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Computer Crime-Listening Practice

Beglar, D & Murray, N (1993) Contemporary Topics: Advanced Listening Comprehension, Longman Publishing
Group, (Longman Lecture Series), ISBN 0-8013-0928-X, Unit

3- Pg: 17-23/99/118-120

A. Using the information that you heard in the talk, choose the best answer a,b,c
or d. ( 5 marks)
1 This talk was about
a) how popular and necessary computers are.
b) the function and operation of computers
c) the problem of computer crime.
2. Why are the police concerned about computer crime?
a) Computer users are getting access to police computers
b) Computer users are getting private or secret information.
c) They dont have enough people to work on all the crimes.
3 According to the lecture, most computer hacking is probably done
a) for malicious reasons
b) for financial or material gain
c) for the fun or challenge of it.
4 According to the lecture,
a) certain kinds of companies suffer greatly from computer crime
b) all hacking is done to make money.
c) officials do not believe hackers can cause major financial disaster.
5 What is being done to stop hacking?
a) Courts are being tougher on computer hackers.
b) Companies are investigating and selecting their employees more carefully.
c) New types of computers are being manufactured.
B. Decide whether the following sentences are True or False. Write T for True and
F for False. Correct the false sentences. ( 15 marks)
______ 6.Nowadays there are more opportunities for crime because of computers.
______ 7.It is harmless if wrong people get access to information that passes through
______ 8.In the movie War Games a high school boy gains access to the United
Kingdoms computerised military defence system.
______ 9.Computer crime is tempting because it is challenging and because the
criminal may gain significant rewards.
______ 10.Insurance companies are seldom targets for hackers.
______ 11.More than $40 million are transferred over Americas financial networks
every day.

______ 12 Using information from computers, some companies try to get information
about the competitors.
______ 13.In 1983, a hacker gained access to a hospital computers memory and the
incident ended in tragedy.
______ 14. Dial back systems use passwords.
______ 15. Scrambling devices prevent hackers from gaining access to a computer.
C Write short answers to the following questions (5 marks)
16 What kind of companies and organisations are popular targets for hackers?
17 Name one common motivation for hackers.
18 Give one reason why the computer at the Sloane- Kettering Cancer in New York was
19 What is used to make sure that hackers cant understand the messages or data.
20 Name the two softwares used to increase computer security.
D Complete the summary with one word in each space. (10 marks)
_______________ (21) show that computer crimes are _____________ (22). People
are using their _______________ (23) in computer operations to break into computer
______________ (24) and are __________ (25) a lot of inconvenience. They are
______________(26) crimes and ______________(27) others to danger. A hacker can
______________ (28) money from a bank account or steal goods. Computer crimes are
not ____________________ (29) for months or years. However computer security is
getting more _____________________ (30) and is certainly helping to reduce such