multiple subject areas outside my specialties. I was also able to
work closely with students from a range of different abilities, which enabled me to get
know students and how they learn and adjust my teaching accordingly. While on practicum
I was introduced to a variety of different teaching strategies and helpful hints, such
as Tfel, that will serve me well in future practice. I also took it upon myself to
undertake my own professional development at a different school on the schools scheduled
professional development day to extend my practice.
Thank you for everything Coomandook Area School!

University Liaison: Summary statement

Stephanie Lee is an outstanding preservice teacher. She has

a range of good qualities that she
brings to the role. She is a very well organised and dedicated person. She has a good
understanding of young
adolescents and builds wonderful respectful relationships with them. She is
humble and willing to learn from others. She values feedback and acts on it to
fine tune her practice. She is embracing the Teaching for Effective Learning
Framework (TfEL) as a tool to help her develop as a highly effective teacher. She
takes the time to understand her students needs and differentiates around the
needs and interests of the students to ensure maximum engagement. She
understands student choice in learning is important and she gave opportunities
for the students to negotiate their learning. Her lessons are well structured
using a range of strategies including protocols, direct teaching and group work.
She provides both group and individual specific
feedback for her students as an integral part of the lesson. She seeks feedback
from the students through exit surveys and values this information. Her
curriculum knowledge is excellent. Her classroom management creates a calm
focussed learning environment where students enjoy learning and challenge
themselves to achieve the high standards Stephanie sets.
The student comments were all very positive. They included:

She gets us using creative thinking

She is relatable, young and knows what we are


She is a good teacher and not hard to get along


She has made learning interesting

I like the way she puts us in groups so we can

argue about things we are learning

She has made learning interesting

She makes more people want to join in and get to


She is nice and encouraging

Its good having her as our teacher
Wendy Featherston 13 July2015
School Coordinator: Final Comments (optional)
School Coordinator:
The pre-service teacher may wish to submit this report with an application for

employment. Please

avoid the use of acronyms as student reports are often viewed by interstate and international
employers who are not always familiar with South Australian nomenclature
Name of School Mentor Teacher(s):


Name of School coordinator: Kath MacAlister Date:

Consideration has been given to the complexities and degree of challenge of the professional
experience context in evaluating the pre-service teacher's ability to meet the assessment criteria
for the professional experience.
In our opinion, the pre-service teacher HAS demonstrated competency in the professional teaching standards for registration in SA

University Liaison
Name of


Report ID: 001642

Liaison: Wendy Featherston Date: 13.07.2015