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Functional Questions

Functional Questions

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Hyperion Functional What is the current version of Hyperion What are the applications that are currently being


What is the current operating model for Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting? What are the pain points faced during planning/consolidation process? What is the Frequency of budget exercise? (Initial budget plan for the period ahead will be submitted by each Individual to his Reporting Manager) a)Once in a Year b) Every HY c)Every Quarter d)Others What is the methodology followed for Budgeting - Top Down, Bottom Up, Zero based, Incremental Budgeting What are the types of budgets followed in your organization? a)Opex b)Sales&Revenue c)Capex d)Others. How many plan types in Hyperion are currently used Do you use Capex Budgeting and Workforce Planning also What is the smallest unit for which budgeting is done? (Legal entity / BU / Project / Cost Centre etc) What is the basis/frequency for any Budget Revision? (General and exceptional) What is the time taken for completion of the budgeting cycle How is the forecasting done and for what period of time? Do you have the system of reviewing the budget in mid of the year and setting up a revised budget? (or just revising the Forecast only) Is monitoring of budgets done and alerts generated accordingly Please share the Organization Structure you follow in the Budgeting & Approval process How many web forms are being used How many dimensions are being used in the present system How many of them are dense and sparse dimensions

Is multi currency feature enabled in the budgeting and forecasting process? Is budgeted data imported from external sources? What is the toll used for importing data Kindly let us know the total number of users using the current system and also number of key users for the each application? (To have an idea of the load of the application) How many calculation scripts / business rules are being used in the budgeting process Does the budgeted data flow from Hyperion to other applications

What reporting tools are in use currently? (IR,FR) What are the important and basic reports which are being currently generated from the present system? What is the frequency in which the above said reports are being generated? What is the time lag in getting report? Are reports interfaced with MS Office applications

What is the data source for HFM application What is the ETL used for integration How many reporting structures you have in HFM (Legal, Geographical) What is your legal reporting Organization Structure What is the consolidation process that is followed (Holding, Equity, Global, Proportional) How is the process followed for intercompany elimination What are the types of journals used to make adjustments ( Balanced Journals, Unbalanced, Auto reversal ) Are these journals made in HFM or is it routed from the source systems What is the exchange rate considered for translation process Is auto matching functionality being used

How is the ownership data being calculated (Using Regular Shares / Voting shares / percentage method) Is multiple consolidation process done e.g. multiple GAAP consolidation, multiple currency consolidation

How many databases are there for each of these applications? How many dimensions are having for each database? What is the process and frequency of loading metadata? What are the various calculations that are being carried out using MaxL Scripts presently? How do the end-users interact with the application? How many years of data are stored in the present system? In the present system what is the percentage of customizations? What is the current volume of database transactions for each data sources? Are major administration activities automated and scheduled? If so share with us the documented procedures? What is the security strategy which you follow? Can you share with us the documentation with respect to details of entire Information Systems Processes?

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