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Tee) Need assistance? Takk to one of our Client Solutions Specialists: 856.283.1797 EVERBANK AGREEMENTS By signing, opening or otherwise using an EverBank Accouni(s), I understand and agree that EverBank wil rey on the veracity and ‘completeness ofthe information on tis application in opening the requested accouri(s).| hereby cery thatthe information provided in the application and any accompanying documentation 1s true, complete, and accurate and that | will nify EverBank of any material ‘change in such information. | agreelunderstand that. «+ have read and agree to be bound by the terms and congitions of the account as set forth inthe Personal Account Terms, Disclosures and Agreements Booklet, including without imitation the Personal Terms and Conditions Agreement and Deposit ‘Account Fee Schedule as may be amended from timeto time. + lauhorize you to obiain a consumet/credit report and check my employment history as patt of this application, and to obtain ‘consumer report inthe future when updating, renewing, or extending my relationship with EverBank Upon a request received from an Aulhorized Signer(s), EverBank wal provide the Aubhorized Signer(s) wih information on whether a consumer report was ‘obtained and the names and addresses of any consumer reporting agency from which EverBank obtained such reports). + understand that EverBank may release information regarding my accounts), including account deinquencies and voluntary closures, fo consumer andior credit reporting agencies. + understand tha ll information | supply wnen applying for an account or equesting new or additional products of services becomes property of EverBank and wil not be returned, except as required by law. EverBank (incliding its affilates) may accept in its discretion signature cards, agreements or ather documents that are signed and sentto EverBank by electronic means, including but no ited to fax, email, or other information transmittal processes available. I EverBank receives any such dacument by electranic means, EverBank may ely on f, te signature, and that the document is binding on the signer ‘even fhe original signed document's nat delivered to EverBank,