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Division Managers Meeting

Tuesday 11/17/15

The meeting was opened at 12:15 PM, Everyone was asked to stand and introduce
themselves to the group in attendance.

Jim Kelly provided an update to the insurance issue for D.O. Insurance. He closed
with the understanding this issue is not settled yet and he is still working on it, he
also provided some input he received from his own insurance company, They
informed him he is covered so long as he performs the duty with out pay. Pete Ceira
provided Jim with an application from his insurance company, Jim will follow-up.

The new Rating tool was reviewed and the history of its creation and process was
explained. This new process will allow the player to self rate himself by answering
several question as provided on the form
The format/form was presented to all attendees for review and comment.
It was agreed the rating scale located in the lower left would be removed and
just the managers would understand the scale to be used.
Managers sign off is to be completed after the players have submitted the
forms and adjustments made as needed
Several changes have been submitted and changes agreed to by the members
in attendance, Example George Scelzi recommended the item 5 under batting
remove the wording can switch hit, This was agreed by all managers in
attendance, Tony Spatero Recommended the item 3 and 4 in the running
category be switched in the order, This was agreed by all in attendance,
Dwight Crainshaw suggested the addition of a box to allow the player who is
self rating himself identify what position he wants to play, all managers in
attendance agreed .
George Wesolowski suggest the new form to be added to the 2016
application form, all managers in attendance agreed

Review of following bylaws were conducted by Chip.
Section V Restructure of Division
Section VI Article 2 Rules for player placement during years(s) following
Headcount possibilities were reviewed by Chip an open discussion took
place. The outcome of this discussion is 14 players per team in the coastal
division is the target goal following the existing rule that require everyone to
play a minimum for 3 innings per game or 6 innings per double header

Review of Restructure proposal and creation of new division was presented by Chip.
During last year it had been openly discussed to create a super seniors division that
would allow players with limited ability to remain active in participating in the
game of softball. Prior to that discussion many players were limited to the amount of

playing time they were provided with for several reasons; Limited ability, injuries,
medical issues, limited strength and stamina. Last year a proposal was submitted to
create such a division however, it was to late in the season to create and implement
such a change. Now with almost 6 months until the start of the 2016 season is the
time to plan and implement if possible. The other choice is to make no changes and
continue on the path we are on.

Trial Concept is to modify the existing Coastal Division into a split division where
there will be two levels of teams and players; Coastal division supported primarily
by A & B rated player along with several C players and a Legacy division Consisting
of primarily D rated players and several C rated players. Over the last several years
every attempt has been used to identify the skill level of each player (Player ratings
A,B,C,D) and attempted to place them on teams that were equally balanced. The
issue remains that players with limited skilled, or weaker players with health issues
were not always utilized during each game and in some instances were overlooked

Each Team manager will be able to protect 5 existing players plus him self as the
core of the team. All new and returning players will be placed into the player pool
and the 6 teams will select a player until the team headcount reached 14 players per
team. The drafting will follow using this pecking order. Last place team picks first,
first place team picks last. Once the 14 players per team are selected the remaining
players will be placed into the legacy pool for selection by the two new managers in
the Legacy Division.
Name of new division will be the Legacy Division for this trial.
Umpires will be used per WSSA league president
Would used balls be acceptable and both new managers felt this was OK for
the trial.
Uniforms will be required the two Legacy teams already have sponsors and

The following issues will be discussed later when we identify the players in the
Legacy Division our intent to hold a special meeting with these players and ask them
to help develop the rules to be deployed during the trial.
Special playing rules required. How selection of players will be conducted
Can player volunteer to play in new division?
How can player move between divisions
Could new division play their games on a different day?
Could the Legacy Division play on a different day such as Monday or

Should a reduced fee be collected for membership was asked and Brad Van Amberg
stated he has been working on the issue for several weeks and we have no answer
until the BOD agree.

Recruitment of new and players who have left the WSSA for any reason was
discussed. Chip offered to provide a form letter to each manager to use to
contact any player they are aware of that has left the WSSA for any reason to
invite them back and join the Legacy Division.

The following managers were selected Coastal Division Managers for 2016 season
they must be voted on by the BOD in December/January meeting.

Coastal Division
Carrabbas Gerry Dowling
Tuggs George Scilzi
Un-sponsored team Brad Van Berg
Legends Merial Barnett
Jiffy Lube Bo Carry
Patriots Tim Alexander

Legacy Division
Ken Denne Carolina Bay
George Wesolowski - Champions

Chip reviewed the need for two plans to have ready for April 2016 when final count
of players is reviled.

I would like to thank Ed Healy and Dwight Crainshaw for their years of service as
managers. Ed is retiring and Dwight will be moving into the Legacy Division.

Close of meeting