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Traditional approach

Emergent Giants approach

‡ To have economy of scale ‡ Acquisition with same business model company ‡ Quick changes in the acquired company

‡ To obtain new technology ‡ Acquisition with the company who can compliment there services ‡ try to make thing settle before making any changes

‡ Based on short term goals

‡ Based on long term goals

‡ Acquired the needed competency ‡ Eliminate your weaknesses ‡ Prioritize integration task

‡ Financial integration ‡ Organization integration ‡ Business-process integration ‡ Market integration

‡ Start from the Domestic market ‡ Vertical and Horizontal integration Analysis ‡ Minimized the culture clashes

‡ Right to way to do M&A ‡ Need to evaluate internally

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