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Saint Josephs University

Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System

Lesson Plan Format
Candidates Name: Jessica Sweet

Course Prefix/Number/Section: SPE

Date Week of 9/13/2015 Subject Algebra 1

1 Day

Grade Level: 9-12 Duration:

Lesson Topic: Determining Linear Functions from a table.

1. Essential Questions (Linked to Big Ideas)
Why are the first differences from a function table
important in Algebra?
2. Learner Outcomes (Instructional Objectives)
Students will analyze tabular data in order to determine
the first differences and the corresponding function family.
3. Related Academic Standards: Common Core and/or PA Standards
CCSS Algebra 1: 1.B.1-1.B.2
4. Vocabulary
Function Table
First difference
i. Quadratic
ii. Exponential
5. Materials/Resources
Teacher created Station cards
Student Drill Sheet
Station answer sheets
Lesson Summary Sheet
6. Instructional Procedures
i. Students will complete their drill questions upon
entering the classquestions are displayed via the
computer/projector with Powerpoint slides. Their
answers are written on their daily drill sheet that is
collected on a biweekly basis for credit.

ii. Teacher will display a graph/function table that has

been visited repeatedly as part of previous lessons
to display the difference in tabular data and
graphical data and the ease of its use.
i. With teacher leading, students will identify the first
difference pattern to the corresponding function
ii. Students will be given opportunity to practice
process of finding the first difference and applying
the results to a set of data to determine the
function family of the set through a rotating station
activity with repeated practice
i. Students will use the days tasks to answer the
essential question from the beginning of the lesson
as well as evaluate their comfort level and
understanding with the material via a visual

7. Addressing Learners Diverse Needs

Accommodations and adaptations
o All students in this class have an active IEP and require
modifications and accommodations aside from the
original lesson plan modifications created from the
curriculum guide/suggested strategies. All students are
permitted to use a calculator for any and all
computation and algebraic equations. This lesson was
designed with strong visual support (i.e. Use of
powerpoint, handouts, and images) to aid in
understanding. Opportunities to get up and move
around as part of the lesson are used to allow students
brain breaks and mobility to ensure full attention in
the lesson. Specific modifications based on number of
stations required are given to two students who
require a modified pace of instruction and work.
Challenges for advanced learners
o No specific challenges are created for students who
complete requirements with ease. However, an
extension activity is included in the lesson
development should any student demonstrate mastery
early on in the lesson.
7. Formative/Summative Assessment
Students will complete station work to demonstrate their
understanding of the process of finding first differences of
a function table an analysis of its results. Students will
also fill out a Lesson Summary evaluation sheet to
demonstrate and evaluate their level of understanding.

8. Data Analysis and Reflection on Planning/Instruction; Plans for

Reteaching (as applicable)
Summative assessment results in combination with
details from teacher observation will be used to identify a
need for additional instruction in this objective or the
need for acceleration in related instructional tasks.