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Arjun Luthra


Aakash Gajjar

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2240 Gulf Freeway South

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1. For someone working in your field, please describe the fantasies versus realities of the job.
(fantasy vs. reality)
The Fantasy is working 8 in the morning to 5 pm for job, not working after hours, having more personal
time, stress free and no paperwork. The Reality is unpredictable hours, less personal time, stress (+) and
overwhelming paperwork.
2. What is your current educational level? What continuing education and training are required?
(educational level and requirements)
Doctor of Medicine, CME requirements every year, and maintenance of certification requirements each
3 months are all part of my current educational level and my continuing education. I go through
recertification exam every 10 years.
3. Please describe the typical day to day activities of someone working in your field.
(day-to-day activities)
Everyday is unpredictable as a surgeon. Day typically starts at 6am and ends by 7-8pm. Clinic duties,
inpatient consults, rounds, procedures and/or cases are part of the my typical day to day activities.
4. How secure are you in your current position? What do you think is the future of your field?
I feel like I am secure in my current position. The specialty of colon and rectal surgery is a much needed
speciality. I think it will move in a positive direction as the future of my field will continue to require a
collaboration of physicians of different specialties like oncologists, pathologists, gastroenterologist and

5. What is a typical (average or lowest to highest) salary of someone working in your field?
The typical salary varies depends on if a general surgeon or specialist
6. What potential for growth is there in your field?
(growth potential)
Personal and professional: Teaching is gratifying knowing that you are educating the next generation of
physicians. The growth for Professional is being able to take care of patients well and interacting with
other professionals
***Questions 7-10 will be created by the ISM student.
7. Why did you choose to pursue a career in medicine? Why did you pursue the specialty of colon
and rectal surgery?
Ultimately I wanted to make a difference in other peoples lives. If you are seeing someone in our
speciality, you are truly having a problem that needs to be addressed and most patients are extremely
grateful. I am involved in minimally invasive surgery, open surgery, robotic surgery, endoscopy,
complex anorectal cases and I find the wide variety appealing.
8. What is your role in colon cancer treatment?
Patients are worked up based on symptoms and if there is a colon or rectal cancer, it will need to be
removed surgically. I am involved in the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up for these patients.
9. What are some new advancements in colon cancer treatment and what do you think is the
future of colon cancer treatment?
Molecular genetic testing based on individual tumors is modifying treatment from a chemotherapy
standpoint. This is evolving. In addition, surgery has been evolving into more minimally invasive
approaches and it will be interesting to see how this continues. Most of the country is not performing
these procedures routinely.
10. How can patients take responsibility to reduce risk of colon cancer?
Patients should become more educated. Patients should increase fiber in diet and exercise. Patients
should follow guidelines for screening. It is important to start with patient education.