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Special edition: Kingstons Public Health feature pages 417

Embracing digital life

A recent report by media regulator
Ofcom found the number of people
over 65 years old accessing the
internet has jumped by almost a
quarter to 52% in one year, fuelled
largely by the increasing popularity
of tablet computers.
The increase in internet use in the
over 65s is particularly significant as
many in this age group have neither
used computers nor accessed the
internet during their working lives.
17% of people over 65 now use a tablet
to access the internet, and 17% of the
same age group use a smartphone. Its
certainly true that such devices are
intuitive and easy to use, so could this
be whats influencing the older
generation to get surfing?

I have a computer upstairs, but dont

really use it. A tablet is so convenient
and easy to use, and I can take it about
anywhere, commented Edna, who is a
member and volunteer at The Bradbury
in Kingston.
Edna, 83, has been using her tablet for
about a year. She wanted it to keep in
touch with her son who lives overseas,
but has found shes increased contact
with all her family and friends as a result,
using email, Facebook and SKYPE.
Last year nearly 70% of the over 65s
accessing the internet were doing so to
contact people by email, and 28% had
a social media profile. For those who
are unable to get out or dont have any
family or friends nearby, internet contact
can help us keep in touch, bringing the
warmth of friendship and family virtually
into our homes, staving off the effects of
isolation and loneliness.

The future is digital join a course and start enjoying the digital age

The way seniors are embracing digital

life is sure to influence businesses across
the country. More people are now
researching their products and services,
looking for the best prices and delivery
options. But its not just about choice
and bargain hunting. Accessing all kinds
of services, from utilities to health and
care, is increasingly moving on line, and
although the figures are encouraging,
it remains a fact that daily computer
use is far less for the 65+ age group and
research clearly demonstrates that older
people have a preference for face-toface communication when accessing
information and advice.

The implementation of the Care Act and
changes to state pensions and welfare
benefits are likely to increase the
demand from seniors for information on

these subjects. Evidence consistently

shows that older people have difficulty
accessing local, relevant information at
the time they need it usually at a time
of a change in personal circumstances.
This may be a planned change, such as
retirement, but more often than not its
when the unexpected happens a
health event, a bereavement that
people start looking for the information
and advice they need. A recent survey
by Age UK London found that
respondents reported not only great
difficulty navigating websites, but also
with phone-answering systems, where
automated systems were ineffective in
resolving issues directly, waiting times
excessive, or people were not put
through to someone who could deal
with their enquiry directly. Staywell joins
Age UK in urging local authorities to
support face-to-face provision for
people who need it.

Where are people surfing?

70% of people over 55 are using the
internet to find out about public
services. Hopefully this will result in
more people gaining access to the
support they need.
33% of over 55s are accessing
political and campaigning websites,
demonstrating a very real and
active participation in issues that
matter to them.
32% of the over 55s are using
online banking and paying their
bills online.
23% of over 55s are accessing
news onlin.e
13% of over 65s are playing games.
12% of over 65s are accessing

Issue twenty six l winter 2015

Source: Adults Media Use and Attitudes 2015 (Ofgem)


One of Ednas sons helped her to get

started with her tablet, but not
everyone has someone on hand.
Entering an Apple shop can feel a little
bewildering to anyone over the age of
30, so where can you learn?
Staywell runs various computer skills
training courses from its centres. As part
of the Enjoying Later Life Festival in
Kingston, The Bradbury partnered with
Community Connected, a local online
skills project, to deliver a tech tea party
with tablets. Participants learnt how
tablets work, and how to have fun and
save money and time with them.
For details of forthcoming courses
contact The Bradbury on 020 8549 1230
or Community Connected

Supporting active communities

Embracing digital life

Supporting active communities

Kingston Coordinated Care

Programme 2
Editorial One year on

Fit as a Fiddle new course dates 3

Letters 3
Welcome from Kingston
Public Health

Keeping active and managing

your weight


Keeping social

Lifelong learning

Looking after our mental health

and wellbeing
Losing someone you care about 10
Money money money!


Keeping warm, keeping cool,

keeping healthy


Keeping safe in and out of

the home


Are you caring for someone?


Living with a long-term condition 15

Managing at home


Taking the stress out of

house clearing


Who is the special team at KCF?


Care Act update


State pension top-ups


Volunteers wanted!


Did you know that last year Staywells

services helped over 2,500 individuals?
In addition, Staywell
l helped local residents apply for
income and benefits worth 681,491
l provided additional services 7 days a
week over the winter period, directly
benefiting 414 vulnerable people
l provided over 19,000 hours of Help@
Home, supporting people to stay in
their own homes
l enabled over 450 regular users of day
services to enjoy social activities,
good food and peer support
l enabled 279 people to improve their
physical and mental health through
its fun and award-winning Fit as a
Fiddle programme
These are just a few of the headlines
from Staywells recently published
Impact Report 2015: Supporting Active
Communities. But nothing brings the
impact of these services to life quite like
the words of someone who has been
helped by Staywell: My father was

People are living longer and want a

better, healthier life with easy access to
good services when they need them,
which staff are proud to deliver.
Regrettably, this isnt always the
experience people are currently having,
and with the continual squeeze on
financial resources, the prospect of
delivering this through the health and
social care system as it currently
operates is being jeopardised.
As such, a new ambitious and exciting
initiative is currently being developed
to help local people stay independent,
healthy and well for longer, with good

How to contact us:

Staywell, 14 Nelson Road, New Malden, KT3 5EA
t: 020 8942 8256
agenda news email:
The views expressed in agenda news are not necessarily those of the
trustees, staff or volunteers.
Published by Age Concern Kingston upon Thames
Registered charity no. 299988 Company no. 2272550

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2 l Issue twenty five

recently diagnosed with Alzheimers.

I was amazed and touched by the
service managers kindness and practical
help on the phone and was genuinely
blown away by the fact she spent two
hours gently steering me through the
subtle complexities of the Attendance
Allowance form. A fabulous, supportive,
kind service.
As Staywell approaches 70 years of
working with local communities, Chief
Executive Shane Brennan said: We are
proud of the difference we have made
to so many lives in our community,
and acknowledge the challenges that
lie ahead. With more people living
longer, we shall be working hard to
ensure all those people who need our
services are made aware of them and
are able to access them.
For a full breakdown of Staywells
achievements last year, and its aims for
next year, contact us for a copy of the
Impact Report 2015 020 8942 8256 or

Living healthier for longer

Kingston Coordinated Care Programme

Who we are


community support to enjoy their lives

to the full in their own homes. This
innovative development is called the
Kingston Coordinated Care Programme,
involving Adult Social Care, Kingston
Clinical Commissioning Group, and the
voluntary and community sectors.
Two key aims of the programme are to:
1. Support the development of active
and supportive communities in which
people are enabled to stay healthy
and well, living independently as part
of thriving and resilient communities.
2. Develop truly person-centred care
that supports people with complex

needs and aims to provide a more

joined-up, easier, simpler and
altogether better experience for
people. The aim is to achieve the
best possible quality of life with an
increased focus on prevention,
proactive care and self-reliance.
Staywells Tulloch Kempe said, Were
pleased to be playing a key role in the
development of a new model of health
and social care. Kingston Coordinated
Care is now moving to a testing phase;
we hope to publish the results in the
next issue of agenda news.

Staywell is an independent charity; based in New Malden, we work with communities in

Kingston upon Thames and the surrounding areas. We have 70 years experience of supporting
people to live safely and independently in their own homes and over the years have won
awards for this, the most recent being the 2013 Charity Award for Social Care and Welfare.
Our vision is to make your life a greater life. We have a history of working in innovative ways
with local people to deliver the services that they want, and of working in partnership.
We provide a range of community-based services which help and support people to live in
their own homes. These include information, advice and advocacy; practical help in the home
(eg handyperson services, cleaning and domestic help, shopping, support after a hospital
stay) and social activities (social centres, lunch clubs, telephone befriending, dementia club).
These services are accessed by hundreds of people each year.
Our staff are supported by over 120 trained volunteers who add value and huge
commitment to all the services we provide.


Agenda editorial

Please send your letters & feedback to agenda news

Staywell, 14 Nelson Road, New Malden, KT3 5EA
or send an email to

Dear Staywell
I just wanted to thank you for all your assistance
with helping us complete the Attendance
Allowance forms on behalf of my mother.
We recently received notification from the
DWP that my mothers application has been
successful. She has been approved to receive
the higher rate payment which will be of
considerable assistance to her.
Your offices very kindly provided other
guidance and advice when I first rang up and
I will be following up on other areas as may
be relevant.

Our special thanks go to the Information and

Advice team member who helped us. She was
most helpful and very much clarified the
Attendance Allowance claim process I know
we would have worried about tackling it on
our own.
Very best regards
Please send us your news and views you never
know, we may ask to publish them. Please send

Free Fit as a Fiddle courses

Change is needed
Welcome to this special edition of agenda news, which has
been produced in partnership with Kingston Councils Public
Health team. Inside this bumper edition you will find lots of
information about local health, care and leisure services and
where you can access them.
Often our older people are spoken about in a negative
way, they are frequently blamed for the problems of the
NHS and for the rising costs of the welfare bill but the
reality is that more people in later years are healthier and
fitter than ever before.
The changing nature of our population, with its changing
demographic, means the way services are run and
accessed also has to change. Unfortunately much of the
nations approach to health care and support has been the
same for decades.
Here in Kingston there is recognition that change needs to
happen and there is a commitment to move beyond the
rhetoric, bringing health and social care together to ensure
these services work better for local people. A major new
initiative, under the banner Kingston Coordinated Care, is
focusing on improving the customers experience of accessing
care, and also on whats needed to support a vision of active
and supportive communities, as well as transforming the way
services are commissioned; this signals the biggest change in
community health and social care services in Kingston in the
last 20 years (see page 2 for more detail).
By working with the Council to bring you this edition of
agenda news we hope to make sure that many more people
can easily get the information they need about local services.

One year on
It has been a year since Age Concern Kingston upon Thames
became Staywell. Changing our name was an important
development for our organisation. There were a number of
reasons why we did this, most importantly of all because
people told us the old name did not reflect the changing
nature of ageing and the issues that affect people today.
One year on we can say the new name has been very
successful. Over the last year Staywell has continued to evolve
and develop and the fact that today we support and help
more people than ever before shows that this change was
indeed the right thing to do.
What do you think? Get in touch and let us know

Free Fit as a Fiddle courses for November 2015

Are you over 50, live in the borough of Kingston, and want to get fit, lose weight and
improve your wellbeing? Why not join a free 6-week course! You can read more about
the benefits of the Fit as a Fiddle programme on Page 4.
Nordic walking: Richmond Park, Tuesday 3 November, 10.3012.30pm
Aquacise: Kingfisher Leisure Centre, Kingston, Wednesday 4 November, 12.302.30pm
Body Balance: Glenmore House, Surbiton, Thursday 5 November, 11.301.30pm
Chair based: New Malden Methodist Church, Friday 6 November, 1.003.00pm
All courses include healthy lifestyle/weight loss workshops
For more information and to book a place, please contact:
Grace on 020 8942 8256 or email:

Raleigh House Christmas Fair

Saturday 28 November, 11.00am 3.00pm
Get ahead of the game and start your Christmas shopping at the
fabulous Raleigh House Christmas Fair!
Theres fun for all the family including: Santas Grotto; homemade cakes, jams and marmalades; name the doll stall and
festive refreshments.
There will also be stalls from Simple Silver, Tinas Treasures,
Noelles Dcor, Id Rather be Eating Chocolate and Phoenix cards.
Part of the proceeds will go to Raleigh House.
Call 020 8942 8256 or visit for more info.

Issue twenty five


Welcome to Kingston Public

Healths Special Supplement
Kingston Public Health is delighted to partner with Staywell for this very special issue of agenda news. Produced by
Kingston Public Health in conjunction with Kingston University, the next fourteen pages are bursting with articles on
active ageing and wellbeing, listing many free and low-cost activities and services on offer to older people living in the
Royal Borough of Kingston. It is not possible to list everything that we have available and services are changing all the
time but we hope you find something new to entice you!

Keeping active Healthy
When we start exercising, we naturally find we want to eat healthier food. Eating
means youre likely to feel more energetic, stay active for longer and protect
and managing well
yourself against illness. Healthy eating can also help you to manage your weight
or lose weight, and even a small amount of weight loss can help to improve your
your weight
health, including helping to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Keeping active is the key to
staying fit, mobile and
independent. Regular exercise
can help reduce the impact
of diseases like osteoporosis,
diabetes, high blood pressure,
heart disease and stroke, and
can also reduce arthritisrelated pain, improve sleep,
prevent falls and fractures,
and improve low mood and
memory. The good news is
that any exercise is beneficial
for you, so finding things that
can be part of your everyday
routine, like walking to the
shops, or things that are fun,
such as dancing or playing
bowls, make it easy and
enjoyable to do. Contact your
local leisure or community
centre to see what theyve got
on, or if possible see if you can
find an activity to do with
friends or other people such
as walking and dancing.

4 l Issue twenty six

Check out the programmes below and start your healthier life today by giving
one of them a call.

Get Active
Get Active is an exercise programme offered to Kingston
Borough residents who are referred by their GP or another health professional.
It is a structured 12 week exercise programme that offers a series of one-to-one
sessions with a qualified exercise specialist. You will benefit from a personalised
training programme to suit your ability and will be given on-going support by your
instructor throughout the programme. Activities featured in the Get Active
programme can include easy pilates or aquacise. There is also a women only gym,
active gardening and swimming.
This is a great programme with fantastic results. One man saw his blood
pressure drop dramatically and Vivian felt her mobility and flexibility had
improved since doing the programme. She explained how she felt at ease in the
gym and how there was a friendly and supportive atmosphere between anyone in
the gym, whatever their age: Theyve got a broad range of people they cater for.
You know... you think a gym is going to be full of fit young people! But there are all
sorts of people who go disabled people, young people, old people. I thought
that was nice actually, being with the younger people as well when youre doing
exercises! You know, its a sort of camaraderie and theyre always very friendly,
You can see a Get Active instructor in each of the Boroughs five leisure centres:
l Kingfisher Leisure Centre
l Malden Centre
l YMCA Hawker Centre
l Tolworth Recreation Centre, and
l YMCA Surbiton.
Each session is offered at a reduced rate and those who complete the 12 weeks
course are offered a reduced gym membership at the centre they attended.
Speak to your GP to take part, or call the Get Active team.
Telephone: 020 8547 6666 Email:

Fit as a Fiddle
Staywells holistic exercise and healthy
eating programme, Fit as a Fiddle, is free
to all over 50s in the Kingston Borough.
The courses last 6 weeks and offer a
choice of gentle activities such as chair
based exercise or body balance; or more
active exercises such as Nordic walking,
aquacise and occasionally cycling. You
wont be expected to do more than you
feel comfortable with, and all sessions
are followed by a healthy eating and
weight loss workshop. And its not just
about the health benefits, its sociable
and fun too!
Telephone: 020 8942 8256
Email: grace.shorthouse@

special Feature

Walk for Health Kingston

Walk for Health Kingston offers a range of walks outside in beautiful local parks
and open spaces. There are a number of different walks to choose from
depending on your ability, led by trained walk leaders. You can choose between
short walks with plenty of stops or longer walks if you feel you can manage it.
The walks provide an opportunity to meet new people while doing something
to improve both your physical and mental wellbeing. We welcome volunteers
who would like to receive free walk leader training. Come and enjoy a lovely walk
with a friendly group of people!
Telephone: 0800 028 8694 or 020 8547 6815

Managing your weight: Weigh-2-Go

Need a little help losing a few pounds? Weigh-2-Go is a
free 10-week programme for adults aged 18 and over
who would like to lose weight and make healthy lifestyle changes. You can choose
from one-to-one support with a trained advisor, or be part of a group if you would
like the support of others. You will also receive ongoing support with setting your
own personal goals in making gradual changes, and a weekly weigh-in will map
your progress. Sessions take place in selected GP surgeries and pharmacies.
Bill found his experience of the programme quite enlightening: Yes very
positive. Very informative, I think these are the key factors. I mean we can all diet
for a week or so but this points at a longer term positive way of living. It was very
informative because we covered many types of food labelling and what to look
for, you know, when you go into a supermarket
To find out more about this programme, call 0800 028 869; 020 8547 6815

Concerned about osteoarthritis in your knees or osteoporosis?

Better Bones programme

The Better Bones service runs free 12
week exercise and education courses for
people aged over 45 with osteoarthritis
in their knees and for people aged over
50 at risk of osteoporosis. Pamela found
this holistic approach to be invaluable,
Its not only the exercise. Youre sharing
the things that concern you about your
bone health ... And sharing the troubles
people have had and then you think
maybe you should consider that, and
take more consideration for yourself about the best path to go.
To find out more, call 0300 123 8086
or Email:

Other useful contacts

NHS Choices, your health, your choices

British Heart Foundation

Telephone: Heart Helpline: 0300 330 3311

Leisure Centres
If you dont like the idea of an organised activity there are a number of leisure
centres and sports facilities in the Royal Borough of Kingston for residents. If you live
in the Borough and are over 60 years old, you can apply for an Active Kingston Card.
This entitles you to a subsidised membership and use of all the leisure centre
facilities listed below. There are occasional special offers with individual classes as
well, but check in advance as costs vary with each centre and class. You will have to
be trained how to use the equipment in each centre, for health and safety reasons.
You can find more information about these centres through the following contacts:
Kingfisher Leisure Centre
Fairfield Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2PY.
Telephone: 020 8546 1042
Kingsmeadow Fitness and Athletics
422a Kingston Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 3PB
Telephone: 020 8547 2198
Maldon Centre
Blagdon Road, New Maldon, KT3 4AF
Telephone: 020 8336 7770
Tolworth Recreation Centre
Fullers Way, North Tolworth, KT8 7LQ
Telephone: 020 8391 7190
YMCA Hawker Centre
Lower Ham Road, Kingston, KT2 5BH
Telephone: 020 8296 9747
YMCA Surbiton
49 Victoria Road, Surbiton, KT6 4NG
Telephone: 020 8390 0148

There is so much to gain from getting active and enjoying a healthy diet. Just one small change can lead to a wealth
of benefits from improved health to increased energy, to the joy of trying something new and making new friends.
Call one of the organisations above and take that first step today.

Issue twenty six


Keeping social can give us a true sense

of wellbeing, helping us to feel good
about ourselves and others. This can
take shape in many forms from
enjoying different hobbies and
activities, to having fun with old
friends, making new friends, and
having that sense of belonging that
comes with being part of a community.
If you havent found the right outlet
for you yet, Kingston Borough provides
a range of services that can help you
do the things that are important to
you. Whatever your cultural, spiritual
and social interests are, there are a
range of services to meet the needs of
all residents.
With so much going on in Kingston,
it is not possible to list everything here.
If you are online you can look at
or the carepoint directory to see what
else is out there.

Keeping social
MIND Mental Health Charity
Telephone: 020 8255 3939
Multiple Sclerosis Society
The Friends of Kingston Hospital
Kingston Horticultural Society
Healthwatch Kingston

Volunteering is a great way to make
social contact, while doing something
fulfilling to help others in the
community. It can be the perfect way to
keep up skills following retirement, or
even to learn new skills. Ive developed
good people skills and have given
something back to the community, said
Staywell volunteer, Jonathon. Its really
built my confidence and Ive made good
social relationships.
Go Kingston Volunteering matches
volunteers with places that need
volunteers. Contact them for a chat and
see what is on offer.
Go Kingston Volunteering
Siddeley House, 50 Canbury Park Road,
Kingston upon Thames, KT2 6LX
Telephone: 020 8255 8685 Email:
These organisations offer a wide range of
volunteering opportunities, so contact
them direct to find out whats on offer.
Telephone 020 8942 8256
Cancer Research
Telephone: 020 8541 5268

6 l Issue twenty six

at 12 noon. Transport can be provided.

Contact Rev Lucy Wright
John Smith (volunteer)
Worcester Park Baptist Church,
2 The Avenue
Worcester Park KT4 7EU
Telephone: 020 8337 1050
St Pauls Church, Kingston Hill
St Pauls Church supports the
Evergreens group, providing a place
for people aged over 60 to meet for
tea, talk, music or entertainment.
The group meets on the first Tuesday
afternoon of every month from 2pm
to 4pm. Transport can be provided.
St Pauls Church, Queens Rd,
Kingston upon Thames KT2 7SF
Telephone 020 8549 5444
Email: .

Kingston has a vibrant and diverse

community and the following
organisations can help you stay
connected and gain support from
within your community.

Cultural & Spiritual

As well as getting out and meeting
people your cultural and spiritual
wellbeing may also be important to
you. Below are just a few of the
opportunities that are on offer in
Kingston that you may find culturally
and spiritually stimulating.
New Malden Baptist Church
Lunch plus
The New Malden Baptist Church has a
weekly lunch on Mondays where
everybody is welcome for a charge of
3. There is a quiz or a talk from an
interesting expert speaker afterwards,
and a chance to chat and meet new
people as well.
New Malden Baptist Church,
1a Westbury Road
New Malden, Surrey KT3 5BE.
Telephone: 020 8942 6912
Worcester Park Baptist Church
The Church warmly welcomes senior
citizens for lunch break and a
presentation by a speaker on Tuesdays

The Kingston Chinese Association

(KCA) provides a range of both
educational and social activities. KCA
promote Chinese Arts and Culture
across Kingston borough and
neighbouring boroughs to encourage
community activity. They have some
excellent events. Do contact them to
find out more at Milaap Centre,
Murray House, 140 Acre Road,
Kingston upon Thames KT2 6EE
Kingston Muslim Womens Welfare
and Cultural Association offers
support for Asian and Muslim women.
They hold discussion groups and
provide a befriending support service.
They are based at: 27 Clarence Avenue,
New Malden, Surrey KT3 3TZ
Telephone: 020 8399 2498

Members of the Kingston Chinese

Association at Kingston Carnival

Nanoom, is a Korean community

wellbeing group which has been set up
by local residents and has offered
activities such as ICT for older people
and English language.
Telephone: 07502 264 112
African Positive Outlook is a charitable
organisation that provides information
and advice for the people of African
descent living in the United Kingdom.
They support people with advice
around their health and wellbeing.
They are based at.
Room 20-24 Richard Mayo Centre,
United Reform Church, Eden Street,
Kingston upon Thames KT1 1HZ
Telephone: 020 8546 1671
LGBT Social Group
West London Gay Mens Project
(WLGMP) is a new social group for
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
(LGBT) people and runs every last
Thursday of the month 18:00 to 20:00 at
Kingston Quaker Centre, Fairfield East,
Kingston upon Thames KT1 2PT
Telephone: 0800 587 8302

Having an active, valued role in the

community, meeting new people,
connecting with our cultural and
Kingston Iraqi Community Association spiritual interests, learning new skills
provides activities for both young and
or just meeting up to have a cup of
older people. There is a meeting every
coffee and a chat can really help our
Saturday 6-9pm at Milaap Centre,
sense of wellbeing. We really hope
Murray House, 140 Acre Road
you will find something of interest in
Kingston upon Thames KT2 6EE.
the services we have identified and
Telephone: 020 8547 2887
that you will give them a try.

special Feature

Keeping your mind and body active

can really help you to stay alert, fit
and healthy. Whether you enjoy doing
crosswords, playing card games or
helping the grandchildren with
homework, this type of activity will
have a lasting effect on your memory
and alertness. So next time you meet
friends to enjoy shared activities and
interests, you will know you are doing
more than just having fun. If you
fancy trying something new, theres a
vast range of things to do and learn.

Lifelong learning
familiar with computers, internet, email,
online shopping and so much more.
They also have 4 sessions of IT Buddies
where people can drop in to get help
with basic computer issues and queries
as well as signing up to free online
computer courses.
Telephone: 020 8547 5006

Learn something new!

As an adult it can be hard taking the first
steps back into education, especially if
you struggle with a long-term health
problem or disability, or if youre looking
after someone else. But learning
something new is a great way to get out
of the house, boost your self-esteem
and meet new people. There are a
number of different courses including
recreational and non-recreational that
are specially tailored to suit adult
learners. Have a look at the Kingston
Adult Education website or give them a
call to find out whats on offer.
Kingston Adult Education
Guildhall 2, High Street
Kingston upon Thames KT1 1EU.
Telephone: 020 8547 5006
University of the Third Age (U3A)
The University of the Third Age (U3A)
movement is a unique and exciting
organisation which provides life
enriching and life enhancing
opportunities. Retired and semi-retired
people come together and learn
together, not only for qualifications but
for their reward: the sheer enjoyment of
discovery! U3A members have said,
The U3A taught me things I have
missed along lifes way and The U3A
has given me the chance to expand my
interests and learning.
The Kingston branch offers regular
monthly meetings. They offer several
different specialist groups, including,
art, music, walks and many more. There
are many organised local events and
outings as well, including concerts and
poetry. Membership costs 13 for a
single membership and 20 for a
couple. They always welcome new
members who can get involved and
share their knowledge with others.

Telephone: 020 8390 0109


New skills new people!

Learn a new skill at one of the Staywell
centres. Both The Bradbury and Raleigh
House offer a wide range of activities
including Tai Chi, gardening, quizzes,
singing, arts and crafts, computer
tuition and many more.
When Trevor Tedder first saw the
computers at The Bradbury, he signed
up to an eight-week course, One-toone classes with a very nice lady called
Linda set me on my way after
completing the course she told me she
thought I would make it. I now have
over a hundred contacts all over the
world, mainly people I have known
through my life. They seem to be
amazed that I did not start using the
machine until I was 82.
This not only put Trevor back in touch
with old friends, but being on the course
at The Bradbury led to him making new
friends too. And he hasnt stopped
there; his thirst for learning continues to
be quenched through many other
courses The Bradbury offers.
The Bradbury, 37b Grange Road,
Kingston upon Thames KT1 2RA.
Telephone: 020 8549 1230

Getting online
Getting online can feel quite daunting,
but Community Connected is
committed to supporting people to
be more comfortable with using
computers, getting online and using
the Internet. If you have ever felt too
embarrassed to ask for help using a
computer, then come to Community
Connected for help.
They run a regular training session
on the Cambridge Road Estate called
Technology Thursday every two weeks
from 1-5pm. Its a drop-in session where
you find staff and volunteers who know
everything about computers and are
ready to help you. Community
Connected has recently started working
out of Surbiton Tolworth library.
If you live in Kingston Borough you can
also apply for a refurbished no cost or
low cost computer and a member of
staff will help you set it up at home.
Telephone: 020 8255 8040
Kingston Libraries
Kingston Borough has seven libraries
providing a full range of services,
including reading groups and book
sets. There are various classes which
include poetry and writing amongst
others. They can also help you get
online. They run Silver Surfer Sessions
aimed at helping older people to get

Kingston Museum
Kingston Museum offers a rich variety
of interesting exhibitions. You can
become a member or a volunteer, and
the museum is open on Tuesdays,
Fridays and Saturdays 10-5pm.
Kingston Museum, Wheatfield Way,
Kingston upon Thames KT1 2PS
Tel: 020 8547 5006

Other useful contacts

Learn English at home
020 8255 6144
Refugee Action Kingston
020 8547 0115
The Tamil Elders
Empowerment Group or

Learning a new skill can be very

rewarding and can really boost the
confidence. It is also a great way to
meet new friends and keep us both
physically and mentally active. There
are so many classes and different
organisations in the borough that its
simply not possible to list them all here.
Take a look at the KVA directory if you
want to find out more about what is on
offer locally. www.vcconnectsystem.

Issue twenty six


Looking after our mental

health and wellbeing
Mental health is a vital part of
our overall health, and is just as
important as being physically
healthy. It is often described as
our emotional, psychological or
mental wellbeing.
Sometimes the stresses of everyday
life creep up on us, and we may not
feel we are coping so well. Other times,
we may find we have a big life
changing event that affects our mental
wellbeing, such as:
l having difficulty with relationships or
a divorce
l having lost someone we care for
through a bereavement
l struggling to manage with financial
l worrying about an uncertain future
l finding it hard to be independent
l retirement and the loss of social
contact, daily occupation and a
regular salary
l physical health problems or the
physical or mental health of
someone we care for
Just a few small steps can really help to
lift your mood, and once you take that
first step, you will find it easier to take
the next. Here are some first steps to
help you on your way.

Enhance your mood by getting out and about

Take notice


Whether you meet a friend for coffee,

chat to the cashier in a shop, or talk to a
friend or family member on the phone,
the social contact will lift you. The more
you can do that, the more you will
notice the enjoyment you take out of it.

Taking notice of the small things

around us like the smell of freshly
cut grass, or the sound of the birds
in the morning can really help us to
momentarily forget our worries and
be in the moment. This subtle practice
can help us to find joy and happiness
in what is around us.

No matter what your stage in life is,

we all relish learning something new.
Set yourself a challenge to learn
something new each day, be it a new
word or fact. Or take on a course to
learn a new skill see Page 7 of this
supplement for ideas.

Be active


If you are able to take exercise, this is

a great way to help you feel good,
particularly if you can do it with others.
If you are less mobile, try pottering in
the garden or join a chair-based
exercise class like those run by
Staywells Fit as a Fiddle (see pages
4 & 5 for details).

Give some time to yourself for your

pleasures, and if you can, give some of
your time to help others. This could be
anything from a regular phone call to a
friend who is lonely, to volunteering for
a charity. Giving time to help others will
bring you great joy as well as doing
some good.

Connect with others

8 l Issue twenty six

Support and advice

While taking positive action to help lift
your mental wellbeing is greatly
encouraged, it may not always be
enough, so its important to recognise
when professional help may be needed.
If you, or anyone you know, are
experiencing ongoing and significant
changes in outlook and behaviour, it
may be time to seek some support.

Your GP will be able to help you, or

else you can access any of Kingston
Boroughs services, a few of which
are outlined below.

Kingston Wellbeing Service

Based in Surbiton, this service provides
support for adults of all ages with issues
affecting their mental wellbeing. They
offer a range of support for people who
may be struggling with anxiety and
depression and they can also provide
support for people with drug and
alcohol problems. If you think that you,
or someone you care for, may be
affected by any of these issues you can
contact the service in confidence to talk
through your situation and they will be
able to offer advice.

special Feature

Mary contacted Kingston Wellbeing

Service following a bereavement as she
was struggling to manage on her own.
She was hesitant at first, but found it
really helped, At first I thought its not
going to do me any good at all; I might
as well go for a walk instead. But after
about the third session, it was like a
lightbulb, and I suddenly understood it
and felt better for it.
Contact the service to find out more
at: Kingston Wellbeing Service,
Hollyfield House, 22 Hollyfield Road,
Surbiton KT5 9AL.
Telephone: 020 8339 8040

A chat can be
incredibly uplifting

Alfriston Day Centre Outreach

Befriending Service
This is a great free service for those who
are isolated at home, perhaps due to ill
health, mobility issues or maybe just
lacking the confidence to go out at the
moment. One of their trained
volunteers can come and visit you at
home to see how you are getting on
and just have a friendly chat.
The service takes a lot of care to
ensure the person coming to visit you is
well matched and that you have some
shared interests to talk about. Last year
Jean was living a full and independent
life until a bad fall changed everything.
Recovering in hospital her reduced
mobility stopped her being able to go
out and she received only brief visits
each day from carers. Jean missed the
daily contact with people and quickly
felt isolated and lonely. Luckily the

warden at Jeans block of flats told her

about Alfriston Befriending Service and
referred her. Talking about her new
friendship Jean said: Its been great, it
really has, when I first met Natalie I
thought she is a young girl what will we
talk about? Oh but time flies when
youre chatting! The age difference is
unimportant - we talk about all types of
things, TV, news, everything.
Alfriston Day Centre,
3 Berrylands Road, Surbiton KT5 8RB.
Telephone: 020 8399 4289
Enjoying the gardening

Books on Prescription
The libraries hold various self help
books for mental health and dementia
awareness. The books have all been
recommended by health professionals
and you can choose to read the whole
book or focus on the parts that seem
relevant to you. Visit your local library
to find out what they have available.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Public Health Kingston runs mental
health First Aid training. A mental
health First Aid course will teach you
to recognise the early signs of a
mental health problem in adults and
young people and give you the
confidence and knowledge to help
yourself and others.

Support for dementia

If you want to know more about
dementia and what is on offer locally
for people living with dementia, please
call the the Alzheimers Society
Dementia Advisor on 020 3513 5147.
Staywells Raleigh House holds a
monthly Saturday Club for people
with dementia and their carers.
Telephone: 020 8942 8256
Email: saturdayclub@staywellservices.

Other useful contact

MIND in Kingston
Telephone: 020 8255 3939

Mental ill-health is very often an

unseen illness and can be difficult
to recognise in ourselves and others.
If you do identify it in yourself or a
family member or friend, then contact
your GP or seek out support from one
of the services suggested.

Issue twenty six


you care
Bereavement is something that most
people will experience during their
lives, and as we get older, we are
likely to experience it more often.
The loss of a friend, partner, or family
member can be devastating and we
will all react to this experience in
different ways.
You may feel a wide range of
emotions from shock to loss; disbelief
to anger. If you have lost a partner you
may be worried about the future and
how you are going to manage without
them. Many people find that they can
gain enough support from family,
friends and neighbours to get through
this difficult time but if you feel you
would like to talk to someone about
your loss and how you are feeling there
are a range of local services that you
can easily access.

Canbury Park Road, Kingston upon

Thames KT2 6LQ. They can also visit
you at home.
Telephone: 020 8547 1552,
Email: info@kingstonbereavement

Support groups
and counselling

Cruse offers support to people who

are dealing with bereavement. Trained
counsellors are there to help and can
offer you support and information over
the phone.
Telephone: 0844 477 9400

Kingston Bereavement Service offers

counselling to anyone who has been
bereaved and is trying to come to terms
with their life after the loss of a close
friend or family member. You can
contact them yourself or ask for a
referral from your GP or another health
professional. If you are referred to the
service then it is free. If you self-refer
then there is a charge. This service
offers counselling at Welcare House,

10 l Issue twenty six

Samaritans Kingston offers a friendly

and supportive person to talk to by
telephone or face to face, 24 hours a
day 365 days a year. You can email them
as well as visit them in their local office.
The service is based at
12 St Andrews Road, Surbiton
Surrey, KT6 4DT
Telephone: 020 8399 6676 or
08457 90 90 90

Staywells The Bradbury offers a free

monthly bereavement support group
on the first Thursday of every month.
This is really helpful for people who
want to talk to other people who
understand what they are going
through, and often leads to new
friendships as well as support.
Telephone: 020 8549 1230

Supporting your friends

It can be difficult to know what to say
to someone who has recently been
bereaved, whether they are a close
friend or an acquaintance, but this is a
time when people really need your
friendship. People who have been
bereaved often dont want a long
conversation, but will appreciate a few
words of acknowledgement, to know
that you care, and that you can provide
help if need be. Sometimes it is the
practical things we can do to help that
make all the difference. As one
bereaved person said: The best friends
were the ones who slipped immediately
into practical mode and said: What can
I do? Dont be offended if your help is
refused, and keep on offering.

Other useful contacts

Dying Matters 0800 021 44 66;
Staywell 020 8408 8170;

Loss and bereavement can be really

difficult experiences to go through.
The range of services that are outlined
above can offer you support and
guidance at this difficult time. It may
be just someone to talk to, to get
some advice on how to manage your
finances, or how to start moving
forward and finding new friends.

special Feature

Money, Money, Money!

As we get older managing money
becomes even more important and
we may not know where to go for
impartial advice we can trust. It can
feel uncomfortable discussing
money and personal affairs with
others, even our own family
members, especially if we are finding
it hard to manage financially.
If money is tight or if your financial
situation has changed due to a
bereavement or illness, you may need
advice about how to maximise your
income through benefits you are
entitled to get. There are several
organisations that can help you to
identify what benefits you are eligible
for and how to go about it.

Staywell has a dedicated Information
Advice & Advocacy service, offering
free, quality assured, and impartial
advice on a range of issues. This
confidential service can help you to
maximise your income by guiding you
through the benefits labyrinth, as well
as assisting with other money matters.
Last year alone, Staywell helped
service users apply for income and
benefits worth over 680,000. One
service user was thrilled by the outcome
of Staywells support: Thank you for
all your help and advice regarding my
husbands application for an attendance
allowance. He has secured a payment of
some 54 per week which will be very
useful to us. The lady who came round
to help us complete the application
form was absolutely brilliant and
without her help Im sure nothing would
have happened. As she said, she has
done this many times before and knew
the ropes.

Age UK
Age UK have designed a Benefits Quiz
to help people work out if they are
eligible for any financial assistance.
Look under Money Matters on their
website to find the quiz.

Kingston Citizens Advice

Bureau (KCABs)
KCABs provide information for people
with a variety of issues including
financial and can provide valuable
advice and support. They have three
local centres in Kingston, New Malden
and Chessington.
If you are comfortable using computers,
KCAB encourages people to use the
online advice and support service
KCABs, Neville House, 55 Eden Street,
Kingston, Surrey KT1 1BW.
Telephone: 020 3166 0953
Monday Friday, 10.00 am 3.30 pm

Kingston Council
Revenue and Benefits
Kingston Council has an advice line
for help and advice for benefits, rents
and bills.
Kingston Council Revenue and Benefits,
Guildhall 2, High Street
Kingston upon Thames KT1 1EU
Tel: 020 8547 5007

Seek guidance through the benefits labyrinth

Interpreting Service
Kingston Council provides an
interpreting service for use with a range
of issues including financial issues. You
can book an appointment by telephone
or using the online form on the website.
Kingston Interpreting Service
Guildhall 2, High Street
Kingston upon Thames KT1 1EU
Telephone: 020 8547 5822

Call one of the organisations above to

make sure you are getting all the
financial support you are entitled to.
A small amount extra can make all the
difference to your quality of life.

The telephone advice line is open

Monday Friday, 9.30 am 4.30 pm. If
your query is complex, we can organise
a face to face session in your home or at
one of our centres.
Telephone advice line: 020 8408 8170

Issue twenty six

l 11

Keeping warm, keeping cool,

keeping healthy!
The wonderful variety of weather in
this country can mean we have to
cope with extreme weather which can
affect the young and old quite
seriously. Our bodies need a bit of
extra help to keep us well during
these times, and the best ways are
often the simplest.

Stay warm in the

cold weather
While we know to keep up a good fluid
intake in the hot weather, it is equally
important to do so in the cold too,
especially if you are inside with the
central heating on. If you are brave
enough to venture out into the cold,
then keep warm by wrapping up with
several layers of light clothing as this
will keep you warmer and be more
comfortable than wearing big heavy
clothes. Be sure to wear shoes with a
good grip as this will help reduce the
risk of slipping on frosty or icy
pavements. Drinking plenty of hot
drinks and eating at least one hot meal
a day can help you to stay warm as well
as hydrated, and eating regularly can
help keep your energy levels up.

Remember to see if you are eligible

for the Winter Fuel Payment, Cold
Weather Payment or Warm Home
Discount you can call the Home Heat
Helpline for free on 0800 33 66 99 for
more advice or call Staywells
Information, Advice and Advocacy
service on 020 8408 8170
Monday Friday, 9.30 am 4.30 pm.
If you are online you can check your
eligibility at:
l cold weather payment
l winter fuel payment
l warm home discount:

The Royal Borough of Kingstons
website which has lots of helpful
information on helping you deal with
extreme temperatures, as well as advice
on how to insulate your home and
therefore reduce your heating bills.
In both hot and cold weather make
sure you keep tuned into the weather
forecast so you can plan ahead.

protect you against most types of flu

during the winter months. They will
inform where you need to go for your
flu vaccination.
The shingles vaccine is offered
routinely to people aged 70, 71, 72, 78
and 79. You can have the shingles
vaccination at any time of year, though
many people will find it convenient to
have it at the same time as their annual
flu vaccination. Unlike the flu
vaccination you will only need it once.

Stay cool in a heatwave!

Prepare for cold weather

with a free home visit
Thinking Works
Thinking Works is a non-profit
organisation that works with Kingston
Council to provide a service called
Warm home, better health. This gives
energy advice and provides free small
measures to help you to reduce fuel
and water costs. The service is free for
anyone aged 65 or over or anyone with
a long-term illness or disability, and
works with local GPs to ensure you have
the information you need on how to
keep warm and healthy. Telephone:
0800 118 2327 or 07920 524452

Winter time vaccinations

The flu virus is present every year,
usually in the winter, and for some
people it can develop into more serious
illnesses. The best way to protect
yourself is to get the free seasonal flu
vaccination. Many Pharmacists now
offer the flu vaccine which is free for all
eligible patients and can also be done
privately for all others. Your GP will
inform you if you are eligible to have
the flu vaccination and this should

12 l Issue twenty six

In the summer it is very important for

us to drink lots of water so we dont
become dehydrated, and it is a good
idea to keep out of the sun during the
hottest part of the day. If you can, try to
do your chores or shopping in the early
or late part of the day when it is cooler,
and avoid the mid-day sun. If you have
to go in the sun try to cover up, wear a
hat, and put your sunscreen and
sunglasses on.
At home, try to spend your time in
rooms that dont get direct sunlight.
The effects of too much sun can
creep up on you without you realising.
After Eva felt hot and dizzy in the
garden one day, she started to take
more care in the sun. Id never really
thought sitting out in the sun could be
a problem, until I was out for too long
on a very hot day. I started to feel a bit
dizzy and I had a headache, so I went
back indoors. Luckily my neighbour
was with me as wed been sitting in
the garden together, so she got me a
glass of water. After that I felt a lot
better. My neighbour wondered if Id
been dehydrated.
Getting out and about is a crucial part
of keeping healthy and active but it is
important to protect ourselves against
the extremes of our unpredictable
weather. Contact your doctor or call 911
if you are concerned about your health
during a cold snap or heat wave.

special Feature

Keeping safe in and

out of the home
Getting out and
about safely
While its lovely to spend time at home,
its great for us all to get out and about.
It can do wonders for our mood as well
as getting our muscles working, and
providing the opportunity to meet and
chat to people. Occasionally there are
things that hold us back, like uneven
pavements, the fear of falling or
expensive transport. Kingston Borough
has a range of services to help address
those concerns.

Reporting uneven
With so many beautiful trees lining our
streets, its inevitable we will end up
with some cracked pavements as the
roots grow. If you spot any uneven
pavements or pathways, then contact
Kingston Borough Council so they can
organise repairs. You can do this online,
by phone or in person at the Councils
information and advice centre at:
Guildhall 2, High Street
Kingston upon Thames KT1 1EU
Telephone: 020 8547 5000

Falls and fear of falling

Having your confidence knocked by a
fall may leave you feeling that you dont
want to leave the house and do the
things that are important to you.
Perhaps you are recovering from an
illness or just coming home from
hospital and need a little support and
advice to stay at home.
Staywells Stay Well at Home service
can help you rebuild your confidence to
get out and about and help you to
remain independent and safe in your
home. They can help you access health
services such as an optician, dentist and
podiatrist, accompany you on shopping
trips and give you some help around
your home and garden.

Telephone: 020 8942 8256

Your Healthcare offers a falls
prevention service that can help
you identify what steps you can take
to help minimise the risk of falling.
Telephone: 020 8274 7103
E-mail: KINCCG.yourhealthcarefalls

Affordable transport
Often the need for transport creates
a real barrier for older people getting
out, and as we know, that can lead to
feelings of loneliness and isolation.
If you find it difficult to find the extra
money to pay for transport, then
Kingston Boroughs London Taxicard
Scheme can help.
London Taxicard provides subsidised
door-to-door transport in taxis and
private hire vehicles for people who
have serious mobility difficulties or a
visual impairment. Substantial subsidies
are allowed with a minimum fare of
2.50. Residents speak very highly of this
service as it has made such a positive
impact on their lives. London Taxicard
Scheme has a great website with a list of
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to
help you understand this service. To
apply contact:
The Royal Borough of Kingston
Customer Contact Centre, Guildhall 2,
High Street, Kingston KT1 1EU
Tel: 020 8547 5005, 0845 415 4156 or
020 7934 9791

Staying safe on
your doorstep
Theres nothing quite like the feeling of
security we get from being inside our
own homes. However, its prudent to be
able to identify rogue traders, bogus
callers or scammers who may

telephone you or come to your door.

We all experience this from time to
time, and being able to recognise it for
what it is can help you protect yourself
from falling prey.

Rogue Traders
A rogue trader is someone who comes
to your door and puts you under
pressure to buy a service, like mending
a slipped tile on your roof, or goods at a
special price for that day only. Some
may even ask for your bank details.
They can be very convincing but the
best way to deal with this is to say you
do not buy goods or services at the
door. You can get a sticker from
Kingston Borough Council Trading
Standards to put on your door saying
this, which might stop a rogue trader
from knocking. Email: trading.
Make sure you use services from
reputable companies that have been
recommended to you by a friend or
professional organisation. The
following organisations provide you
with a list of relevant trades people
who have been vetted, and operate
to a Code of Best Practice.
Tel: 020 8942 8256
Tel: 01344 666104
Buy with Confidence
Tel: 03454 040506

Bogus callers
Bogus callers, sometimes known as
conmen or doorstep thieves, are people
who try to trick their way into your home
with the intention of either stealing
money or property, or of conning you
into paying them money. Working in
pairs, one will try to distract you, while
the other may enter your home.
You can avoid falling victim to this by
having a chain lock put on your door.

That way no one can enter your home

while you talk to the person knocking.
Legitimate companies will have full ID,
and will have written to you to say they
were calling.

Criminals often send letters, texts and
emails to people, or phone them asking
them to donate money to a worthy
cause, or to invest in something which
will make a fortune for them further
down the line.
It may seem impolite to you, but do
not respond to these requests for your
money, and report them to the police
Victim Support can advise you if you
feel you have been affected by a
doorstep scam. Tel: 0845 30 30 900 9am
9pm weekdays and 9am 7pm at
weekends. Email: supportline@
Age UK has a very informative website
that can help you protect yourself
against these scams:
You can also find helpful information
on Kingston Borough Councils website:

Kingston is one of the safest London

Boroughs to live in, so the risk of
falling prey to a rogue trader or
scammer is small. By being aware, we
can do our best to stop it happening
to us, and therefore enjoy the security
of our homes.

Issue twenty six

l 13

Are you caring for someone?

Are you looking after
someone with mental
health difficulties?

I didnt realise I was a carer until

someone pointed out I was I
thought I was just looking after my
loved one. Many people can find
themselves taking on a more caring
role as time goes on. If you are a carer
you are not alone. So many of us are
carers nowadays 13,288 people in
Kingston identified themselves as a
carer in the 2011 census.

Support for carers

A carer is anyone who provides help
and support to a partner, relative, friend
or neighbour, who could not manage
without their help due to frailty, illness,
disability, mental ill-health or substance
misuse. While very fulfilling, this can
also feel like a lot of hard work, and can
be quite isolating. Sometimes it can be
hard to know where to find the right
information, practical support, or even
someone to talk things through with.
Asking for help can feel difficult, but
can come with great reward.
Sarah, a carer, shares her experience,
When my partner first became ill I
consulted my GP for loss of sleep and
was referred to my local Carers Centre.
I must confess to feeling rather nervous
on that first contact, although I have
found that having someone there to talk
through the more difficult moments was
a lifeline. The support and advice has
always been practical and realistic.
Sarah found help through her GP.
There are also a number of local
organisations that can help too.

Kingston Carers Network (KCN)

KCN provides a full range of services
including its valuable network of
support groups in a number of areas.
The support groups meet regularly to
provide carers with information and
support, and often organise wellearned fun days out for a little light
relief. They also publish a quarterly
newsletter with helpful stories, tips
and advice.
As a carer, a little emotional support is
often needed, but can feel awkward to
ask for. KCN recognise the importance
of this and provide counselling and
emotional support, as well as massage

14 l Issue twenty six

These are some of

the carers from
KCN enjoying a
short break during
Carers Week.

and other complementary therapies

(at a discounted rate).
KCN also provide advice and
advocacy on a wide range of issues
including: carers rights and
entitlements; welfare benefits;
community care, respite, employment;
housing; Continuing Healthcare; Lasting
Powers of Attorney and Court of
Protection issues.
There have been some recent
changes in the legislation for carers, to
make sure they receive the care and
support they should. KCN can advise
about these changes and are now
providing trusted Carers assessments
on behalf of Adult Social Care. A Carers
Assessment is about talking through
how caring affects your life, what is
important and what might make a
difference. It is also a way to find out
what support and advice is available
and how to go about getting it.
KCN also provides a wide range of
services to specifically support young
carers and young adult carers. So
whatever your age, KCN can support
you in a relevant and meaningful way.
Kingston Carers Network (KCN)
The Noble Centre, 109a Blagdon Road,
New Malden, KT3 4DB
Telephone: 020 3031 2751

Are you looking after

someone with dementia?
Dementia can be a very challenging
illness and can be particularly stressful
for carers who are supporting someone
with dementia. If you want to find out
more about dementia services locally,
call the Alzheimers Society Kingston
Dementia Advisor on 020 3513 5147.

Support at Staywell
Staywells Raleigh House has an
excellent support programme for
people living with dementia and their
carers. In addition to the usual services
provided Monday to Friday, they
organise a monthly Saturday lunch
club specifically for people with
dementia and their carers, as well as
providing counselling services and
advice and support. This is how
Staywell have helped Ken who cares
for his wife Joyce who was diagnosed
with dementia in 2007.
Ken started bringing Joyce to Raleigh
House day centre in May 2010, initially
for one day a week, soon increasing
it to two days. He hadnt originally
planned to join the centre himself but
he was so impressed with the facilities
and the opportunities to socialise that
he decided to become a member too.
It gives him a break from caring for his
wife, knowing that she is being looked
after in the same space should she
need him. Ken enjoys the weekly
discussion group, but can often be
found in a quiet place reading he
loves to read but is unable to do so at
home. Ken says that coming to Raleigh
House is the best thing he has ever
done for both him and his wife.
Staywell, Raleigh House
14, Nelson Road,
New Malden KT3 5EA
Telephone: 020 8942 8256

Kingston Mental Health Carers Forum

understands how demanding and
difficult being a carer is. It can signpost
you in the direction of the sort of
services and information you might
need. For those who prefer face-to-face
contact, they hold monthly drop-in
sessions at Tolworth Hospital for those
visiting Lilacs Ward and Kingston
Mental Health Service at the Acacia
Unit. Anyone who is a carer is welcome
to drop in.
To find out more
Telephone: 07983 063578

Other useful contacts

Alzheimers Society
241 Garratt Lane, London SW18 4DU.
Telephone: 020 8877 0033.
Addiction Support and Care Agency
Telephone: 020 8339 9899
Help from your Local Authority
If the person you care for needs
equipment or support to stay safe and
well please contact Adult Social Care on
Telephone: 020 8547 5005

Caring can be very rewarding but can

be tiring and isolating. Finding the
right sort of help, advice and support
can play a vital part in staying well
and healthy. If you are a carer, we
hope you will access the services
highlighted here so they can help to
support you in your caring role.

special Feature

Many people live with a condition,

disease or a health issue (especially as
we get older) such as arthritis,
diabetes, chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease (COPD),
hypertension (high blood pressure).
For some people managing the
condition is a part of everyday life,
which can sometimes be challenging.
Having the support and information
you need to take control of your health
is an important part of self care, which
means looking after yourself in a
healthy way, whether its taking your
medicine properly, exercising or eating
more healthily.

In Kingston we
have a range of
healthy lifestyle
services and
to help with all
your healthy lifestyle goals. The
healthy lifestyles booklet is available if
you would like further information.
Telephone: Healthy Lifestyles Helpline
0800 028 8694 or 020 8547 6815

NHS health checks

If you are aged between 40 and 74 years
and have not been diagnosed with high
blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease,
risk of stroke or kidney disease, you may
be eligible for a free NHS health check.
Call the Healthy Lifestyles Helpline for
more information:
Telephone: 0800 028 8694 or
020 8547 6815

Kingston at Home
The purpose of the Kingston at Home
programme is to enable people with
long-term conditions to live at home
for longer by improving the care and
support they receive. The essence of
the programme is to provide multiskilled care teams to support people
with long-term conditions and ensure
they get the best service possible for
them, enabling them to stay at home
for as long as possible. If you would like
more information, contact

Living well with a

long-term condition
Expert Patients Programme
While I was recovering from my
treatment for cancer and severe back
pain, I was really isolated really lost.
Going on the EPP course meant
meeting other people with similar
problems. I realised that I was not on
my own. I am now waiting for my
assessment that will give me the go
ahead to deliver the course with other
trainee tutors. Amanda, Expert
Patients participant.
Kingstons Expert Patients
Programme (EPP) helps people living
with long-term health conditions to take
back control of their lives by learning
new ways of dealing with the challenges
of living with their conditions. EPP is a
free programme and run by people who
have long-term conditions themselves
and have experienced the benefits of
the course first hand. Some of the topics
covered include:
l How to manage your symptoms
l Dealing with pain and fatigue
l Relaxation and distraction
l Nutrition and exercise
l Problem solving
l Medication
Telephone: 0800 0288 694 or
020 8339 8051

Personal Health Budgets

Personal Health Budgets (PHBs) are
arranged by Kingston CCG. They are
available to local people aged over 18
who are eligible for NHS Continuing
Healthcare and are living with a serious
long-term health condition. PHBs give
patients more choice and control over
the way they receive their care and
support. To find out more on NHS
Continuing Healthcare go to www.nhs.

Our Kingston pharmacies

We all know that pharmacists dispense
medicines, but they can do a lot more
than that. Local pharmacies offer a
range of health services that you may
not be aware of. In Kingston all of us are
within a short car ride or walk of a
community pharmacy. That means we
all have quick and easy access to a
pharmacist whos an expert in the safe
use of medicines and able to give
advice on a number of health issues
and healthy lifestyle advice.
Have a look at the range of services
that Kingston pharmacies offer.

Help with your medicines

Pharmacists are trained experts in the
use of medicines. They can advise you
on the safe use of prescription and
over-the-counter medicines. If you start
feeling unwell in the early evening or at
the weekend when your GP surgery is
closed, try popping in to see your local
pharmacist as they may be able to help
with what you need.

Repeat dispensing
If youre regularly prescribed medicines,
your pharmacist can offer repeat
dispensing services, which means
fewer trips to the GP just to get another
prescription. Ask your GP or pharmacist
about this service.

Reviewing your medicines

Most pharmacies now offer a special
discussion of your medicines called a
Medicines Use Review (MUR). It is a
detailed chat with your pharmacist
about the medicines you take. You can
talk about what youre taking, when
you should be taking it, and any side
effects you might be concerned about.
Its especially useful for people who
take a number of medicines.

type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure

for the first time, you can get extra help
and advice about your medicine from
your local pharmacist through a new
free scheme called the New Medicine
Service (NMS). This allows the
pharmacist to check if you have any
issues, such as side effects, during the
first few weeks of your taking the
medicine, and can help you deal with
them if necessary. Ask your local
pharmacy if they offer this service

Improving health and wellbeing

Pharmacists and their teams offer
healthy lifestyle advice that covers
topics such as healthy eating, physical
activity, losing weight and stopping
smoking. Ask your local pharmacy what
services they offer.

If youre taking more frequent trips to

the GP because youre living with a
long-term health condition, perhaps
you can reduce that by using your
local services and pharmacists more.
It could mean less time in GPs waiting
rooms and therefore more time doing
the things you enjoy.

The New Medicine Service

If you are prescribed an anticoagulant
(a blood-thinning medicine) or a
medicine to treat asthma, chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),
Issue twenty six

l 15

Managing at home
A little practical help
Sometimes we could all do with a
little extra help at home and that can
be especially true for those living with
a physical or mental health condition
such as dementia. You might need
help with washing and dressing
perhaps, or keeping on top of the
housework, managing your finances
and maybe you need some help to
get out and about. There are a range
of services within the Borough that
can help you.
Mrs Smith who lives in a small flat in
Kingston says: I was really needing
help but felt too proud to ask anyone.
I spoke to Carol, my daughter, and we
agreed she would call Social Services.
They were very helpful and they
arranged for a social worker to come
to see me at a time my daughter could
be there too.
The social worker arranged for a carer
to come in the morning and evening to
help me, which has been a real help and
enabled me to keep my independence
and not rely on my daughter so much.
Ive also been feeling rather lonely since
my husband died and wanted to meet
other people so I was pleased when I
found out that I could be picked up and
taken to Raleigh House every week.
Adult Social Care can provide care
and support services if you are an
adult, living within the borough, and
l have difficulties relating to illness
or being older
l have a sight, hearing or physical
l have mental health difficulties
l have a learning disability
l have drug or alcohol problems
l have serious and long-term health
problems including HIV and AIDS

information about where you can get

this help. During the assessment, you
will be encouraged to explain what
you think you need, and what you
want to be able to do or achieve.

Staywell Help@Home service

This service can provide you with
practical help when you need it,
such as help with shopping, laundry,
preparing a meal or accompanying
you to appointments. After an initial
home visit to discuss your needs and
requirements, you will be matched with
one of Staywells Help@Home workers.
Telephone: 020 8942 8256

l need to stay safe and free from harm

Occupational Therapy

l are a carer supporting someone to

keep independent, safe and well.

If you are recovering from an illness or

adapting to a disability, Occupational
Therapy could assist you. You might
need help in carrying out daily living
tasks such as washing, dressing,
cooking, climbing the stairs, getting
in and out of your home, bed or chair.
Occupational therapy aims to help you
be as independent as possible and

If you have one or more of these

difficulties you are entitled to a free
needs assessment from Kingston
Council, and even if this shows that
you do not officially qualify for
support, it will still provide you with

16 l Issue twenty six

improve your quality of life. Mrs Jones

notes: I have quite bad osteoporosis
and this is making it difficult for me
to do everyday things. I asked Social
Services for help and a lady from
Occupational Therapy came to see
what I needed. She provided grab rails
in the bathroom, a raised toilet seat
and helped me get special taps for
the kitchen sink that I can easily turn.
It was all free as well which was great.

Mr Brown was pleased with this

service, stating: I came out of hospital
after having a fall and breaking my leg.
The carers and nurses came into help
me while I was recovering and while
they did lots of things for me they also
encouraged me to do things myself and
this helped me get better faster. If they
hadnt come I think I would probably
have had to go back to hospital or on
to a care home to be looked after.

Help with recovery

Contact Kingston Adult Social Care

Services for advice or support.
Guildhall 2, High Street
Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1EU.
Telephone: 020 8547 5005

Kingston Council can help you recover

your skills and confidence after you
have been unwell or perhaps returning
home from hospital. Reablement
services can help you to continue to live
independently at home which helps
reduce your need for social care
services on a longer term basis in the
future. The Council will provide health
and social care workers who will help
you to gain your independence by
helping you do everyday tasks in the
home, and assisting you with your care
needs. This is a free service for a period
of up to six weeks.

Stay Well at Home Staywell also

provides a free service to help support
older people returning home after a
spell in hospital.
Telephone 020 8942 8256

special Feature

If you are worried about yourself or
a family member or friend being
at risk of abuse or neglect, or feeling
threatened, there is help available.
Kingston Councils Safeguarding
Team support people to help keep
them safe and free from abuse. If
the danger is imminent, contact the
Police or Emergency services on
999. Otherwise contact the
Safeguarding team for help:
Telephone: 020 8547 4735
Email: adult.safeguarding @

Day centres
There are several day centres in
Kingston where there is a lively,
friendly atmosphere specially
designed for older residents. They
are great places to make new friends
and enjoy the company of others,
keep up with hobbies and provide
an appetising range of drinks, snacks
and meals. They offer a variety of
services and activities such as:
l hairdressing
l podiatry
l exercise classes
l befriending service
l art and craft activities
l entertainment
l social activities
l advice and information
l discussion groups
l computer support
l Sunday lunch

The centres can be found at

Alfriston Day Centre

3 Berrylands Road
Surbiton, KT5 8RB
Tel: 020 8399 4289

Milaap Centre
Murray House, Acre Road
Kingston, KT2 6EE
Tel: 020 8547 2887

The Bradbury Staywell

37b, Grange Road
Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2RA
Tel: 020 8549 1230

Raleigh House Staywell

14, Nelson Road
New Malden, KT3 5EA
Tel: 020 8942 8256
Staywells day centres charge a
nominal annual or daily membership
fee. Transport to Raleigh House is
available, but own transport is
required for The Bradbury.

NHS The National

Health Service and what
you need to know
The NHS website provides an overview
of the most common services provided
by the NHS in England, such as
emergency and urgent care, general
practitioners (GPs) or dental services.
You can also get advice on how to
access each service, the dos and donts
in emergencies and the costs involved
(if any).

We all want to remain independent in

our own homes for as long as possible.
Use these services to support you to
do that, and you will find it makes the
world of difference, replacing some of
the trials with pleasures.

Issue twenty six

l 17

the stress
out of
It was a difficult day when we knew
wed have to clear our mothers
home as she was to move into a
long-term care home, with little
more than her personal belongings.
We wanted the removal company to
be sensitive to the fact that the
contents werent just things to be got
rid of, they held decades of precious
memories and love, said Gerald
Robinson of Weybridge.
We were so relieved when we were
put in touch with Kingston Community
Furniture. Like many companies, they
offered us a house clearance service,
but unlike the other companies, they
had an incredibly sensitive approach.
They understood what an emotionally
difficult time it was for us all, and
treated us as real people, not just
names on a job sheet.
Adrian Collins, Service Manager of
Kingston Community Furniture
commented, As we all know, moving at
the best of times is one of the most
stressful things we do in life. So, when
you add the extra emotional stress of a
major life change, such as bereavement,
economic crisis or going into long-term
care, a move can be a breaking point.
At Kingston Community Furniture,
we have over 10 years experience of
dealing with this type of situation. We
understand the difficulties such moves
can create and are equipped to deal
with them sensitively and respectfully.

18 l Issue twenty six

Support all round

Award-winning Kingston Community
Furniture offers a friendly and
responsive house clearance service
that is very reasonably priced.
Discounts are given for all goods that
can be either re-used or recycled,
which in turn helps families in need
and reduces landfill. To ensure their
quote is accurate, they will make a
house call first to ascertain a true
picture of the job, incorporating any
reuse/recycling discounts they identify.

Home adjustments
We can also help if you just need to
make a few adjustments in your home
after a spell in hospital, such as bringing
your bed downstairs. Whatever your
needs, you can trust in us to do it well
and sensitively, continues Adrian.
Staywells Housing Choices service now
works with Kingston Community
Furniture to provide a full package of
advice and support, so if youre thinking
of moving or downsizing, give them a
call on 020 8942 8256.

Contact Kingston Community

Furniture direct to organise
a quote for a house clearance
or home adjustment on
020 8942 5500.

Who is this special team at

Kingston Community Furniture?
Many of Kingston Community Furnitures employees started out as
volunteers. Jamie tells what drew him to the project and where
volunteering has led him.
The local community mental health team originally supported Jamie into
volunteering after he experienced a spell of mental health illness. It was
intended to refresh necessary life skills so he could return to mainstream
employment and he took on a role of volunteer driver.
In fact, Jamie was so unsettled by the prospect he didnt turn up at all for his
first week but managed to appear for week two. That was nearly ten years ago.
Things have changed a lot since then and within a month of starting, Jamie
was offered a paid position as a driver. Subsequently, he became Warehouse
Manager and is now KCFs Operations Manager with a major part of his role
being to supervise volunteers and work placements, some of whom are
experiencing difficulties similar to his own.
KCF have had the best part of this deal and have been rewarded with an
employee of considerable drive, enthusiasm and commitment. Jamie has also
become a well-respected face in the Furniture Reuse Sector nationally.
As you can see, the benefits of volunteering can range from broadening life
experience and employment prospects, to boosting confidence, reducing
stress and improving both physical and mental health. And lets not forget the
sheer enjoyment and satisfaction of helping others, gaining a sense of
achievement, meeting new people and making friends.
We couldnt achieve all that we achieve without our volunteers. They are
treasures to be appreciated and nurtured. Thank you to all who support all
Staywells services, not just ours, comments Adrian Collins of Kingston
Community Furniture.

Join our marvellous team of staff and volunteers see the back page
for opportunities.
Kingston Community Furniture is part of Staywell, Charity No. 299988.

First Contact l 020 8408 8170

Staywells telephone advice service, open Monday to Friday 9.30am 4.30pm

Continuing our series on the Care Act

The Care Act updates and deferrals

Since the new Care Act came into
effect in April this year, several major
changes have been made, affecting
swathes of older people. Back then,
newspaper headlines focused heavily
on the Act making a provision for a
cap on social care fees of 72,000, and
the introduction of a new upper
means test threshold. These were both
meant to come into play in April 2016,
but have now been postponed to until
at least 2020.
While this deferral is unwelcome
news, there is still the new protection
available for people who are worried
they will have to sell their homes in
order to pay for care. The new Deferred
Payment Arrangements (DPAs) remain
in place. This is where the cost of care is
offset against the value of a property,
and those costs are subsequently
recouped by the local authority at a
later date. However, there is a change
afoot with these new DPAs. Previously,
the DPAs were not going to attract
interest payments, however, now they
will. This means that since April this
year, people have been signing these
new arrangements on the basis that
care fees would be capped and interest
free. The new reality is that not only are

The First Contact telephone advice

line provides advice and
information to older people and
their families in Kingston. It is based
at Staywells head office in New
Malden and responds to over 1,300
enquiries a year.
Jo Hutton, manager of the service
says, We respond to many
enquiries about local services, older
peoples and carers rights and
entitlements, and information
about money matters.
First Contact is open Monday to
Friday between 9:30am and 4:30pm.
Call the number above or email

Check your long-term plans arent affected by these changes

they now paying interest but there is

also now no guarantee of any such
cap in fees until at least 2020.
Jo Hulton, the new manager of
Staywells specialist Information,
Advice and Advocacy service says, We
have always really encouraged people
to plan ahead, to talk about these
issues with family and friends, and to
make sure that any decisions they
make are informed by high quality
information and advice. These
changes mean that some people will
have based their decisions on
information that is no longer accurate,
and could therefore cause stress and
worry. We would encourage anyone
who is concerned about the decisions
they have made based on the original
contents of the Care Act, to contact
our confidential telephone advice
service on 020 8408 8170.

Care home placements

Also postponed is the duty placed on local authorities to arrange care home
placements for people who are self-funding. This is very disappointing, as local
authorities are able to negotiate lower care fees for residents than a family can do.
It means self-funders will continue to pay the highest fees and continue to
subsidise local authorities.
While Staywell is disappointed in the latest developments of the Care Act, we
remain hopeful that over time it will have a positive impact on the lives of older
people in this country. If, however, you are concerned about any of these updates,
please contact our confidential telephone advice service on 020 8408 8170.

State Pension top-up

From 12 October 2015 to 5 April 2017 existing pensioners and those who reach
State Pension age before 6 April 2016, will be able to acquire up to 25 of
additional State Pension through a new State Pension top-up scheme.
This will provide a guaranteed, index-linked income for life. State Pension
top-ups can be inherited, with a surviving spouse or civil partner entitled to at
least 50% of the additional State Pension. Use the calculator on
state-pension-topup to work out how much additional pension you will receive.
You can register your interest in the scheme by emailing paid.caxtonhouse@ or by calling either: 0845 600 4270 from land lines or 0345 600
4270 from mobile lines.

Issue twenty six l


Looking for something new and fulfilling?

Want to gain great work experience to enhance your CV?

stay well
services that change lives

Volunteers wanted!
Join our dedicated team of staff and volunteers and make a real difference to real
lives. For most of the roles, no experience is necessary as we will give you all the
training you need to fulfil your role well. And its not all about work, theres plenty
of fun, friendship and team spirit to be enjoyed too. Angela Peter, a volunteer at
Staywell for over 12 years said, Being with people and working with people is a
great joy I get life out of that!
Anyone can volunteer: any age, any background, currently employed, retired or
looking for work. You may be able to commit to three days a week or as little as a few
hours a month. Whatever your interests or situation, there could be a role for you.

Current volunteering opportunities

Activity tutor/helper

Phoneline advisor

Run or help with activities at our

Saturday Activities Clubs at Raleigh
House, New Malden, working as part
of a friendly team.

Taking calls, giving advice and

information on a wide range of
issues. Specialist training and
support provided.



This is a great opportunity to present

yourself as the friendly face of
Staywell, working on the Reception
at either our new Saturday Activities
Club at Raleigh House, or at the
same place mid-week.

If you play an instrument and would

like to play for our members or lead
a musical workshop at either The
Bradbury or Raleigh House, then
please contact us.

Meet & greet and coffee

lounge assistants

Join the Kingston Community

Furniture team and help them sell
restored furniture to local families.
Saturdays are the ideal, but weekday
positions are also available.

Join our warm, friendly team to

meet and greet those attending our
Saturday Activities Clubs at Raleigh
House. Duties will then move to the
kitchen to help prepare and serve
food and drinks.

Support isolated or lonely people by
visiting them regularly in their home
engaging in conversation, board
games and other social activities.

Community support
Help people stay independent at
home by visiting them to help with
practical tasks and provide some
social support.

Furniture sales people

Do you have other skills? Not sure

what youd like to do? Or only have
limited time? Please get in touch
wed love to meet you and talk
about how you could help. Our
many services have never been
busier, so your support is
enormously valued.

Contact us today to see

what role is best for you:
020 8942 8256
Or email hello@
Staywell is the working name for Age Concern Kingston upon Thames. Registered charity no. 299988