Floating Windmills

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Floating Windmills

Alternative Emergency 

Energy is a major factor in today s society Alternative fuel and alternative energy resources are in great demand Most everyone in the world is looking for more energy-efficient ways to live Hybrid vehicles and other fuel-efficient technology is arising around the world The world has to change, this emergency that we are experiencing today should have been taken care of long before now. Now we have no choice but to develop new technology in very little time

Background Information
Developed by Hydro, a Norwegian offshore producer of oil and gas and the third largest aluminum supplier in the world. Hydro is a fortune 500 country that was founded in 1905, with 33,000 employees in 40 countries Hydro has researched this plan for more many years, and the results look promising.

Introduction to Floating Windmills 

An alternative energy resource that doesn t require use of fossil fuel Size and structure: 

Windmills will reach 80 meters above the surface Rotors on the windmill will have a diameter of 90 meters Windmills secured by cables that are connected to ocean s floor

Goals and Objectives  


To have large-scale offshore wind parks with up to 200 turbines capable of producing up to 4 terawatt hours per year and delivering renewable electricity to both offshore and onshore activities To take advantage of wind resources where it blows the most at sea. Help energy poor areas where there is little land space but great offshore wind conditions (United States) This kind of electricity will be enough to serve some 200,000 average households.

Current Windmills 

Offshore wind turbines are not new They typically stand on towers that are driven deep into the ocean floor This can only take place if the water is less than 50 feet This means that the turbine is visible from land These new turbines will take advantage of stronger winds and will not be visible from land This can happen because of the flotation device and the anchor system


These new floating windmills are possibly one of the best alternative energy sources available. Also, these new floating windmills cost one-third of what the current offshore windmill costs. The windmills could be moved to different locations if the need arises. The electricity will be brought to land by large electrical cables. The energy could also be brought to offshore oil producers to power their needs

Spar and TLP SML Simulation Models

Floating Wind Farms vs. Oil & Gas Reservoirs 

1 Barrel of Oil ~ 130 kg ~ 1.5 MWh of Energy (~ 12 kWh / kg) 1 MW of Rated Wind Turbine Power @ 40% Capacity Factor ~ 9.6 MWh / Day ~ 6.4 Barrels of Oil / Day Conversion Efficiency of Oil & Gas Engines / Turbines, Wind Turbines ~ 40-50% 1 GW Wind Farm (30 year life) ~ 70 M Barrel Oil Field ~ 6,400 Barrels / Day Breakeven Cost of Wind Turbines $3M / Rated MW = $3 B / Rated GW Equivalent Cost per Barrel of Oil ~ $43 / Barrel Investment Risk in Oil & Gas: Exploration Costs & Volatility of Oil & Gas Prices Investment Risk in Wind: Volatility of Wind Speed & Electricity Prices    



Wind a Rapidly Growing, Free, Inexhaustible, Environmentally Friendly, Utility Scale and Cost Effective Energy Source Vast Offshore Wind Resources with Higher and Steadier Wind Speeds in Deeper Waters Over 75% of Worldwide Power Demand From Coastal Areas Wind Power Output Increases with Cube of Wind Speed Lower Offshore Wind Turbulence 30 Years Longer Farm Life ~ 25-   


Connection to Electric Grid by Sub Sea AC or HVDC Cables Experience of Oil Industry Essential for the Development of Safe and Cost Effective Spar and TLP Wind Turbine Floaters

Floating Wind Turbine Attributes
oWater Depths of 30 ± 1000 m o5-MW Wind turbine: 1 GW Floating Wind Farm (200 Units) oFlexible Installation process: oFull Assembly at a Coastal Facility oBallasted TLP or Spar Buoy oTow Stable Floating Wind Turbine at Offshore Wind Farm Site oTow In of Floating Wind Turbine for Major Maintenance oGravity Anchors for TLP Tethers oConventional or Synthetic Catenaries for Spar Buoy oAttractive Economic and Financial Attributes


‡Optimized Spar Buoy and TLP Wind Turbine Floaters ‡Low Responses ± Use of Onshore Wind Turbines ‡Hybrid Offshore Wind & Wave Farms ‡Optimal Control to Enhance Wind and Wave Power Output ‡Design of Offshore Electric Grids ‡Attractive Economic Attributes ‡Project Finance for Utility Scale Offshore Wind & Wave Farms


Hydro has invested some NOK 20 million (over 305,000 in US dollars) into the Hywind concept over the past three years. Further research and demonstration of the project will require more than another NOK 150 million (about 23 million US dollars)

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