Gypsy Lady (From the Gypsy Tales) Gypsy lady, tell me a story of curses, potions, and morbid tales

. Entwined with demons, ghouls, and screaming wails. Unchecked by lowly mortal being’s, where the dead seem to be only dead; but arise from graves, where evil is bred. A story of the devil, himself, seeking changelings, monsters, and creatures wandering the night casting forth their spells that cause our fright. And, if I seem restless this moony night, or gaze at the full moon overhead; or, have you noticed, that these stains seem red; glistening on my hands through your fire light. Ahh, here are the shadows of friends from afar, but look, they seem hungry, say, for something raw. Oh, you do not have enough, I’m so sorry. Now, why scream, I know how you must feel; as my friends come closer and enjoy their meal. “So, young man or so you seem to be bring forth your friends so we may all meet and make room so they may all have a seat, for you see I am curious; do you not agree?” The young man gestured to his followers to come forth from the darkness that they enjoyed to the fire of which the Gypsy Lady had deployed in order to pull them into her realm that she possessed: for this she entwined a pleasure they could not refuse.

As all were seated she looked deeply into their eyes; full she was and grew taller than the trees and the wind grew mighty as they all fell to their knees; “How dare you, my children cause your demise by appearing here at your lowest presence when I gave you life to achieve much grace!” The children realized in her eyes their disgrace

as so they bowed before their parent so immense; and they fell to the ground without excuse.

The Gypsy Lady reached forth her hand and whispered, “I shall show kindness for you have wandered inward with your blindness.” as she scooped up all but the young man. She held them to her lips as her soul sighed out and engulfed their substance with a mist that blew with the wind into dust: to longer to exist. She grew smaller in stature to meet him with doubt: “ I am Nephilim, therefore you are my seed and so I spare you: Go, and find your family!”

Randy Rowe Copyright: 1972, 1996, 2009, 2010

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