The Littlest Sutra

Daddy, why do people hold on so tightly to hatred? The father smiled at the inquisitive child. What an excellent question! Why do you hold on so tightly to the string of that balloon? Because I don’t want to lose it. And so it is with hatred. Some people are afraid to lose hatred. But my balloon is a pretty thing. And hatred is an ugly thing, born of the lowest of chakras, So it is worse to have than a toy balloon. Why would one clutch so tightly to an ugly thing, born of the lowest of chakras? What they really clutch is their egoic state. Is the egoic state pretty, like my balloon? No, it is not a pretty thing. It is built on illusion, and the illusion seems to be a pretty thing, But it is not. Is my balloon an illusion? In a way, in the same way all we see around us is an illusion. But hatred is carried in the heart, And it eats away at the heart like a termite eats wood, Until the heart is hollow.

But you have said the heart chakra is high above the base chakra. Can hate, born of the lowly chakra, attack the higher chakra and leave it hollow? Another excellent question! Hatred is a powerful demon, And in the kingdom of the ego, there is no higher power. It can lead to ruination, by destroying the stairway To the higher chakras. Why would a thinking person allow this to happen? Thoughts are like your balloon; They seem real and large, but a pinprick shows they are Empty and ephemeral. The thinker creates thoughts that grow larger and seemingly more real. The thinker is the ego. And the most effective eradicator of the ego, ironically, Is a single thought, Which will burst the ego like a pinprick to the balloon. Oh please, tell me, what is that thought? It is the possibility that the thinker May be wrong.

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