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How to Survive

How to Survive

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Published by: galaxyblackhole1 on May 07, 2008
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Be happy, cheerful, joyful, delighted, pleased--as often as you can, as much as you
can, for as long as you can.
You may feel some guilt about being joyful after a loss. Know that you are not being
disloyal to the love you lost by moving on with your life--and moving on must certainly
include joy.

This poem
is a kiss
for your mind.

Ninety: Appreciation

As you grow, you will begin to regain your sense of appreciation, of awe. The sense
of childlike wonder, which was lost to you for a while, will return.
Enjoy it.
Sunsets and children laughing. City streets and country roads. The wonder of "this

time called life."
The Wonder Years need never end.

The cosmic dance
to celestial melodies,
free form within
patterns of precise
The painting I know
so well. The canvas
I want to learn,
and, perhaps,
the artist.

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