In the Arms of the Lord In the quiet of the night, He comes to me.

His presence I feel, but His face I do not see. It is peace that touches my inward soul. I cling so tight and wish not to let go. His arms embrace me with His loving touch. My heart feels delight; I am loved so much. Joyous tears fall down my face. I am surrounded with His amazing grace. My ears hear words of a promise so true. “My dear; I am always with you”. His love embraces me for quite awhile. In His arms, I am content as a little child. His words give promise filled with love. He brings comfort and peace from up above. Unto the heavens, my hands I raise. I wish to sing Him songs of praise. My devoted Savior; He gives retrieve. In Him, I find faith to trust and believe. There I find goodwill and so much more. To my life He brings hope therefore. I feel assurance of His love for me. His life He gave so unselfishly. My eyes open and I do perceive. It is not a dream; He came to me. I heard Him whisper the words so true. “My dear, I am always with you”. I believed a truth even more. I was held so close, in the arms of the Lord. Copyright © Written By: Brenda Nichols, January 16, 2010