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Start thinking: What is harder to catch the faster you run?

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The countries that were part of the country simulation we did are representative
of some of the countries involved in WWI: Germany, France, England, AustriaHungary, Russia, Serbia.
1. Using the following websites, research why each of these six countries got
involved in World War I.
Website A -
Website B -
Website C-
2. Which country does your group think they are most like? Give evidence that
supports this from your research. Write at least one good paragraph telling who
your group thinks your country represented. You must support your idea with at
least three pieces of evidence from the reading. Tell which website you got the
evidence from. (Your group must agree; you may not write that some of you think
one thing, and the rest of you think another. If you dont agree, you need to use
evidence from your reading to support your idea, and the group must come to
The Diplomat whose last name starts with the letter closest to A in the
alphabet will be responsible for typing your response (all of you are responsible for
contributing to the writing of it), putting each group members name on it, sharing a
copy with each group member, and putting it in his/her Hapara folder so I can look
at it there.
3. When you finish #2, use the map on to identify the
countries on your map. Color the Allied Powers purple or blue. Color the Central
Powers orange or red. Color the neutral countries green. Glue the map in your
notebook when you have finished.
4. If there is time left, you may listen to CNN Student News if you have
headphones to use. If you dont have headphones, check out international
newspapers at

Mrs. G
Answer: Your breath

Caldonia: Britain
Yorkton: France
Morovia: Austria-Hungary
Penland: Russia
Bahkan: Serbia
Germany, France, England, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Serbia.
In the simulation Yorkton is France. The first reason is that the numbers for the
army and navies are really close together. The second reason is that Yorkton was
allied with Caldonia in the simulation. We thought that Caldonia was Britain. In
World War I, the French were allied with Britain. The last reason that we are
France is that we were allied with the two other countries in the Triple Entente.
france britain and russia
germany austria-hungary