�e PEAK Surgery System is not yet available in the U.S. PEAK Surgical is in the process of filing pre-market notification with the FDA.

Highly insulated electrode

“With the PlasmaBlade, tissue looks healthier, with no char. �e thermal damage we typically see with traditional tools has been eliminated.” Kai Ihnken, M.D., Cardiothoracic Surgery Valley Medical Center, San Jose, CA

PEAK Technology Overview �e PEAK Surgery System strikes a unique balance between precise cutting and bleeding control. PEAK’s pulsed plasma technology enables surgeons to cut straight through from skin to fat to muscle, while dialing in the desired degree of coagulation and controlling collateral tissue damage. With a single system, you can: Cut precisely through any type of tissue Fine tune the amount of bleeding control to the target tissue— effectively minimizing thermal damage. As a result, you get unparalleled control and procedure efficiency. Preclinical studies1 have revealed: Reduced scarring Stronger wound healing Increased cutting speed and precision Significant bleeding control A New Kind of Balancing Act PEAK’s technology balances a powerful, pulsed plasma generator with highly insulated electrodes on a handheld device.
Ergonomic handpiece

Bendable shaft

For decades, surgeons have relied on scalpels to cut skin and delicate tissues and on electrosurgical devices to cut and coagulate fat and other thicker, tougher tissues. �e inherent tradeoff is that scalpels cut very precisely but do not control bleeding, while electrosurgical devices cut and control bleeding but damage surrounding tissue. PEAK’s technology bridges this gap by providing the benefits of both approaches.
Rotating tip Plasma discharge along the exposed electrode edge, which is 99.5% insulated.

PEAK Surgical’s next-generation tissue dissection system has distinct advantages over today’s prevailing surgical instruments. �e company’s unique technology enables ultra-precise tissue dissection and coagulation while significantly minimizing thermal spread and collateral tissue damage. �is unparalleled combination provides significant benefits for both surgeons and patients.
�e PULSAR Generator features a “plug-n-play” user-friendly interface. ,

CUT Precise cutting and coagulation for all tissue types Minimal thermal damage Ability to “fine tune” based on target tissue Quick and efficient cutting of fat Maintains performance in bloodand fluid-filled fields Significantly-reduced surgical smoke

COAG Capable of “Bovie”-level coagulation Reduced thermal injury Less energy required Easy-to-wipe tip Maintains performance in blood and fluid filled field

�e company’s flagship product, the PEAK Surgery System, balances a power source—the PULSAR Generator™—with a series of disposable devices—the PEAK PlasmaBlades™—to address a broad range of surgical applications.

PEAK’s pulsed plasma and electrode insulation technologies were originally developed at Stanford University. PEAK Surgical, Inc. now has the worldwide rights to apply these technologies to all surgical fields. “�e PEAK Surgical System represents a quantum leap in technology. It cuts like a knife with minimal scarring and collateral damage. And it eliminates the time and confusion from using two separate instruments to precisely cut delicate tissues and to control bleeding.” �omas Krummel, MD, Professor and Chair of Surgery, Stanford University Medical School �e PEAK PlasmaBlade offers you the closest thing to an optimal cut:

Precision. Bleeding control. Low thermal damage.

�e PEAK Surgery System consists of the PULSAR Generator, optional wireless footswitch, cart, and PEAK PlasmaBlade. Turn up the pulse—without turning up the heat. �e PULSAR Generator’s unique pulsed waveforms and the PlasmaBlade‘s proprietary insulation scheme enable precise cutting with minimal thermal damage.


Data was presented at the American College of Surgeons Annual Clinical Meeting, October 2007.

PEAK Demonstrates Faster, Stronger Healing in Preclinical Studies In preclinical study data presented at the American College of Surgeons Annual Clinical Meeting in October 2007, the PEAK PlasmaBlade showed better wound healing than traditional electrosurgery (Bovie). Wound Healing PEAK's wound-healing benefits include: 71% less bleeding than a scalpel, with no increase in collateral damage Significantly less thermal damage than a Bovie Stronger wound healing than a Bovie, with less scarring




Wound Strength Wounds from PEAK healed as quickly as a scalpel—and, after 6 weeks, were 3 times stronger than a Bovie.
200 150 100 50 0
P < .005 between Bovie and PEAK at week 6 Initial strength of intact skin: 400 lb/in

force (Ibf/in)

PEAK Cut Scalpel Bovie Cut Bovie Coag









PEAK Surgery System Product PEAK PlasmaBlade 4.0 PEAK PlasmaBlade Needle PULSAR Generator PULSAR Wireless Footswitch PULSAR Cart Catalogue Number PS200-040 PS200-001 PS100-100 PS100-200 PS100-300

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